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  1. Changing scrimmage to a game would by far be the best way to add a game. The current schedule still has the high school teams starting before the NCAA and NFL regular seasons, I would not be a fan of moving it up more. Summer break has been shortened too much already in my opinion, taking another two weeks off and having kids practice daily in July heat isn't something that I would be interested. Moving back start time for early season games is a good idea, but schools have the leeway to do that now if they want.
  2. Don't forget the last bit of the punishment above "send a written report to the Commissioner" I have to believe punishment becomes a lot more punitive if it happens more than once.
  3. The week starts on Friday so a player will always be at zero qtrs on Friday, therefore unless a varsity game were to occur before Friday(don't think this is even allowed) a team would never have to forfeit the varsity contest due to too many qtrs. by a player.
  4. Don't know what the baseball rulebook says but it is very clear in football that it would be the jv game. Virtually impossible to ever lose the varsity football contest due to a player playing too many quarters. Seems like you should lose the game that the violation occurred, but that may be a bit punitive if it was only a few pitches. Brings to mind the George Brett illegal pine tar game. Quarters Q. 54-2 When a player participates in more than the allowed number of football quarters on successive days or during a week, what action is required? A. A violation of the maximum contest rule requires that the School to forfeit the game in which the player exceeded the limit, charge the player with each quarter of participation, and send a written report to the Commissione
  5. It looks like AAF wasn't a total waste for a few guys. Kitt O'Brien was only guy with Indiana ties that I saw on the list(would have loved to see Andrew McDonald invited too). Good luck to all of these guys in continuing to chase their dreams. AAF players invited to NFL camps
  6. I agree, especially for the fall sports it can be very difficult for small schools to field competitive teams for football, soccer, and cross country. There would need to be some limits, but if you have some kids that want to do a certain sport that isn't offered let them try at another area school.
  7. Don't forget Walton's own Kitt O'Brien for the Birmingham Iron, I believe you guys would have played him in 2008 Regional.
  8. I agree, kids are basically just pushing on each other at this age. Injuries tend to be contusions on the arms or legs and there is no virtually no dangerous head to head contact. I'm all for safety, but this is purely cosmetic.
  9. I noticed this paragraph in the article and was confused to what this was trying to say or prevent. Is this just spelling out what a legal formation is if you don't have 11 players? Maybe one of our professional officials can weigh in: "A change in the definition of a legal scrimmage formation was approved. A legal scrimmage formation now requires at least five offensive players on their line of scrimmage (instead of seven) with no more than four backs. The committee noted that this change will make it easier to identify legal and illegal offensive formations."
  10. After reading the article it isn't clear at all how this would help officiating at all, looks like an attempt to ram through someone's worldview. Sound's like the standard fair corporate HR training that we are forced to sit through in corporate America: "The bill, as it’s currently written, requires that coaches and athletic directors receive sensitivity training on gender and sexual orientation; race and ethnicity; disabilities; religious tolerance; unconscious bias; and diversity and inclusion. Sports officials also would be obligated to take part in the training."
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