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  1. The HNAC isn't expanding. I dont know why this conversation always comes up.
  2. THEY LOST BY 35!!!! 35!!!!!! How much love should you get win you lose that bad 😁😁😁
  3. My thing against Calumet is they only have 300th or something toughest schedule in sagarin. Not hard to say a 3a school with a schedule that easy is going to have a good year.
  4. So that little horrible conference known as HNAC who plays no one is 2-0 vs Glenn this year. Maybe Glenn should stick to playing NIC teams so they can get some wins.
  5. I've been a new prairie fan for 40 years!!!! I'm saying new prairie hasn't came close to playing a team to what Plymouth does. And that's a fact!!!!! Baron is one of best QBs in state. When I read people saying new prairie is winning state I'm just hoping they get out of sectional.
  6. That's really good that you know math but question. How good is new prairie at defending pass? Plymouth will pass all over them. New prairie has played NO ONE close to what Plymouth does.
  7. No way. They wont even get out of sectional. Plymouth will pass all over them all night long. They beat a bad Penn. And I mean bad.
  8. Culver keeps running over people this week with a big 53-7 win Laville loses a tough game to a good Knox team and now all I see on NIC thread its Glenn's week. Not happening. Laville 42-6 Judson should win this one but Triton at home seems to always be a tough out. Judson 28- 14 win Winamac finally hits easy part of schedule. I'll say warriors 35-7 Knox has defense to slow down pioneer but no one can actually stop them. That said I'm going with the upset. Knox gets offense going and wins 27-22.
  9. Fake news. In the Culver Knox game napierkowski and Mcintyre had recieving touchdowns. They even had video of it on wkvi's Facebook page.
  10. I'm gonna go caston by 4 because I just really want to see a caston win. Culver runs all over young winamac team 42-21. Game of week Knox/laville I like how physical skins defense has looked. Compton and doyle got all the talk before season but rose looks like the best all round qb in conference. Knox 28-14 Pioneer by pick a number over 60. Judson will win this big. I like everything Lambert is doing there. Doing great job in 1st year.
  11. How did that weak schedule that Knox plays work out for Glenn? Knox played dominate defense and offense put points on board. Nice win by redskins. I liked Glenn's defense but just got wore out in 2nd half. Great effort by those kids.
  12. This wont age well. Knox wins by 28 😁😁😁
  13. Not the same jimtown but you lost by 25 to them last week 😁 Good news find out in few hours who is right.
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