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  1. LaSalle Lions 1976

    In the NIC - WEEK # 6

    Just read the article in the SB Tribune about the late start times and athletics. Curious if any JV or Freshman games have been effected.
  2. LaSalle Lions 1976

    Our Friday night lights.

    Thank you for this story. As a special ed teacher, we tell our students that you have to earn your respect in the school with your behavior and hard work in the classroom. This young man has done that. Didn't ask for special favors, just wanted to compete and do what he needed to do to get back on the field. You see the feel good stories of the special needs player getting to make a touchdown. Although the intent is good, what message does it send to the kid, it goes against what we are trying to teach him. This young man earned his starting spot and when injured, he worked hard to get back on that field. That is what we are trying to teach all our students. Well done and good luck this season.
  3. LaSalle Lions 1976

    NIC 2018

    South Bend just approved high school will be from 9 to 4 for the school day. Don't think it will affect football...but who knows
  4. LaSalle Lions 1976

    New Turf In 2018

    School Field in South Bend
  5. I said to play double headers on Friday. I can be done with lots of cooperation.
  6. The easy solution would be to have doubleheaders at School Field every Friday. Don't know if it's possible, but all the home games could be played there. The NIC and Ads would have to work out schedules where there are two home and two away games every week for the SB schools.
  7. LaSalle Lions 1976

    Will Porter resigns @ South Bend Clay

    They had their coach, but someone's feeling were hurt. South Bend football is always 1 good and 3 bad teams. Just rotates. It's Riley's turn now. Too bad. He came in as a sped teacher. Left a lot of work for the new person.
  8. Another angle to this is using JV and Freshman players in the Varsity game. Do teams wait until the 4th quarter to put them in so they can play an entire JV game or do they come in earlier and risk not playing the JV game. I am for players participating on Fridays, if the JV game is canceled, so be it. I know this is a problem with smaller schools, but playing varsity is the goal of every player.
  9. South Bend won't get a reversal any time soon. The issues with South Bend athletics have been well documented. For many in town, football is just a stop gap until basketball season. Open enrollment has hurt South Bend sports, but we are proud of our schools (13 of the 22 received an "F" grade from the state)
  10. LaSalle Lions 1976

    NIC 2017 - What lies ahead

    Just curious in verifying something I heard: 3 of the 4 AD's were removed from their duties and there could be a carousel of basketball coaches in South Bend? Just looking to see if this is true or not.
  11. LaSalle Lions 1976

    NIC 2017 - What lies ahead

    The first order of business is to get a head coach for Clay.
  12. New Blood, new Penn bashing. Penn is a valued member of the NIC for almost 40 years. Penn puts butts in the seats, that's really helps the struggling SB publics stay solvent athletically. A lot of good stories I have come from the Penn games I have been a part. You go Kingsmen, not that you need my validation.
  13. Latest is the players are accusing the ref of using racial slurs during the game. Jeeze.
  14. LaSalle Lions 1976

    NIC Weerk # 2 Conferenc Play Begins

    Riley head coach said in the Tribune they have to look at everything and reevaluate their personal. SB Public Football 0-8 to start? Someone correct me if wrong.
  15. LaSalle Lions 1976

    Michigan City v.s. SB Washington

    No discipline because administration are first year administrators. If King George was there, something would have been done, because he thought he was above the ISHAA anyway. South Bend football is already in the dregs, this was no help.