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  1. Obama was the most "racist" president since Lyndon Johnson. Democrats and their propaganda machine, the mainstream media fake news, constantly fuel racial divide. It is one of their primary political strategies.
  2. Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz - "Many of those arrested in the rioting were from out of state".
  3. White Democrats are self proclaimed "authorities" on racism. They created the Ku Klux Klan, Antifa, Dixiecrats and Jim Crow.
  4. The tell tale sign that liberals are fueling the chaos is the liberal mainstream media hasn’t said a word about people not wearing masks or maintaining social distance.
  5. You really need to chill out on the racist accusations. I am the only member of my family to have a black spouse. If you went to Howe and informed all the black people that I am a racist, you would be laughed out of the building. Personally, I would like to see a male member of the Floyd family do the exact same to the murderer.
  6. How is declaring "MAGA night" in front of the White House considered "nothing but fan the flames"? Please inform forum members "exactly what he is saying". I do not know any "crazy people dumb enough to show up there and escalate things quickly".
  7. The liberal mainstream media is also promoting the violence and criminal behavior across America regarding Minneapolis. The obviously staged arrest of the minority CNN reporter was absolutely ridiculous.
  8. Left wing agitators are promoting the violence and criminal behavior across America. Liberals ruin everything.
  9. It is comical how liberals pretend to be authorities on black people. It would be interesting to discover if any of the GID lefties has married a black person or ever attended a all black church, nightclub, theater or family reunion. I wonder if any have ever been approached by alumni association members of an inner city school and asked to join as an honorary member?
  10. I just donated to the Trump campaign and downloaded the Trump 2020 app.
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