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  1. I watched some of both games, via internet, last Friday night. Lutheran is the real deal, LCC just got luck of the draw to get to still be in this conversation (weak sectional, weak regional, AC playing too tight until it was too late). I don't think LCC will have a chance. They won't get stomped into the Oil Can turf, but this time they come home with red medals instead of blue. Lutheran 34, LCC 21
  2. probably right, but I'm hoping not. We experts thought they were gonna hang 30+ on Eastern Greene 2 years ago, and the score ended up being 12-8 if I remember right....
  3. I will say, I was impressed with the season North Judson had. Having a new coach, even if that coach is promoted from within, doesn't guarantee any kind of success the first year at the helm. So kudos to the Blue Jays. Sounds like Winamac will start to close the gap on NJ, soon with what the program has coming back.
  4. History is against Adams Central, but this could be a team that challenges that narrative. History is on Central Catholic's side, but they are no longer a Evil Empire. They are a whole different animal than previous teams. Will there be a home field advantage this time? Adam Central just took down a juggernaut while LCC won the easiest regional in 1A (no offense to North Judson fans, breathe and think before you attack) I take Adam Central in this one, 21-14
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