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  1. It was truly a 'CLUSTER' with all of the FUBARS, and SNAFUS thrown in for good measure. I believe it was the football season of 1979.
  2. Yes, we've read your critique many times over. While your argument has merit, one must remember, by continually verbally attacking the IHSAA about this topic, you've obviously never played the game of BINGO, or Powerball, or Mega millions. Those Ping-Pong balls only have numbers attached and not school names. The administrators only have the authority to do what they do by direct authorization of the school members. Your critique needs to be directed else ware other than the commissioners and the executive committee.
  3. Fort Wayne, Bishop Dwenger does. In fact, they have two of these lighted digital line of scrimmage down markers; I.E., the one that's official on the side of the field opposite the press box, and also another on the home side of the field; like many of the colleges, and all of the pro games use.
  4. A different report by a different reporting entity. https://fortwaynesnbc.com/news/top-stories/2019/09/16/191945/
  5. Some of what you missed seeing, was actually shown on the 'LIVE' Stream game video on YouTube from SummitCitySports.com and the play by play audio track by Redeemer Radio 106.3 FM commentators. There were a line up of temporary bleachers well at the back of the High Jump pad and beyond the North End Zone end line..
  6. Do you not have to pay for your Internet Service provider; or for your mobile Internet access on your cellular smart phone? If it is free for you now, you've a great deal. Don't allow anyone to sell you something different. But if you're like the rest of us users, than it isn't free already; Al Gore not withstanding, or what ever the Al Gore is a reference too.
  7. Just contemplating the use of a drone craft during the execution of a football game; hmm! What would be the advantage if allowed by game rules, and what would the penalty be if something went seriously wrong? If allowed by 'new' game rules, would local, state, or federal laws, come into play as well; such as minimum altitude height over the grid, and, or maximum altitude height to conform with Federal Aviation Administration regulations; I. E., egress of glide slope pathways near airports.
  8. Well, until the Bishop Dwenger fans catch up, you can view some of the stadium by watching last Friday's game -VS.- Fort Wayne North Side; captured by summitcitysports.com on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xqcci-XUZPc
  9. Directly from the IHSAA website, here is the rule for the 35 points differential during the course of the game; adopted by the IHSAA and the IFCA (Indiana Football Coaches Association) http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/boys sports/boys football/IHSAA Football Mercy Rule.pdf
  10. At the half: Summit Athletic Conference (Fort Wayne). Fort Wayne, Bishop Dwenger, 'Saints' -35- Fort Wayne, Wayne, 'Generals' -6-
  11. Maybe all of the synthetic turf fields now in use for high school contest across the state need to be inspected and modified to comply with this rule. Most of the surfaces which have been installed can have the shadow grid line, you refer too, applied using a special paint made for such purposes for the carpet. Extra grid lines for other sports uses, in many cases, are added after the fact; I.E., Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, and Field Hockey.
  12. This synthetic surface has been in use for several years on this site as a practice and under level game's grid. I have no idea if the rule you've referred too was in force when this carpet was brand new.
  13. http://www.journalgazette.net/sports/stats/20190816/high-schools
  14. Yes, and the fundraising campaign is still in progress. As I understand, they are closing in on their initial goal for completing this stage of the stadium project. Yet, the project does need some additional permanent bleacher seating on the visitor side of the stadium. That supposedly will materialize at a later date, because the AD stated, that initially, it will be only enough for 600 attendees, and not 800.
  15. All SAC schools split the gate recepts according Confwerence by-laws All SAC schools split the gate receipts according to conference guidelines and bylaws..
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