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  1. Because head coaches who have success at catholic schools tend to gravitate to other catholic schools......once they've found out how hard it is to win at a public school.
  2. Just another reason why "The Mercy Rule" is no good. Thinking of all of these silly scenarios makes a mockery of the game. Teams and players are only guaranteed 10 games a year. That's fewer games then basketball plays. Fewer games then soccer plays. Fewer games then volleyball plays. Fewer games then literally every other team sport plays. And we think its a good thing for players to get less opportunity to play? For what end? So that referees and former band teacher administrators can get home earlier on Friday night? I was at a game last season where the running clock was enacted and a team ran 1 offensive play in the 4th quarter. Which means that the varsity team played 75% of a game and the backups/JV/freshmen got zero playing time. In a day and age when more and more schools don't even field a JV team let alone a true freshmen team. In a day-and-age when football participation is already down. Good luck getting sophomores and freshmen to come out to play football when the entirety of their football experience is getting the feces kicked out of them in practice each week. Again the whole "mercy rule" thing was a complete overreaction by old people, many of whom don't understand athletics who think they know better then high school coaches on how to manage a game and how to run their teams. Because we all know it really matters to most 17 year olds that they only got beat 42-0 instead of 56-0. I'm sure because of our mercy rule, we helped those poor kids sleep better knowing they only lost by 42.
  3. We'll have to see how the high school free agency period goes and what players sign with new teams for 2020.
  4. Just as stupid today as it was a year ago.
  5. Outside of Ben Davis, Warren Central, Carmel and Center Grove nobody else in 6A is "competing" in 6A either. Should the other 28 schools in 6A all merge with somebody too?
  6. Especially when Decatur Central could be about ready for a serious downturn from where they've been in recent years.
  7. Was the QB hurt or sick or something? He put up some serious numbers this year and he was thoroughly unimpressive all day. Didn't look athletic at all and had no zip on the ball. Was expecting much, much more from the EN offense.
  8. There's nothing that can be done to fix 6A. It will and likely always remain a class where the same 4 schools are going to win every year no matter what you do. I do think the thought of making class A the 32 team class and 5A a 64 team class makes a lot of sense. If there are teams in Indiana who desperately need a bye before the playoffs start its the class A schools, who normally have fewer numbers and many players playing iron man football.
  9. Except when you go to that well way too often, which Valpo did. No deception to it and New Pal eventually stuffed it.
  10. Yes I'm sure Ralph envisioned his starting QB getting hurt and a guy who had thrown 1 pass all year playing 3 quarters at QB to win a state championship. Just shows you how much poise Roudebush has to go in there and still run the offense and not "look" like a typical high school backup QB. Many teams would have been done against a high quality team like Valpo and New Pal was not. Valpo screwed up with all of the dumb direct snaps to their RB's. Cost them big-time at the end of the 1st half, when they had a chance to go into half with the lead. That and their passing game just looked like the QB was going to keep throwing it long and hoping for something good to happen. New Pal looked very vulnerable trying to cover receivers and RB's in the flat and on crossing routes. Then again, the QB lacked accuracy to make those throws a few times they tried them. Valpo had stretches of that game where they looked like the better team. Just too long a drought in the 3rd quarter to beat a team like New Pal, who always makes teams pay for mistakes.
  11. The game stayed close, but you could tell watching it that they were going to need some serious help to hang in there for 4 quarters. Playing a day extra rest/prep on Friday at home with the 3 hour drive that HH had helped Danville stay in it longer then they should have. Along with all the holding calls that kept stopping drives from ending in scores. The final score was actually very indicative of the game. Teams like Heritage Hills with their methodical physical style are used to wearing teams out over the course of the game. And that's what happened. They wore out Southridge and Lawrenceburg the same way. If it wasn't for a miracle conversion on 4th and 21 with 2 minutes to go, the final would have been 33-10 and that's about the kind of game most with a rational knowledge of football thought it would be. HH could have easily had 4 INT's, as they flat out dropped one that was thrown right to the DB. Its also that methodical physical style that gives them a chance to hang in there against Chatard, when some think they have little chance. Danville doesn't lose much (although they were playing about 6 or 7 guys both ways ) and its likely a few additions from other school systems will magically appear to help improve the roster, if recent history holds form.
  12. One of them will win but 6A was way, way down this year. I guess it will be CG but who knows. Rally could care less. Only 4 or 5 teams in 6A are going to win a state championship and its the same 4 or 5 every year. Carmel, Warren, BD and Center Grove. Rinse and repeat. Its the most predictable and dull class in football.
  13. Heritage Hills offensive approach gives them a fighting chance. Difficult to simulate what HH does and they do it with good lineman, good backs and a QB who knows what he's doing. Plus a coaching staff that can make adjustments. Think it could be if not the best game of the weekend, at least the 2nd best game.
  14. Congrats to the Pats! A job well done all year and despite being screwed by only having 1 home game in the entire playoffs (which is ridiculous, btw) and traveling over 300 miles for the regional and semi-state, getting to Indy as they should have. They looked a bit flat-footed and sluggish (especially up front) in the 1st half. That very long trip on a school day can be a issue for the lineman in particular. But they got their energy back in the 2nd half and took over. The holding penalties were really the only thing stopping them tonight on offense in the 1st half. Once the penalties stopped (although that crew was flag happy all night), they dominated the game as most expected them to. Sigler the QB was the best player on the field and it wasn't even close for 2nd. Some really subtle adjustments on offense and defense at halftime by the HH staff. A staff that obviously knows what they are doing. Chatard is a completely different animal (especially this year) then anything HH has seen but their offensive approach could give them a fighting chance. Should be a fun game to watch.
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