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  1. Prediction : Columbus East - 49 Kokomo - 21 This will be by far the best team Kokomo has seen all year along with the most prolific offense they have seen. I see them having a hard time stopping the rushing attack that East brings.
  2. I do think this game and the 4A game have the potential to be the best 2 games in LOS this weekend! Good luck to both teams.
  3. I was only replying to the guy making outlandish comments. Both of these teams deserve to be where they are. Good Luck to both
  4. Lowell vs East Central!

    Cathedral had a lot more D1 recruits then Columbus East this year....
  5. He’s a well known troll... sometimes he is funny, sometimes he isn’t.. We just tell them to “work harder”
  6. Lowell vs East Central!

    This was good toilet reading!
  7. Not sure about Ty Henderson #93 but I believe Tyler Thomas #48 was offered by Cincinatti from what I read on Twitter. They are both DE’s
  8. Only problem is on the other end is 6’5 230lbs lol. They are almost mirror images of each other.
  9. I believe he is 6’6 235lbs he’s a defensive end.
  10. I think CE has removed the doubt about the schedule when it comes to Mr Football by the success over the last 6 years (making it to state 3 times) prior to that East would get beat at semi-State. East has had 2 Mr Football winners in the last 7 years.
  11. Or the “work harder” phrase the public teams were told.
  12. Reese Taylor and it won’t be close. Josh Major in my guess will be 2nd in voting. Thrown for 1,275 yards and ran for 1,290 yards. Only 1 INT thrown. BUT it doesn’t help him in the case of MR Football that his RB has 2,250 yards and his FB has 800 yards.
  13. 1A Title Eastern Greene vs Pioneer

    He’s the same *Deleted* that predicted Cathedral by 35 last week.
  14. Congrats on a great career coach! One of the best to ever do it. PURE SPECULATION, I have had this feeling that Kyle Ralph could fill this position at Cathedral. I guess time will tell. 6 state titles since 2008 when he took over