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  1. Perhaps gonzoron could answer your question. He created the thread. https://gridirondigest.net/topic/2134-impeachment-trial/
  2. I understand your confusion. You do not qualify as a normal adult. 1. Guilty or Not Guilty? Guilty-Abuse of Power 2 Not Guilty-Abuse of Power 2 Guilty-Obstruction of Congress 2 Not Guilty-Obstruction of Congress 2
  3. Hilarious. The brain dead, mindless zombies who actually believe the Democrats and their fake new propaganda are easily manipulated, gullible fools. This forum had two members who are supposed to be "deep thinkers" that predicted Trump would be found guilty of both charges in the Impeachment Trial poll. How can any normal adult take these people seriously?
  4. The left wing mainstream media fake news outlets are lunatics. These brain dead, mindless zombies are the scum of humanity.
  5. Democrats in the impeachment trial are like watching their super hero's Michael Avenati for over 300 times on CNN and MSNBC and that ridiculous Mueller hearing.
  6. The Democrats have Trump right where they want him. With all of this evidence from their new super hero it will be easy to get 20 GOP Senators to convict Trump.🤣
  7. Trump Derangement Syndrome causes perfectly intelligent people to repeat mainstream media propaganda. My sister is a microbiologist and her husband is a doctor. They routinely repeat liberal mainstream media narratives. My parents had 15 children. All of my other siblings think she has lost her mind.
  8. Obama orders 563 airstrikes, ten times more than Bush. Liberals love Snopes. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-drone-strikes/ https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/2017-01-17/obamas-covert-drone-war-in-numbers-ten-times-more-strikes-than-bush
  9. I have observed several forum members insult other members intelligence. Muda has sarcastically deemed two lefties as the "smartest" members on the GID forum. It is interesting to discover the greatest intellectual minds in Indiana are discussing their opinions on a high school football forum. LOL!
  10. Interesting perspective. I have been a member of this forum for about 15 years and have never viewed it as a bastion of intellectuals. I am just an average person who is stupid enough to hold a management postion in a fortune 50 corporation. I use the term as a trigger for those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. There are several self proclaimed "deep thinkers" on the GID forum who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.
  11. Video showing a group of grown black men harassing the Covington Catholics youths at a Right To Life Rally and the Native American left wing activist approaching the kids to get in their faces while beating his drum. CNN is a primary source of news for the some of the GID self proclaimed "deep thinkers". LOL! Libtards are easily manipulated, gullible fools.
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