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  1. I would like to continue to donate to the GID as I have in the past however, I am not going to give cash money to be harassed by a fake "moderator" who is nothing more than a partisan for the left.
  2. A statement from a epidemiologist and a photograph of Dr. Fauci violating and ignoring his own "coronavirus rules" are not political statements. The thread was started for the purpose of celebrating the cancellation of games due to the coronavirus. Those posts are responses to the primary reason the thread was started.
  3. No evidence of political statements in the entire thread yet the spin and accusations continue. This is like reading/watching CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media fake news.
  4. Stating a fact is not whining. I do not whine or submit down votes. The locked thread did not contain a single word about politics posted by me or anyone else. It is simply an excuse.
  5. Vitriol? Interesting. I do not get that fired up about anything posted on this forum. I do not submit down votes.
  6. You still have not presented any evidence of "spewing of my political point of view" on the football forum. Posting comments about the amount of people who refuse to wear masks or social distance yet no further spread of the coronavirus has occurred and a couple of memes about masks are not political statements.
  7. This is an empty statement without linking political comments posted by me on locked threads from the main football forum. You are either capable of linking the political comments or incapable. I already know the answer.
  8. I absolutely guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one is capable of linking a political statement posted by me on any locked thread on the main football forum. People who were against schools opening and football are responsible for starting new threads when games are cancelled despite a pinned thread at the top of page one for such information. Within the first paragraph, COVID-19 will be referenced. The purpose of the thread is a celebration that games have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. The ensuing discussion is focused on the two primary reasons for the thread, the can
  9. A "moderator" could simply state a thread was locked because they do not like or agree with some comments. There is no need at attempting to b.s. grown adults by claiming a thread was locked due to political rants. Anyone can read every comment posted on a locked thread and verify no political statements were posted. And these are some of the guys asking for donations.
  10. A member of the GID "team" has admitted to sharing text messages with like minded forum members. Another forum member has stated he was stalked on social media sites by two members of this forum who he considers lunatics. He wonders how those two lunatics knew his real name.
  11. The cancel culture is common on this forum. Threads are locked for supposed "political" purposes yet not a single word was posted in the entire thread about politics. #CNN #MSNBC #Redditt
  12. Interesting. United Auto Workers are guaranteed a 40 hour paycheck regardless of whether they show up for work or not. August and September are extremely hot and very busy months in automotive plants. It will be interesting to see if the Japanese, Korean and German owned auto manufacturing plants in America are experiencing the same issues.
  13. I laugh at these people claiming “science” supports the strategy of sheltering in place and wearing cheap non medical grade masks from China as protection from the coronavirus. Most of the people in Education have been locked out of their schools for the past five months while listening to fake news. It is business as usual in the manufacturing plant where I work. Approximately 800-900 workers ignored the mask and social distance rules. No one has tested positive for the coronavirus for the past 124 days. Virtually no one has worn masks or practiced social distancing for the past four months.
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