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  1. That's a fact but people won't believe you. Yet every spring we put our kids in basketball and school during flu season. Another kid went missing today in lake michigan but schools have swim meets. No one ever wants to see a kid hurt let alone lose their life. But we CAN NOT lock these kids in their room til they are 21.
  2. Is that county having bad outbreak? Was hoping the team I go watch would atleast allow 6 tickets per player. But 4 is better then no fans.
  3. That's what I was thinking. In 5 month's Fulton county has had only 146 positive tests. Obviously we don't know the circumstances behind that comment blaming kids. 3 weeks is alot of time for kids who didnt do anything wrong and have tried to do their best to have fall sports and school.
  4. I know it's not about you. I've read what you have wrote. It's about the kids to quote you. Well the kids would be doing perfectly fine if we would let them live their damn lives. TWO KIDS IN 5 MONTHS unfortunately passed away. Did we close Lake Michigan last month when two kids drowned? Did you scream how we need to promote better parenting and teaching kids dangers of undercurrents?
  5. If you want to sit at home playing xbox that's up to you. That's great for you. Real clear you just want state to give you a reason why you are home. Always snarky and negative about everything. 2 kids have died in indiana since this started IN MARCH and both had immune system problems. You want to talk about reason you say what you say is for the kids. BS!!!!! You want to sit on your ass and be miserable but you want everyone to feel like you. Grow up kid.
  6. And that hits nail on the head!!!!! But.......... some people don't want to acknowledge that.
  7. Illnois is the last state I want to see indiana follow in anything
  8. Everything is going exactly how I thought it would go. And freak out? Nah. I'll just protest lol.
  9. How many statements do they have to release saying we are having football in fall to get people to stop freaking out? Could be about alot of things.
  10. Can't disagree with this enough. Ihsaa has said they expect teams to sit out but football will go.
  11. Good question. Health department could say no. Haven't heard percentage of colt fans allowed at games yet.
  12. But but but we have to protect the kids and lock them away!!!! Look at all those kids dying in indiana everyday!!!!! Lock them away til 2022!!!! Do the math of 0.1%and 2700 indiana deaths. You can hit people over head with facts and still won't matter. Fear and politics are taking over.
  13. Meant 20 dollars a game. People will be watching in groups so I'd definitely overcharge. Hopefully all these schools atleast for this year try to stream games.
  14. For once in my life I was ahead of curve. Been preaching streaming since spring. Every school that streams should charge 20 dollars. You know multiple people will be watching and god knows we all want football back.
  15. The way I read the bobby cox interview today backs up what you are saying. He seemed pretty adamant that if 50 or however many schools choose not to play that it is on them but there will be fall sports whether people like it or not.
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