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  1. Oh boy. Pass heavy teams in 1A don't usually have the skill players to make it effective and efficient consistently for 4 quarters. Good luck!
  2. Woah! How quickly to shun the Panthers!! Pioneer has some room to spare here, as exhibited with 5 straight over Cass with last 4 shutouts and a combined 171-0, including 44-0 last year. Reminder, a win is a win, whether its 44 points or just 1!! Coach Berry and staff will have Panthers prepared. Looking forward to seeing last year's role players take it to another level. Lewellen twins averaged 3-5 carries a game last year, and will now be featured backs getting as many as it takes. IMO it comes down to SPEED and turnovers, and Panthers easily have the 2 fastest on the field and its not close. Hang on to the ball and they should get the W.
  3. Playing in the NorthSouth game was discussed with and approved by the Notre Dame coaching staff BEFORE Jack's shoulder issue was found and surgery was performed. Although he is doing extremely well in recovery/rehab and competing daily in offseason workouts, his official 6 month release to return to full contact date is August 3rd. Thus he withdrew from the voting as he knew in advance he could not participate. In addition, the game was important enough to Jack (both his older brothers played in the game) that he made the trip to North Central and support his teammate and coach who were part of the North squad. Overall it was a very competitive game. The kicking was outstanding and the best combined I've witnessed at the game since I've been attending/watching starting in 2006.
  4. I think it was more Pioneer dropping if not mutual. Regardless, probably the best for both teams moving forward.
  5. I would asterick that by saying that every group has their strengths and weaknesses. So what do you define as "better"? The 2019 OL physical abilities made them better power play blockers than pullers. Their replacements are probably the exact opposite - better pullers and outside run game than straight up power blockers. But the identity of the team is changing too. Pioneer wont have the power backs they had, so the power and power read plays wont be the mainstay like they were last year. This year's OL will play more toward the speed ability of the WBs and most likely make them more of a flank team. So, pick your poison. 2019 OL better or the potential of the 2020 OL? All I will say is that 3 of the 2019 OL started for 3 years and took home 3 rings. The 2020 OL has some work to do to even be mentioned in the same sentence yet.
  6. Limb? That's more like a fork in the tree really. MANY PEOPLE will pick Luers to win in 2019 and for good reason!
  7. Ok, so no penalty to Varsity games is what you are saying, so why does IHSAA have a rule at all? Last I knew, Mighty of Winamac was the only one that watched JV and freshman team records.
  8. My question is... what is the penalty if a school plays a kid more than 6 quarters in a week? Forfeit the Varsity game that week? What if they lost it? Then what? I've seen this a bunch over the past 6 years with the old 5 quarter rule, and I'm not aware there was ever any penalty. Especially since the team that was doing it was the team that lost Friday night. Thoughts?
  9. If there's not alot of folks out there worried about Pioneer ending up in their Sectional, they should be!!
  10. First, you do realize this Region All-Star team is Seniors only, correct? In addition, I would say typically, this type of situation for the Senior you mention is due to the Head Coach not nominating his players - can't get votes if they aren't nominated.
  11. Some changes at Pioneer beyond the '19 senior class... Previous Varsity Assistant Coach Dave Gregorich (2007 Pioneer graduate) has resigned and is now with Coach Johnson at Logansport. Dave organized some great defenses, getting to the State Championship 4 of his 5 years as the DC. Dave also coached the OL. With that exit, Coach Berry has promoted Varsity Assistant Coach Matt Vianco to DC. Coach V played (RB/DB) played with/graduated with Coach Berry from Pioneer in 2006. Coach V has been on staff coaching the RBs/DBs the past 2 years, as well as being the JV offensive play caller. Additionally, Coach Berry has promoted Junior High Coach Josh Lytle to Varsity Assistant Coach. Josh played for Pioneer 2009-2012, recently graduated from Purdue, and just completed his 2nd season coaching Junior High. He will coach the OL, while Varsity Assistant Coach Matt Gates, also a 2006 Pioneer graduate, coaches the DL. Josh was an Indiana North All-Star (OL), as was Coach Gates (DE). The status of 20 year veteran Pioneer coach Steve Berkshire (LBs) is unknown at this time. But he's like that stray dog you kick to the curb, he just won't go away for good and keeps showing back up and bringing a smile to your face when you need it. Besides that, someone has to keep Coach Berry's head in check by reminding him daily that he lost a game once upon a time (as if 44-1 and 2 titles isn't enough). I really don't know how many high school staffs across the state can stake claim to having 100% of their staff be former players and alumni. It's definitely special to have such a close knit group, and the passion they put into it for their alma mater is second to none. As for me, time to take a break and be a fan. It's been a fun ride. 13 years of youth league, 3 years of junior high, 4 years Varsity Assistant... and every one of those 20 years fully tied into and committed to our Head Coach's program. That's the secret, that's what it takes to develop players in a system, people who buy in. It's a top down and bottom up mentality. ALL IN. And if people think Pioneer is rebuilding and will start to drop off, don't expect them to drop too far as long as the above coaches are on the prowl!
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