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  1. In my opinion, the number of in-state PWO's you have in your program signifies the health of the program. If Purdue/IU has just a couple, it means that they have been losing so badly the last few years that high school kids - even though they were raised Purdue/IU fans - will go elsewhere and play versus walk-on for their favorite college. If the program is poor, its not worth the sacrifice of your body and your grades to play as a walk-on, and most would rather just enjoy being a student at that same university. If the program is strong, and has been winning, kids will take the PWO, and that will increase the health of the program in 3 distinct ways. (1) In-state PWO's bring the knowledge of the history, traditions, rivalries, and pride for a university that you don't have when a kid from Florida steps on campus at Purdue/IU. (2) In-state PWO's help the out-of-state kids transition into the new environment including the climate, community, and whereabouts. They can bring a home away from home feel that is needed. (3) In-state PWO's put butts in the seats and get people to follow the team... plain and simple. It's easier for an in-state PWO's friends and extended family to get to a game at Purdue or IU than it is for a player's from Florida. I have 2 good examples of this... the Iowa Linebacker room during springball of 2018. They had 19 LB's on the roster... 6 of which were scholarship. The health of Iowa's program is strong with consistent winning seasons, and thus 13 in-state PWO LB's were giving it their all in attempts of making the team and earning a spot. It only takes 1 to earn specials team playing time and more will get in line in the future for their chance at success. The other example is Wisconsin OL during springball 2018. They had enough in-state POW's to line up 4 deep OT to OT. And they were all BIG. Health of the program very good. And yes, many of those PWO's could have played at another smaller in-state college. So the fact Purdue and IU are getting really good in-state high school football players to accept PWO's is a very good sign for those B1G programs, and you will several of those kids contribute in some manner if they stick it out for several years. Michigan has a sign in their locker room that reads "Those who stay will be Champions", and its not about the fact that they have never played in the B1G Championship game. I think the same can be said for in-state PWO's for Purdue and IU now given those teams have moved up from the bottom of the B1G and are playing competitive football weekly now.
  2. Not sure where Bob-Ref gets his info. Although some players maybe recruited as athletes, Jack was recruited to ND specifically to play LB, and they made that clear from day 1. After rehabbing from February labrum surgery, Jack started the first 4 games on multiple special teams, then met with ND coaches for a planned after-game-four evaluation and discussion regarding his freshman eligibility. Jack expresses interest in redshirting, and ND coaches agreed that they would attempt to honor that unless injuries to others forced them to use Jack in a 5th game. If a 5th game occurred, then he would play out the remainder of the season thereafter. Of ND’s 21 freshmen scholarship players, only 3 played in more than 4 games exhausting a year of eligibility. The other 18 played in 4 games or less and technically redshirted and will return as freshmen next year. The NCAA rule change allowing 4 games and still redshirting has changed things considerably, for Brian Kelly and everyone. With ND having 4 freshmen LBs, they could easily rotate each thru 4 games to fill 1 special teams spot and still redshirt all of them. A win/win for all.
  3. Not sure what's fuzzy or what you are not sure about. The issue mentioned was private schools don't belong in 1A, when in fact, recent history tells a different story. As I stated, without success factor there is a chance it could have been a public school who won 6 of last 7, including 4th in a row (for public schools). I did not mean the same public school. Again, comparison of private vs public in the 1A class size, where it hasn't been an issue in recent years. 2013 Tri-Central = public school 2014 North Vermillion - public school 2015 LCC 2016 Linton Stockton = public school 2017 Pioneer = public school 2018 Pioneer = public school 2019 ???
  4. without the success factor, good chance a public school would won 6 of last 7 and 4th in a row.
  5. Hard to argue Laville is struggling when Laville scored 3 points on Knox D and Pioneer offense just 6. Knox D is just that GOOD! I dont know one 1A or 2A coach that would complain about having 5-6 playmakers vs just 2!
  6. Ive never heard of any formal protocol, but usually the home team has their tripod set up in the end zone before the visitors arrive. If not, then its up for grabs by the visitors. Also, we have had both EZ cameras in the same end zone multiple times, and it doesnt cause any issues.
  7. Yeah, Pioneer really ran up the stats in the Winamac game last year. Jack had 2 carries for 61 yards and 1 TD. If someone was going after records, then wouldn't they call his number more than twice in the 2nd game of the year? Oh wait, maybe it was the Winamac Coach and the QB (Compton) trying to help set some records and running the stats up themselves, throwing 5 pick 6's (actually 4, but the 5th was returned to the 5 yard line so might as well count it). How about run the ball and thus the clock!! Keep searching Ultimate. I'm sure you will find its all a conspiracy theory in the end.
  8. Take out the home playoff losses and just look at regular season home losses and it looks much better!!
  9. Oh boy. Pass heavy teams in 1A don't usually have the skill players to make it effective and efficient consistently for 4 quarters. Good luck!
  10. Woah! How quickly to shun the Panthers!! Pioneer has some room to spare here, as exhibited with 5 straight over Cass with last 4 shutouts and a combined 171-0, including 44-0 last year. Reminder, a win is a win, whether its 44 points or just 1!! Coach Berry and staff will have Panthers prepared. Looking forward to seeing last year's role players take it to another level. Lewellen twins averaged 3-5 carries a game last year, and will now be featured backs getting as many as it takes. IMO it comes down to SPEED and turnovers, and Panthers easily have the 2 fastest on the field and its not close. Hang on to the ball and they should get the W.
  11. Playing in the NorthSouth game was discussed with and approved by the Notre Dame coaching staff BEFORE Jack's shoulder issue was found and surgery was performed. Although he is doing extremely well in recovery/rehab and competing daily in offseason workouts, his official 6 month release to return to full contact date is August 3rd. Thus he withdrew from the voting as he knew in advance he could not participate. In addition, the game was important enough to Jack (both his older brothers played in the game) that he made the trip to North Central and support his teammate and coach who were part of the North squad. Overall it was a very competitive game. The kicking was outstanding and the best combined I've witnessed at the game since I've been attending/watching starting in 2006.
  12. I think it was more Pioneer dropping if not mutual. Regardless, probably the best for both teams moving forward.
  13. I would asterick that by saying that every group has their strengths and weaknesses. So what do you define as "better"? The 2019 OL physical abilities made them better power play blockers than pullers. Their replacements are probably the exact opposite - better pullers and outside run game than straight up power blockers. But the identity of the team is changing too. Pioneer wont have the power backs they had, so the power and power read plays wont be the mainstay like they were last year. This year's OL will play more toward the speed ability of the WBs and most likely make them more of a flank team. So, pick your poison. 2019 OL better or the potential of the 2020 OL? All I will say is that 3 of the 2019 OL started for 3 years and took home 3 rings. The 2020 OL has some work to do to even be mentioned in the same sentence yet.
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