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  1. Is your response of downplaying the 2022 version, just another attempt to view it in a similar way as Coach Lou Holtz used to do, when he was the head coach at the N.D. Irish? I believe the media called his remarks as sandbagging. Or are you already disappointed and the game season has yet to commence?
  2. This alternative idea for another high school sports governing body in Indiana, has been attempted before. And while it did garner some support, it eventually did lose interest. It did accomplish to have loads of discussion, before coming to a screeching halt. The big supporters wanted to nominate and install the famous Bobby Plump, of the 1954 Milan High School Indiana, State Championship Basketball team, as the first commissioner.
  3. Save your thought. Surely someone should be along for this continuing discussion.
  4. For the Lucas Oil Stadium, End Zone view, you'll not need the elaborate telescoping High Reach tripod you would use at your high school football stadium end zone view. You can use a sturdy 'VIDEO TRIPOD' (not a still camera tripod; they're not the same), and a quality Video 'SD' Card recording camcorder style camera (Not a dual purpose still camera/video camera), because you'll need the powered zoom feature. You may video from the designated place on the walk way at the top of the first level End Zone seats above the rail. This is not clear at the top of the nosebleed seats on the video deck, as if you would be if you're videoing a High Sideline view.
  5. Just so you know, and comprehend, all of there regurgitated discussion topics are the essence of preaching to the choir.
  6. Hmm! As you've stated earlier in the last few weeks all kinds of formulas have been hashed out and discussed here on this forum, and you've made different proposal's of a blend for conference teams over the last several years. At one point, you so noted, the at administrator's of each of the schools accepted an idea for consideration, and by a vote of yeas and nays turned it down. It will take a lot changed hearts to even consider some new, or even an older idea. Where do you believe your most recent idea of a proposal would be going, if you could find a few administrators to again consider your idea of a plan? Do you want to guess, or would you rather, all of the readers of your idea to guess?
  7. The Indy Star doesn't appreciate my AD BLOCKER. It won't let me in. Therefore, so be it.
  8. Well, everyone can chime in here until there're 'blue' in the face, but none of these many years of discussion about this topic, and on this forum, can not and will not go anywhere until such a time, that the public and non-public school corporations of the SAC have decided this is what they want to do. Such changes expressed here have no horsepower to see something accomplished at all. There are only two Interscholastic sanctioned sports in the SAC, where ten schools are represented. All of the other sports, with the exception of men's and women's basketball, have only eight schools represented; I.E., Homestead and Carroll are not part of the SAC for those, and as I believe, this is the way it was originally designed. To formulate a different plan, would obviously take a bucu load of campaign lobbying before achieving just a consideration. I have no additional input for even beginning such an effort, whereby, I'm only pointing out the obvious.
  9. I'm sorry, that you seem to be under the comprehension, I must be talking down to you. I don't want to provide for you any misunderstanding, that might lead you into believing any misconception.
  10. This is just so wonderful, that the Creator has given to you, a wonderful gift of clairvoyance. Use it well.
  11. The Bishop Dwenger Head Football Coach is Jason Garrett, who has been at the helm since Chris Svarczkopf retired from coaching in 2017. Casey Kolkman was the Defensive Coordinator, until he took the Head Coaching job, a couple of years back, with the Heritage H.S. Patriots at Monroeville.
  12. It's not FOX Sports, the network; it is the Indy. affiliate, FOX-59 WXIN
  13. Calhoun you state; the school address is 333 E. Paulding Road, and the Eastside of the Luers stadium is actually along S. Lafayette St., but the address for the Stadium is Doan Drive.
  14. They, being Bishop Luers High School, are just lucky to have a stadium of any description. Back in the 1960's and 1970's the Athlete's (Football) Father's Club had set up a fund raising program for just this purpose. On Sunday evenings after Sunday evenings for many a year, these dads hosted card parties (that's Catholic slang for BINGOS) in the school cafeteria. The Mungovan Family helped out from day one, so also did Thomas 'TUCK' Tone, and many others of that time. At one time the school principal wanted the raised funds to be turned in to the school's general fund, but the Club President, did not capitulate, and continued to keep all of the funding separate. Eventually the very basic stadium was constructed, and with repurposed stadium lighting from some baseball park, which the club had purchased, and relocated. Now I'm sure some of my details are sketchy. So, someone has mor information about this very old project, be my guest and have at it.
  15. I believe where I saw a Sports News Brief, where the North Side -VS.- Concordia game would not be contested because of COVID-19 Protocol and contact tracing by the 'Legends'
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