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  1. Inquiring minds are interested in the Concession Stand situation? 😂 Will Any special meal-type items (pork burgers or something) be available? 😂
  2. IHSAATV is doing the game, but their feed will also be available on RtCTV4’s Website.
  3. I don’t really follow Southern Indiana football much, so excuse the ignorance, but what the heck happened to Eastern Greene? I know they had coaching turnover, but does that really flip a program from a State Finalist to an 0-fer in 2 years? 😳
  4. You can add #2 Pioneer at #3 Cass as Tragedy #3.
  5. You gotta beat everyone to make it to The Can Thanksgiving weekend anyway, that being said, I really hope Cass and Pioneer aren’t playing each other in Round 1.
  6. Wait, wait, wait... is it a Mexican restaurant that is also a pancake house? Like I can get a taco and a pancake at the same time? If that’s the case, I might need to just go ahead and move to Culver because where has that been all my life. 😂
  7. I know very little about the Bombers (outside of what I read around here), I’d take Bombers easily over Laville. As far as the Pioneer/Laville game the same can be said for the Panthers. They looked OK, but they did not look great. Coach H has done a great job up there, but until Laville gets some quality wins consistently they’re not going to get the respect some people think they deserve right now.
  8. I believe it was the only team that had an opening that week. It was between Attucks or having to go out of state.
  9. I’m not sure which question to ask first... Why is someone 35-36 years old still wearing a letter jacket? OR Did you earn letters as a 7th and 8th grader or did it take you 6 years to graduate high school? 🤔
  10. RTCTV4 will have all games for Winamac, Pioneer, Caston, North Miami, Rochester, Tippy Valley, and Culver.
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