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  1. And that's just it, I've never read, on GID anyway, about any sort of problem existing at all. Nobody complained last year when they went 6-4. Every team has that set of fans that a state championship every season is the only way to operate and that set of fans always complains about the program when a bunch of high school kids never live up to their expectations. That being said, I never remember reading a post from one of those fans either that would give way to there being a real issue. What I'm getting at is I didn't see this coming either. Keep in mind, some people just want nothing more than to watch something burn. They think they are creating a Phoenix when all they are really creating is a rolling dumpster fire. Or there is no method to their madness than to make their mark on something/make a name for themselves, regardless of what they have to destroy and step on to make it happen. That may be what that board could be all about. Other than my theory of internal problems they were elected to fix, the theory above could be it...
  2. Let me throw out this angle: is there possibly something going on at the school, that none of us experts on this forum know about, that was bad enough that it lead to the axing of the AD and the 2 coaches? And was this school board elected in to fix that problem? Before someone crucifies me, all I'm doing is giving you all something to think about from a neutral party. Success in athletics doesn't always paint the picture of what is truly going on behind the scenes.
  3. Respect: WRC schools, hard working kids that I want to see succeed when Seeger is out of the running for something Animosity: Benton Central, no contest....
  4. Parents should focus on parenting and leave the coaching to coaches. Maybe, juusssttt maybe, some young good coaches would stay around these small schools if politics and agendas of parents and school boards would stay out of it..... just my thoughts on the situation....
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