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  1. This synthetic surface has been in use for several years on this site as a practice and under level game's grid. I have no idea if the rule you've referred too was in force when this carpet was brand new.
  2. http://www.journalgazette.net/sports/stats/20190816/high-schools
  3. Yes, and the fundraising campaign is still in progress. As I understand, they are closing in on their initial goal for completing this stage of the stadium project. Yet, the project does need some additional permanent bleacher seating on the visitor side of the stadium. That supposedly will materialize at a later date, because the AD stated, that initially, it will be only enough for 600 attendees, and not 800.
  4. All SAC schools split the gate recepts according Confwerence by-laws All SAC schools split the gate receipts according to conference guidelines and bylaws..
  5. The crane is setting the new pre-fabricated press box this very day.
  6. Is it known if this transfer out of the Bishop Luers Athletic Department is self-imposed? Or rather is it by design, on behalf of the school as a forced separation? This is a nice way of asking if he's leaving on his own or was it with Luers' help?
  7. I've seen disimination of probable vistor seating in the permanent bleaches of 730, and tempoary portable bleaches in and out as needed.
  8. That is the plan. There wer a lot hoops to jump through for pulling permits, but the constructin has begun.
  9. Michael Ledo, Jr. is enrolled at Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger LINK: https://247sports.com/player/michael-ledo-jr-46041793/
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