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  1. Pioneer should be favored until they lose a conference game. I expect it will happen next season though. Hard to replace the speed the twins brought
  2. Nice win for Knox. I didn’t see them shutting down the Jays offense with all the weapons they have
  3. Don’t count NJSP out. Culver has played both, so have seen them and think Jays will get by Knox tonight
  4. Cavs vs Blue Jays in HNAC sectional. Should be a good one!
  5. Laville 28-21 over Culver Knox 56-8 over Caston Pioneer 48-12 over North Judson Winamac 28-14 over Triton
  6. Culver played the current freshman the last year as 8th graders. At the end of the game, they threw a big picnic party and asked the Culver team to join them. When we asked why, they said it was celebrating that no one scored a point on them the whole season. Definitely a lot of potential there for the Lancers and would expect them to flip the standings on Pioneer in next 2 yrs. if not, it is hard to argue they are not underachieving
  7. It is Senior night. Wouldn’t be wise to play the Panthers for homecoming! That was Triton. I am not aware of any food being served at game this week. Good food choices in town are Lakehouse, Papas, or Cafe Max. Also have a New Mexican restaurant (Freidas) on St Rd 10 that is good and a little easier on the wallet
  8. Great opportunity to recognize this young man. From the Culver side, I have seen him on the Caston sideline for 4 yrs now with a Caston flag flying from his wheelchair. I’m sure he has been a great inspiration to them and worthy of recognition as part of the team as they have struggled for wins
  9. First time I can remember Culver having more on roster than Winamac.
  10. I agree teams need to come prepared to play. I do think part of the high school gig involves teaching the kids good sportsmanship though. I’m not familiar with the situation Warrior is referring to with Pioneer football, but do know their baseball coach put up over 50 runs vs West Central a few years back. From what I heard, the AD did the right thing in that instance and it didn’t end well for the coach
  11. Triton lost 60-0 to Pioneer this weekend in a game stopped at half. Not looking good for state title chances
  12. Winamac played hard, but had a lot of costly penalties. They actually stopped Culver’s offense as well as anyone has this year. Culver stopped themselves against Knox with turnovers
  13. Weather should favor Culver’s ground and pound if they can hold onto ball. Doesn’t sound like it will be conducive to a lot of passing but we’ll see. Culver has 6 picks over last 3 games, so while Knox And Triton moved the ball through the air some, Culver secondary was more successful in stopping them from scoring than in the past
  14. North White - 21-14 Culver 35-28 Laville 28-24 Pioneer - 56 - 0 NKSP - 49 - 14
  15. While I can’t disagree Culver’s secondary has struggled, they have shown big improvement in the Knox and Triton games. Hopefully your criticism is just the chalkboard material they need to keep improving down the stretch
  16. Triton QB made some good throws, he was off at times and had 3 picks. One of these was at goal line when the were trying to capitalize on a Culver fumble. Culver secondary has come along way on pass defense since opening game
  17. If Culver has Lautt back, I see their line and big backs controlling the game. Culver has moved the ball consistently against everyone, but self destructed at times with turnovers. Their pass defense is improving with Sullivan’s return, but still vulnerable. In the end, I see them pulling this one out on Homecoming night
  18. Bremen - this one could go either way as both teams are down from last year Culver - WC has some speedy backs if they can ever get the ball from the Cavs. Culver’s physicality wins a close one Knox - won’t be as close as most on here think Pioneer - credit to the Caston kids for keeping the program going, but this one will be lopsided Laville - Lancers will take out some frustration from last week on the Warriors.
  19. Triton over Caston 28-21 Culver over Knox 28-26 North Newton16-14 over NJSP Lville 35-33 over Pioneer Winamac 42-12 over North White
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