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  1. Seeger 27, North Vermillion 24, OT - Seeger is bowl eligible! (old joke from the days of old). My prediction is a tough one for me to decide on. History, reality and excitement all fighting themselves. You see, the first time Seeger started to become what Seeger was in the late 80's-90's-00's, the season went off something like this one, which was a rough start but then they got rolling and set the foundation for the next 20 seasons. Back then, North Vermillion and Rockville were the toast of the WRC, and with Seeger coming on strong as of late, I can't help but think history might be repeating itself as it usually does. And it looks like football has been figured out, again, in West Lebanon. So I can't help but be excited by what I'm watching happen. North Vermillion should be the favorite to win their sectional, but I'd like Seeger to play spoiler to the Falcons winning the WRC outright. Call me what you want. but I see the Patriots pulling this one out in dramatic fashion. Attica 26, South Vermillion 21 - This will be a last possession type of football game. I see Attica pulling it out Parke Heritage 49, Fountain Central 6 - The Mustangs go O'fer, while the Wolfs hopefully claim a tie for the WRC championship with a Seeger upset in Cayuga Covington 41, Riverton Parke 0 - the Men of Troy close out the regular season with a googe egg in Mecca
  2. when I was in school, Frankfort ran a 3-5-3, and it was pretty effective against anyone that was a running defense.
  3. I agree with your conclusion: whoever has the better running game will definitely benefit this evening. Pray for no injuries
  4. Frank Vega Eli Radke Courtney Clency Josh Smith Devin Moore Daniel Wodikca (I know I butchered his name, I apologize) Eli Cook Danny Anthrop
  5. I'll change the pace up here a little bit and just talk football. Not teams, not players, just football. My question up for discussion is, what is your favorite scheme? I'll admit that I'm not much of a defensive guy. I could coach a position, but I probably wouldn't make the best defensive coordinator. Or at least, not the best coordinator the first season as one. What I do know and do enjoy is offense. I think I understand offensive scheming. I know what you run should always be to the strength of your personnel, but if I was going to be the man calling the offensive shots, I'd probably run the flexbone. Not necessarily a pure option scheme, but definitely would pride myself on run first(65-70% run to 30-35% pass ratio). I'd try to incorporate as much passing as I could if I had the players to execute it. Play action, yes, but mainly taking as many shots from a 3-5 step drop within 10-15 yards at the outside hashes as I could to spread a defense out that is putting 6-8 players in the box. The reason I would run the Flexbone is the advantage it can put you at when you are disadvantaged. If I don't have the biggest players around, but if I have an smart, athletic line and skill position players, I think the schemes we could put in place will put up points on teams we have no business scoring on. Now, if I'm wrong in my thinking, and you can educate me as to why, I'm open to it. I love a good discussion I learn something from.
  6. I'm already supplying Rockville for their cat population to take care of their rodent and stray dog problem , I'm sure I can sneak a tanker full in there. The Patriots might be a little peed off though, their secret weapon during their win streak has been the delicious and nutrient-laced milk from my alpines.
  7. North Vermillion over Fountain Central, 42-12 - With the WRC championship all but secured, I don't see the Falcons really pouring it on the Mustangs. Reserves in after halftime. Seeger over South Vermillion, 27-21 OT - I don't know what happened in West Lebanon last Friday, but I hope its the start of a good trend. This will be a tough one for both teams. Instant Classic brewing in West Lebanon? Covington over Tri-County, 35-0 - Covington is doing what they always do, which is come on strong in the second half of the season. will they be able to keep it up and pull of some upsets come tournament time? Park Heritage over Riverton Parke, 55-0 - Covered Bridge Battle. Traditionally, every time a Moore team loses in the regular season, they rebound big in the follow up game. I don't see this game being any different. Attica over North Central, 47-7 - Attica gets back on track in a big way in this game
  8. I hope you are right on all accounts, I really do. I hope Jeff makes it to the Oil Can and makes me eat my original post. I like what they are doing at Jeff. That staff is building a respectable program made up of respectable leaders and respectable young men. I hope in the near future I see them playing after Thanksgiving. Do you know exactly what happened to their QB?
  9. Didn't hear why he didn't play, but you are correct, he didn't. what I do know is his backup did what he was suppose to do, which was take it to Richmond. So if he is in fact hurt, Jeff might be just fine in his absence.
  10. My revised picks as the season has unfolded are as the following 6A: Avon over Warsaw, 42-24 - I'm still in love with the local giant Lafayette Jeff, but I don't see them getting past a good Warsaw team. Avon is playing some of the best football in 6A right now, will be a tough out for anyone 5A: Valpo over New Pal, 35-31 - I flipped a coin between New Pal and Cathedral. New Pal won best 3 out of 5. Valpo seems to be the best team in 5A, and will beat any and all takers 4A: Marian over East Central, 24-14 - I honestly think Marian is the best team in 4A, will think that until a team beats them in the post season 3A: Chatard over Brownstown Central, 41-21 - I just want to see May make it to the Oil Can, and Brownstown seems to have the team to get it done 2A: Eastbrook over Linton Stockton, 21-20 - Linton might be a reach, but I like what they are doing. I want to see all the hard work Adamson has put into his career at Eastbrook come to fruition, and what better season to do it then when nobody is picking you? 1A: Lutheran over Southwood, 28-22 - 4 straight trips to semi-state should finally get this Lutheran team over the hump. Southwood seems to be a dark horse, and might be the North's best chance at beating South Adams for a spot in the Oil Can
  11. Bravo!! I'm glad someone said what I was thinking! I'm so tired of hearing people call him a talent chaser. HE WENT FROM BEING AN ATHLETIC DIRECTOR TO A TEACHER SO HE COULD BE A HEAD COACH AGAIN. He left quite a bit of money on the table so he could, maybe, I don't know, pursue his passion of being a head coach? He wanted to lead young men and young adults, mentor others from a leadership position that at the time wasn't available at FC is my guess. And I'm sure if he would have known Jones was gonna leave FC, he would have staid put. In my eyes, in my opinion, all the man has done has proven his way of coaching can and will work anywhere he goes. Its like you going from one car dealership to another as a guy in charge of service and having the same results, good or bad, everywhere you go. You are doing what comes natural to you, and it works or it doesn't. I'm sure he has adapted some of his methods over time (good managers/coaches always do), but for the most part, I bet he's kept the same foundation of fundamentals.
  12. i can confirm existence of said calendars. They were for sale at the gas station in Dana and at the vet clinic in Clinton according to my sources....
  13. I'm not even going to argue with you. Facts are Facts. Seeger has won the games they were suppose to win, and have yet to beat someone they were not suppose to beat. I'm hoping this is that game they win that most think they don't stand a chance. This is Seeger's chance to prove this dog belongs in any fight. I will be shocked just like you if they pull it off, but I'm definitely pulling for them to do it. I'll also pull for them against South and North Vermillion too. But win or lose, a lot of locals in Warren County think this is the beginning of a new era in West Lebanon that might see some very good football being play at and away from Patriot Field.
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