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  1. There is no doubt about that, however my point would be if we can open up factories that employ 1000's of people, many of which aren't pictures of health, what is the justification to continue to keep schools closed? Pre-existing conditions(immune deficiency, type-1 diabletes, etc...) would need to be excluded. However if; factory workers, engineers, all trades, retail workers, waiter's and waitresses are all returning to work why can't teachers?
  2. I think anyone, that isn't just stupid or cruel, would want to force anyone with a preexisting condition's to go back to work anywhere right now including into school systems. However since we now have a lot of data, from the CDC and other sources ,which show that this particular virus poses less risk to all age groups up to 24 years of age, I really question the reason to ever have closed the schools. The chart is from the CDC and clearly shows that Covid deaths for kids are significantly less than that for Influenza for the same timeframe. This begins to change for people above 25 and get's significantly worse beginning around 45 years old and older. Meanwhile people in the 25 to 70 year old group are all starting to go back to work(rightly so), but we are still contemplating delaying schooling for the least vulnerable people in our population. Doesn't make any sense to me.
  3. I have to admit, this doesn't make sense to me. Kids can pay and go to a gym on 5/24 and that is OK, but cannot step foot in the free weight room at their high school for another five weeks after that. If you have a little league field at your school kids can't step foot on the field until 7/1, but if the field is located in a city park it should be safe by 6/14. It seems like the complete lockdown of school campuses isn't consistent with other parts of the reopening plan.
  4. Lemmy


    Entertaining for sure and I really liked what they did with kick-offs and liked the punt rule of not allowing the ball to go out bounds inside the 20. Not sure that I am crazy about the 24 second play clock, pretty much forces teams to go no huddle or not audible if they call it in the huddle. Overall an entertaining product and I suspect the play will get better as the players play more ball. Some of them really haven't played in games in years.
  5. I don't believe the study showing no long term cognitive impairment and the studies shown above are necessarily in contrast. Most of these have some findings with a lot of scary conjecture thrown in by the reporter but most the articles will also contain a couple paragraph's like is shown below that give a more complete picture. Yes there may be some sort of microstructural changes when kids play football(or probably soccer, baseball, wrestling, etc..) but it heals rather quickly and there is no long term affect. If you were a pro offensive lineman in the 70's, where you may hit five days a week,and probably had several concussions in which you simply played through year after year, long term permanent damage is likely to occur. From Duke article Most of the high school students the researchers studied experienced only subconcussive hits. However, one student did experience a concussion near the end of the season. Petrella noted that the brain imaging results of this student allow for some optimism regarding structural changes caused by high school football. “In the fornix, when the player was injured, there was evidence of loss of integrity,” he said. “When we re-scanned the player after a couple of months of rest, these changes had completely disappeared.”
  6. For selfish reasons I would love to see a bye week imposed on the exact week that most schools are on fall break. Make it a week of no contact between coaches and players and that would even be better. Finally, I could go on one of the fabulous fall vacations that I keep hearing about. Everyone tells me that somehow the fall break vacations are superior to spring break vacations. I'm guessing this is just a ploy to p*ss me off, but I would like to find out.
  7. Totally agree that youth sports are by far the worst for coaches being abusive to referee's and in general making a**es of themselves. We just had this conversation within our high school staff, collectively with approximately 50 years of coaching experience we have witnessed a coach being tossed from a game(our's or opposing coach) a couple times total. This season started coaching my son's sixth grade team and it's happened to opposing coaches twice in a month. Every single play complaining to the referee or side judge and never let up despite numerous warnings until they finally get tossed. Ten times worse than anything I see on Friday's and frankly us coaches wouldn't make it thru the 1st qtr on a Friday if we were acting like this to the side judge or white hat. However, because coaches aren't paid or employed by the school for these youth positions there really isn't any repercussions. Some people seem to just really enjoy making an *ss of themselves.
