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  1. Looks like Clay may interview a dozen or more for the job...so it seems it won’t be that hard to fill
  2. When South Bend closed your school maybe they started the trend.
  3. Have the facilities at Mishawaka changed that much to say they are great? Where do they practice? Is it in that same grassy knoll area next to the stadium? The stadium is awesome with the video board and all but last I saw the practice area wasn’t what you would call great?
  4. Devil in the details. Nfl does not have 53 players on the field. Look again
  5. Meaning he can “block” him not tackle him without the ball. Not hit high or with the helmet but can push him down or out of the way
  6. Baseball goes to 3 at the sectional level and they haven’t worked 3 man mechanics usually the whole year then baseball goes to 4 man at the state finals and some have never worked 4 man
  7. There is for sure a coach that does this (False start on purpose before the rule change)but the first part of the question I think threw off some including Bob. Correct me if I’m wrong but by rule the game clock does not start after a delay of game penalty no matter what part of the game it is??
  8. Penalty enforcement needs a lot of help. Way to many obvious mistakes made
  9. They same as a punt except you can score points. If the kick crosses the goal line it’s dead. k can recover behind the line of scrimmage and advance it but they must reach the line to gain the touching by r behind the NZ during the kick is ignored (as in first touching) if the ball crosses the NZ and is recovered by K it’s dead at that spot. if R muffs it beyond the NZ k can recover but not advance but it will be a first down for K
  10. Anything other then your hand or foot...that is part of your body...the ball is not part of your body so play on...
  11. I think the best option is for K to decline the yardage of the last one or 2 and have the ball placed where they can recover an onside kick. If I’m K I’d rather free kick from the 14 let’s say I dint know the exact yardline but then you can recover a onside kick and if not it might be onside the 5. If not the dribble it is the best option
  12. That’s a great question!!!!! Still sounds strange all around. Bad situation for all involved. Was it a crew or individuals?
  13. I agree with Ohio and would only want 6 man with the center judge. 2 deep wings with no one in the middle is for a better word “stupid”. With all that said its absolutely ridiculous we don’t goto 7 or even 8 man mechanics after week 2 of the tournament and work that way to the state finals.
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