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  1. If I coached a team, it would be for my squad to be the most disciplined team on the field, and for every step/assignment of a play to be executed as close to perfection as possible. Wins will come if everybody does their jobs and commits as few penalties and mistakes (turnovers/blown coverage, missed tackles, etc) as possible. I might be stating the obvious, but my team would work towards these goals every single day.
  2. 1)Who is going to be the Class of the WRC this year? 2)Who should improve the most, all the way around? (not just by wins, but numbers at all levels of their program) 3)What program could under-achieve this season? 4)Any players to look out for? Dark Horse players, All State selections? my vote: 1) Parke Heritage: not saying the WRC could send a team to state back to back years again, but it would be the start of a good trend. Having Coach Moore and any staff he assembles in your corner always helps 2) Seeger: young staff, young team, lots of hard work, bigger classes coming up. They were 2-8 last year, and though its way too early for a win-lose prediction, doubling or tripling the win total could be possible if the stars are aligning in West Lebanon. 3) Attica: I'm basing this off of incoming class numbers. Hard to win with only 17 kids on your varsity roster, and that could be a high number 4) I don't know a lot the kids any more. just being honest. I will say, from a Seeger standpoint, you could say a kid by the name of PJ Amble could make some noise. 6'4", 250 pound kids who are strong as an ox and can move usually don't drop into your lap every day in the WRC area. Stay tuned
  3. I'm hoping any of the 3 linebackers selected could turn into a Darius Leonard situation. The kid from Stanford and the kid from Tarleton State also have the potential to really be something as well...
  4. I thought the same thing about Campbell. My initial thought was disappointment but then as I thought about it, Campbell could be a great fit for what Reich wants to do. And people keep forgetting about Cain, as that kid could be very dangerous too coming off his knee injury. I like Ya-Sin, and I'm sure Willis will grow on me. I think the DT position is either stronger than we as fans know, or Ballard has a FA in mind that he just hasn't signed yet. And you'll see Houston in coverages. The beautiful thing about any 4 man defensive front is the amount of stunts you can do, and I don't think the Colts will hesitate to send a Mike in on a outer gap and let Houston take care of the center of the field. Then again, maybe they'll get feeling froggy and use a Zone Blitz now and then, and Houston would be the perfect guy to drop out into coverage.
  5. Welcome to the area, coach, and I wish you good luck at Frontier. Would be awesome to see Frontier develop into a small school powerhouse at the athletic level in this area under his guidance and leadership within the next 5 years...
  6. And that's just it, I've never read, on GID anyway, about any sort of problem existing at all. Nobody complained last year when they went 6-4. Every team has that set of fans that a state championship every season is the only way to operate and that set of fans always complains about the program when a bunch of high school kids never live up to their expectations. That being said, I never remember reading a post from one of those fans either that would give way to there being a real issue. What I'm getting at is I didn't see this coming either. Keep in mind, some people just want nothing more than to watch something burn. They think they are creating a Phoenix when all they are really creating is a rolling dumpster fire. Or there is no method to their madness than to make their mark on something/make a name for themselves, regardless of what they have to destroy and step on to make it happen. That may be what that board could be all about. Other than my theory of internal problems they were elected to fix, the theory above could be it...
  7. Let me throw out this angle: is there possibly something going on at the school, that none of us experts on this forum know about, that was bad enough that it lead to the axing of the AD and the 2 coaches? And was this school board elected in to fix that problem? Before someone crucifies me, all I'm doing is giving you all something to think about from a neutral party. Success in athletics doesn't always paint the picture of what is truly going on behind the scenes.
  8. Respect: WRC schools, hard working kids that I want to see succeed when Seeger is out of the running for something Animosity: Benton Central, no contest....
  9. Parents should focus on parenting and leave the coaching to coaches. Maybe, juusssttt maybe, some young good coaches would stay around these small schools if politics and agendas of parents and school boards would stay out of it..... just my thoughts on the situation....
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