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  1. No kidding. Memorial beat Danville, who beat Chatard, who beat East Central, who beat Evansville Central, who beat Evansville Memorial. So by my count, Memorial should beat itself by 119 points. Now that is a mismatch!
  2. I guess there’s my answer. Thanks!
  3. I remember the IHSAA did that for one of the BC/Heritage Hills matchups. Now they have requested that for Dwenger. I don’t doubt it may be needed- especially for a field that gets multiple uses per week and this time of year. I always wondered if the IHSAA would ever do the same to a public school who has their own stadium. Or is it something they would only do to a P/P Who had to find another field anyway.
  4. I have to say I'm pulling for Eastern Greene in this one. I love the story of a school corporation starting a football program in early 2000's and staying the course. Big congratulations to the entire community, regardless of the outcome. Eastern Greene is kind of the anti-DrivenT/Muda. And that is a compliment! LOL
  5. Like my grandma always said, “I kid because I care.” I come from a weird family..... lol Best of luck this weekend. After last year’s 0-4, I’m hope for a much better regional weekend for tri-State teams.
  6. 3A Regional? Feeling so good, you added another A??
  7. I love the look of field turf from Google Maps. Although it's probably more the painted endzones and field markings that you can see - which always don't show up on aerial views of grass fields if they were taken out of season. Inman field looks like it used to have a track? Or at least it appears that way in the north endzone. Interesting to look at for sure.
  8. Central at Jasper

    I was thinking about that possibility too. Big difference - field turf. You can’t accidentally leave the sprinklers on with turf! Lol
  9. From a friend who has seen both teams play- he thinks #6 for Vincennes will be the best athlete (emphasis on athlete - not football player or any specific position) on the field. GS is the better team and are as solid 1-22 as they ever been. Will VL be the second public school to knock GS out of the tournament (2014 HH) in the last 6 years? I don’t think so, but it will be a good game for sure, IMO.
  10. The only sticking point is travel - especially in the smaller classes. It sounds great when you are 6A and 95% of your teams are inside an hour radius. I'm most familiar with 3A. So let's look at some of those potential matchups: Chatard/Jimtown Gibson Southern/ Greensburg Vincennes Lincon/ Batesville All of those would be over 3+ hours. And 2A Northeastern vs. Ev. Mater Dei? 4+ hours for a first round game! Plus a time zone difference. Indiana would have to adopt an all playoff games are on Saturday format to allow for fans to travel.
  11. Grass? What grass? I don't remember seeing any grass there. LOL I saw BC got some upgrades. Were they to the pressbox and home side only or to the field and visitor side as well?
  12. Sectional 32

    I’m intrigued by the Washington-Princeton matchup. Both teams seem very Jekyll and Hyde like. Princeton lost early to Pike Central. Washington lost to Mt. Carmel and just lost to North Knox.
  13. I take exception with your comments.... I think they resemble ‘meerkats’ rather than prairie dogs. Lol
  14. Once a running clock starts, it needs to never stop or have a much lower threshold to resume normal operation. For example, if a team is up 41-0 and kicking off. Do they leave the starters in? Put the JV in, running the risk that a TD would drop the spread under 35? Or worse in my opinion, put JV in and if they other team reaches the red zone- put starters back in to protect the running clock. How ridiculous would that be?