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  1. I think the best option is for K to decline the yardage of the last one or 2 and have the ball placed where they can recover an onside kick. If I’m K I’d rather free kick from the 14 let’s say I dint know the exact yardline but then you can recover a onside kick and if not it might be onside the 5. If not the dribble it is the best option
  2. That’s a great question!!!!! Still sounds strange all around. Bad situation for all involved. Was it a crew or individuals?
  3. I agree with Ohio and would only want 6 man with the center judge. 2 deep wings with no one in the middle is for a better word “stupid”. With all that said its absolutely ridiculous we don’t goto 7 or even 8 man mechanics after week 2 of the tournament and work that way to the state finals.
  4. Also another reason to give the clock operators/announcers a radio and you can tell them what you have in an unusual play so they can announce what is going on
  5. I have no knowledge of it but it sounds suspicious to me. Booked and confirmed? If someone were to double book they wouldn’t confirm to a school they were coming and then not show up. If there were double booked then they had the tell them before hand or how would they release that they were double booked? It doesn’t add up. Either way hopefully they get the game In tomorrow
  6. The coaches can still agree to end or shorten any period, with or without a mercy rule. The mercy rule provision is just to allow the state to provide a "forced" shortening even without coach consent. from bob’s Facebook post. This is how I see it just like the rest of the world. If the coaches agree to run the clock in the first half of a 63-0 game, run the clock if they both want to. In the second half they don’t have a choice. That’s what the rule says why does meridian or where they are want to make it more difficult then what it is. No where does it say you can’t run the clock in the first half if they agree. Totally wrong interpretation
  7. Very clear to who? And with the way it’s written use your lawyer powers I read that coaches can’t over ride the implementation of the rule in the second half but I don’t see where that means they can’t use it in the first. How about this. ITS THE COACHE’S RULE! And if it’s 41-0 int he first and the coach says get me outta here you should be able to and I don’t see where you can’t. Coaches not being able to override the implementation of the rule to me means they can’t say no. I don’t see where it says they can’t say yes
  8. I read it as they can’t override it being implemented. It’s absolutely stupid if it’s 41-0 in the 1st q and the losing coach asks for a running clock and we don’t give it to them. Another nonsense application of a rule that shouldn’t be that difficult
  9. On your play I think it’s the wing on the right side that should see it. B could help depending on what category of dpi you have
  10. In this case it’s a no brainer. Anyone who has officiated that would be reading this has called dpi. How many people have called the defense for blocking a wr who is no longer a potential blocker? I bet almost 0. He asked a specific question about a specific route but wouldn’t say if the ball was in the air or not. I know it’s easier to call dpi on this play when the ball is coming then to call the defense for a foul while the qb still has the ball and is the question that I find interesting as to who would see it but it wouldn’t be dpi
  11. As in ibb the block in the back signal. The point is his original question needs to be clarified. What he is asking about dpi or an illegal block? Dpi is way easier to call and isn’t gonna be such a guess. The illegal block is much tougher to see to the whole thing not just 1 or 2 guys falling
  12. What does that even mean? You asked about DPI. DPI on this play vs an illegal block (defense blocking a player that can no longer be a potential blocker) is 2 totally different senerios. The dpi is easier to call in this situation so to me the question is who would see the illegal block
  13. I’m not sure if it was the best center groove team of all time or not but week 1 they beat WC by 4 week 3 they beat Carmel by 3 Beat LC 17-7 beat Catherdral 7-0 Beat Avon in double ot
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