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  1. Alot of way too confident new prairie fans on this thread. New prairie does not have the secondary to slow down Plymouth's passing game. This will not be a blowout game.
  2. Imo culver wins Friday. It isn't pretty but they will dominate time of possession.
  3. Good luck to all the HNAC teams tonight! Culver is only one who I know for certain is going to win.
  4. Can't see Judson losing this week. I'll go Blue Jays 27 -13 Laville should same outcome that they had earlier in year. 31-7 laville Twin lakes had massive numbers last week but Knox is better team on both sides of ball. 20-7 Knox Culver will win this BIG! 44-0 CAVS
  5. Kind of hard to sleep on a team that had that many yards of offense last week.
  6. Too bad ihsaa cant figure this out. Nice job!!!
  7. Didnt know north white was in the the HNAC. Must have missed the news.
  8. The HNAC isn't expanding. I dont know why this conversation always comes up.
  9. THEY LOST BY 35!!!! 35!!!!!! How much love should you get win you lose that bad 😁😁😁
  10. My thing against Calumet is they only have 300th or something toughest schedule in sagarin. Not hard to say a 3a school with a schedule that easy is going to have a good year.
  11. So that little horrible conference known as HNAC who plays no one is 2-0 vs Glenn this year. Maybe Glenn should stick to playing NIC teams so they can get some wins.
  12. I've been a new prairie fan for 40 years!!!! I'm saying new prairie hasn't came close to playing a team to what Plymouth does. And that's a fact!!!!! Baron is one of best QBs in state. When I read people saying new prairie is winning state I'm just hoping they get out of sectional.
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