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  1. The problem will only worsen. When I first began I knew, accepted, and (potentially wrongly) assumed teaching was a low pay/high status job. In my opinion, it has moved to a low pay/low status job. I'm okay with one, but not both. Why teach when you can make transition into another career with immediate hefty raises? Seems like we're on a sinking ship.
  2. I would of loved to stay on a staff, but leaving the teaching profession and transitioning into the private sector was much higher on the priority list than coaching. Tough to rationalize making 40k as a teacher + a couple grand coaching over a career that gives you an opportunity to provide for your family in a manner I wanted.
  3. When comparing recruiting, we have got to stop referencing rivals/ESPN. 247's Composite rankings are much better, consistent, and more respected throughout the whole industry.
  4. I agree. When "Blitz" wrote his article saying that Luers/Dwenger was superior, I just shook my head.
  5. Looking way ahead here, but what will the ruling be on the conference champion if Luers and Snider both finishing with 1 loss, but Snider playing 1 less game?
  6. Seems to me that they beat up on Belmont, Dekalb, (traditionally) Norwell, and Huntington North because of superior size/athleticism/speed, but when push comes to shove have a hard time beating Leo and East Noble.
  7. But there are more total schools across that play basketball than football? I just don't understand why the argument is acceptable for one sport vs the other.
  8. What is the argument against 6 classes, just like football (obviously success factor schools might differ)?
  9. Ummmmmmm........ https://247sports.com/Player/Jaylon-Smith-11043/high-school-2390/
  10. Knox is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Southwood is coming off 3 straight conference championships with a handful of returning starters. Both teams should be solid.
  11. Big props to any HC in basketball/football that teaches a core subject. While PE/weights/etc is not as strenuous as other subjects, it does still take time that you could be game planning, film watching, preparing practice plans, and countless other duties.
  12. Yes, yes, yes. There are so many positives to being a walk on at a larger program compared to paying 30k+ at any smaller private.
  13. Solid ESPN article that was published yesterday over this.
  14. 247, the actual service itself puts out their own list. They also put out the 247 composite list that takes into account their own rankings, ESPN, Rivals, and possibly Scout. Both of you are technically correct, but the 247 composite is widely considered the norm.
  15. Great get for the Hoosiers. Need to ride the wave from the great year and finish strong with recruiting.
  16. Anyone know who I should contact to get the receiving records updated? I believe the career receiving TD should be tied and single season changed. https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/peyton-trexler/Nu5JqiiKEeS00gAmVebEWg/football/stats.htm
  17. P/p has played by different rules for years both academically and athletically, why would they think they should be held to the same moral standard now?
  18. Similar to a buddy and I's tradition. Thanksgiving Thursday, downtown Indy Thursday night, state games Friday, Bucket game Saturday, and if the Colts are at home......
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