  8. 1 POINT GAMES Northwestern @ Tipton West Lafayette @ Benton Central 3 Point Games North Vermillion @ Attica Central Catholic @ Rensselaer Twin Lakes @ Hamilton Heights Western @ Cass 4 POINT GAMES Caston @ North White Knox @ LaVille Delphi @ Clinton Prairie Gibson Southern @ Heritage Hills
  9. 1 POINT GAMES Western @ Benton Central West Lafayette @ Central Catholic 2 POINT GAMES Twin Lakes @ Rensselaer Kokomo @ McCutcheon North Judson @ Knox Delphi @ Sheridan Northwestern @ Hamilton Heights Tipton @ Cass 3 POINT GAMES North Newton @ Kankakee Valley Tri-County @ North White
  10. Elwood @ OH Frankton @ Blackford MG @ Alex Ole Miss @ Eastbrook *Game of the Week*
  11. 1 Point Games Benton Central @ Cass Central Catholic @ Northwestern Twin Lakes @ Tipton Hamilton Heights @ West Lafayette 3 Point Games Rensselaer 2 Western North Judson @ North Newton
  12. 2 Point Games Central Catholic @ Guerin Catholic Cass @ Maconoquah McCutcheon @ West Lafayette North Montgomery @ Hamilton Heights Northwestern @ Twin Lakes Tipton @ Elwood Western Boone @ Western 3 Point Games Benton Central @ Seeger North White @ Frontier Lafayette Jeff @ Lawrence Central Delphi @ Carroll 4 Point Game Rensselaer @ North Newton
  13. Alex @ Wabash Eastbrook @ Delta *Game of the week worth 2 points Eastern @ MG Frankton @ Lapel New Haven @ Ole Miss Southern Wells @ Blackford Southwood @ OH *Game of the week worth 2 points Tipton @ Elwood
  14. Report post 2 POINTS EACH Benton Central @ Delphi Eastern Hancock @ Northwestern Hamilton Heights @ Mount Vernon  Cass @ Pioneer Madison Grant @ Tipton Twin Lakes @ Western West Lafayette @ Lafayette Jeff Guerin Catholic @ McCutcheon Carroll @ Tri-County Taylor @ North White  South Vermillion @ Covington Frankfort @ Clinton Central 3 POINTS EACH Kankakee Valley @ Rensselaer Central Catholic @ Tri-West
  15. Changing scrimmage to a game would by far be the best way to add a game. The current schedule still has the high school teams starting before the NCAA and NFL regular seasons, I would not be a fan of moving it up more. Summer break has been shortened too much already in my opinion, taking another two weeks off and having kids practice daily in July heat isn't something that I would be interested. Moving back start time for early season games is a good idea, but schools have the leeway to do that now if they want.
  16. Don't forget the last bit of the punishment above "send a written report to the Commissioner" I have to believe punishment becomes a lot more punitive if it happens more than once.
  17. The week starts on Friday so a player will always be at zero qtrs on Friday, therefore unless a varsity game were to occur before Friday(don't think this is even allowed) a team would never have to forfeit the varsity contest due to too many qtrs. by a player.
  18. Don't know what the baseball rulebook says but it is very clear in football that it would be the jv game. Virtually impossible to ever lose the varsity football contest due to a player playing too many quarters. Seems like you should lose the game that the violation occurred, but that may be a bit punitive if it was only a few pitches. Brings to mind the George Brett illegal pine tar game. Quarters Q. 54-2 When a player participates in more than the allowed number of football quarters on successive days or during a week, what action is required? A. A violation of the maximum contest rule requires that the School to forfeit the game in which the player exceeded the limit, charge the player with each quarter of participation, and send a written report to the Commissione
  19. It looks like AAF wasn't a total waste for a few guys. Kitt O'Brien was only guy with Indiana ties that I saw on the list(would have loved to see Andrew McDonald invited too). Good luck to all of these guys in continuing to chase their dreams. AAF players invited to NFL camps
  20. I agree, especially for the fall sports it can be very difficult for small schools to field competitive teams for football, soccer, and cross country. There would need to be some limits, but if you have some kids that want to do a certain sport that isn't offered let them try at another area school.
  21. Don't forget Walton's own Kitt O'Brien for the Birmingham Iron, I believe you guys would have played him in 2008 Regional.
  22. I agree, kids are basically just pushing on each other at this age. Injuries tend to be contusions on the arms or legs and there is no virtually no dangerous head to head contact. I'm all for safety, but this is purely cosmetic.
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