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  1. Never remember reading on here pioneer was going to have a down year.
  2. Not too often I agree with stat guy but he is on point. Knox lost rose who had combined 1000 yds rushing and passing thru 5 games and was playing well in secondary til he got hurt 2nd series of game vs laville. Knox fell apart after he went down. And just like I said last week before game Judson is a better team than laville. Really like their defense and run game.
  3. I like Judson tonight especially if they can get any type of passing game going. Laville beat a Glenn and Knox team that the injury bug hit that week. I'm just not sold on laville yet.
  4. If laville could only get 17 on Glenn how do think they will do vs Judson? Like judson in this.
  5. A ton of big plays by pioneer. It was much worse than the 38-20 score shows. The offense was brutal. And to say brutal is actually a understatement. It was like watching a slow version of Culver. Defense played well in 2nd half but game was over. The one thing I really didn't like was Knox's leading rusher #3 wagner was on sideline 50% of time maybe more.
  6. Impressive. Didn't know you got a trophy for leading at the half.
  7. Still mad at the beatdown Knox put on at Glenn? I mean it was close for 4 minutes. I think defense will play much better than last week. Will be a game where points are hard to come by.
  8. Caston Laville big big big. Pioneer Can't see Knox hanging without rose. Judson big Winamac
  9. Didnt hear about that either. Too bad. Kid could be pretty good.
  10. Haven't heard. Was definitely mid-season mvp and no one was close.
  11. Just saying its hard to control ball and keep defense off field when you have a kid playing qb in 1st quarter who has never even played qb whole life. Knox defense was on field whole game. Thought laville qb did play well.
  12. Did your dad tell you Knox played with 1st and 2nd string qb out and 1st n 2nd string safety out? Kinda of hard to control ball when you can only run 3 plays on offensive.
  13. You really think winamac would have beat Knox in week 1 or laville would have beat pioneer? Cmon!!!! If a team finishes season undefeated in the conference games they played they are the champs in my book. Triton plays pioneer tonight. You really think Triton has a gripe at championship after pioneer puts 50 on them????
  14. I don't understand why there would be any conversation about no conference champion. In next 4 weeks it will be obvious by records. I understand the laville and winamac situation but still makes zero sense.
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