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No more one-and-one. Major rule change coming to IHSAA basketball next season.


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There is a significant rule change coming to high school basketball next season.

The National Federation of State High School Association announced Monday it approved a change to eliminate the one-and-one free throw bonus and set new foul limits each quarter.

Teams will now shoot two free throws for common fouls once reaching the bonus. Previously, teams shot one-and-one the seventh, eighth and nine team fouls (non-shooting) of each half before getting two shots on the 10th foul of the half. Now, the fouls will reset each quarter and a team will reach the bonus once an opponent commits five fouls.


Indiana High School Athletic Association sports information director Jason Wille said the IHSAA will adopt the rule change for next season.

"The rules committee studied data that showed higher injury rates on rebounding situations and saw this as an opportunity to reduce opportunities for rough play during rebounds,” said Lindsay Atkinson, NFHS director of sports and liaison to the basketball rules committee in a release from the NFHS. “Additionally, resetting the fouls each quarter will improve game flow and allow teams to adjust their play by not carrying foul totals to quarters two and four.”


This is baloney.  The last thing Indiana High School basketball needs is to become more like the NBA game.


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From the Star article, they mention "safety"...apparently too many injuries are occuring during rebounds after free throws.  Eliminating that occasional extra rebound is "safer"

Total clown explanation

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59 minutes ago, Impartial_Observer said:

Didn’t see a single game last season. Most of the officials I talked to loved it. 

I'm sure they did.  It is now an easier-to-officiate and faster game.  The game is more exciting when there is a chance for a comeback from a reasonable deficit with just a few minutes left to play in the game.  This was a horrible move.

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