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Wabash River Conference Week 6

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I honestly have no idea what refs are paid on Friday nights, but some of the games I've seen I know they deserve more. The thing that drives me crazy is that they book these games so far in advance that I find it crazy that they double book games. In a lot of cases they have a year to figure it out. 

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Long time watcher, first time poster

Attica at North Vermilion: Falcons take this by however much they want.

Covington at Parke Heritage: Trojans-36 PH-13

Fountain Central at Seeger: Seeger-28 FC-21. Think the Patriots are just a little too much for the Mustangs. 

Riverton Parke at South Vermilion: Don't think this game will be as close as people think. SV-48 RP-14

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On 9/24/2022 at 7:02 PM, KAllen said:

Ugly.  SV opened the game with a KO return for a TD and didn’t look back.  38-0.   SV at FC and RP @ Attica next Friday. 

SV is just a powerhouse.

Maybe the most dominant team the conference has ever seen.

Incredibly coached and you'll never find a more humble program. 

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