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  1. Jaylon played rb i believe might be wrong but i know he did play offense as well
  2. I would be interested in finding who you guys think would be a reasonable candidate for Mr Football next season, so this years junior class. I don’t have much knowledge on the upcoming junior class so i’m willing to listen to anyone.
  3. I don’t know how it’s calculated but i just cannot see Homestead being ranked in the too 10, especially ahead of the likes of Dwenger and Luers, maybe other than all time win percentage they have nothing over those other two programs.
  4. it’s a shame they ran out of 5 star players at the 2&3A level😄. But to be fair i think they made it to two semi states in the past five years. Really as a Dwenger fan i have always wondered where Luers found their studs that carried them through championships, the last significant one probably being Austin Mack who’s a receiver now at OSU.
  5. Woodson went to Snider, but they might have been combined at the time? not exactly sure on the history of northrop/snider and why they share a field and everything. Also i don’t know if it’s been said already but Rod Smith, Jaylon’s brother went to Harding and played for the Cowboys but now is East Coast, maybe with the Giants?
  6. i was unaware of that, I’m pretty sure they played their full schedule though didn’t they?
  7. Prairie Heights isn’t ~contracting~ their football team, unless you have found some insider source that i have looked for for the last ten minutes after reading your comment. Please share what you know with your contraction omniscience about Prairie Heights contracting. And if you don’t know and are just guessing because they don’t win very often please drop the stupid contraction comments because they are sooo dumb and honestly tiring.
  8. Dear Lord, have mercy on the SAC if that were ever to happen, the talent at Northrop is there they just can never seem to get it organized enough if they were under Sniders staff it would ruin all of the competition in Fort Wayne😂
  9. If you hate the sport so much leave the forum dude. You legitimately want to deprive kids of the ability to play a game just because they don’t win often or even ever. According to what i counted on Maxpreps Shelbyville has 53 kids on the varsity roster this year. 53. That means 53 young men CHOSE to play football, for their love of the game, for their friendships, for their community, and heck, for fun. No administrators were out there forcing students in the hall way to go to football practice and forcing them to play in theses games. High school football is a choice, a choice that isn’t always easy because not even the best programs in the state (asides from maybe NP) win every single game every year, a choice that teaches these young men that no matter how hard you got beat down you get back up and fight again, and a choice that you want to deprive of at least 53 young men to possibly hundreds just because they don’t win as often as you deem necessary. “none of those boys had fun playing” if not a single kid on that team had fun playing then they wouldn’t have had 53 players on the team bub. This is possibly one of the dumbest and most ignorant statements i have ever seen on GID.
  10. I think seeding is something the ihsaa should have done always as long as they have had a tourney, it would be difficult to decide how to seed everyone since there will always be people upset about where they were ranked, but my best idea would be to have to actual coaches vote on it a lot like they do all conference teams, basically just voting for whoever they are most “scared”, for lack of a better term, to play. Seeding would be nice because then those teams that truly deserve to be in the semi-state and state games can earn the sectionals and regionals trophies that they deserve, instead of getting knocked out in a close sectional championship or regional to eventual state champs who steamroll through everyone else in the tourney. I would use 4A sectionals last year as an example where FW Dwenger and Wayne played an amazing game decided by one point in a sectional championship. It’s a shame that a team of that talent and caliber was eliminated so early before they could even get a trophy, i believe they could’ve made a semi state run at least in a different side of the bracket or sectional.
  11. No doubt that punters placement was the best I have ever seen in a high school football game, it was incredible.
  12. this team in my opinion is a lot better than Harrison. Barely lost in 6A semi-state last year with a lot of the same talent, they seem extremely tough defensively which could be bad for dwenger since the offense sometimes gets a slow start but i think it will be a very good game because they seems to match up in all the right points
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