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  1. I would agree with you. The AD was even quoted in saying that he coach Ward talked about going independent instead of joining the SIAC.
  2. Nobody was forcing Boonville to play any 2A schools this next year but it looks like that is what they went and got for their non-conference games. Aug. 23Washington 3A Aug. 30atVincennes Lincoln 3A Sep. 6Jasper 4A Sep. 13North Knox 2A Sep. 20atLinton-Stockton 2A Sep. 27Mount Vernon (Posey) 3A Oct. 4atPrinceton 3A Oct. 11atSouth Spencer 2A
  3. Only if your not getting your arse kicked by the smaller schools.
  4. I would think that any team from Indy down would love to get a game with us, just with the gate revenue alone.
  5. What school are you with? I agree with you and Dumfries 100%
  6. I don't think recruiting has anything to do with it. You can look at Boonville's next year schedule and see that they don't want any part of schools their size. 3 non conference games against 2a schools. No offence to those 2a schools either. I think they are wanting to make their program better.
  7. Mater Dei has 881 less students then Reitz and it doesn't seem to bother them any.
  8. I really don't understand what Boonville is thinking. With Jasper and VL going to the SIAC that pretty much screwed the rest of the Big 8 because I don't see the PAC letting them in. So are those 4 going to still have a 4 team conference. Are they going to go independent? Seems like a AD nightmare trying to fill 6 non conference games every year. I would think they would want some sort of stability.
  9. Will the SIAC give them a chance to change their minds?
  10. Honestly, thinking about that schedule puts a little puke in my mouth.
  11. No more PAC conference? I bet there are some schools that do not like that idea at all.
  12. So would this deal be for 2019 or 2020?
  13. I don't see any of the city teams ever wanting to give up the city championship. Dividing the conference up would do that. But I never thought I would see the day that this conversation would even exist. So who knows. I guess anything could happen.
  14. Yeah but it could be a bike ride for semi-state.
  15. Do you know if they voted to schedule all non conference games at the beginning of the season or not?
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