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  1. I am sure if you would want to donate your time to drive the kids in Pike county to and from practices they wouldn't mind.
  2. IMHO it takes a community to build a good football program. Lots of hours from selfless people building and maintaining a good youth program. You have to build football players. If you rely on raw talent, you may have a few good years here and there but nothing sustainable.
  3. Not a lot of talk about this game. Does GS stand a chance against a 3-0 6A team?
  4. Maybe if it doesn't work out for them they can come join the PAC SED.
  5. I didn't mean that to be a dig at SR or at Memorial. I know they are both good. IMO Jasper is a better team then they showed in week 1 and are getting better every week. I guess we will find out this week.
  6. That same team also played Memorial. Is Memorial that much better than everyone?
  7. Really? I can't remember ever seeing that happen in southern Indiana.
  8. Per Sagarin. State rank Team Overall Rating 24 Southridge 85.2 53 Heritage Hills 69.51 103 Gibson Southern 58.35 119 Boonville 53.52 163 Princeton 41.68 178 Mount Vernon 38.97 229 Tell City 26.3 252 North Posey 16.74 255 Forest Park 16.61 263 Washington 12.83 264 South Spencer 12.62 317 Pike Central -27.39
  9. Ho lord I hate to say it but I agree with 74.
  10. Wasn't that the only year their record was above 500?
  11. I agree with you but I thought that SR was the ones that wanted to be in the SED. I could be wrong but I thought I read that somewhere on here, just too lazy to look it up.
  12. Not sure about Columbus North but Southport is a 4 year deal starting this year. At least we have weeks 7 and 8 to heal.
  13. You may be right but I believe Mt Vernon is better than TC and HH ran right over them. 30 points in the first quarter and they only passed the ball 6 times all game.
  14. I bet it will be a running clock in the second half.
  15. Sorry Screagle. I really didn't mean that as a dig towards your team. I guess it is nice to give recognition to some of the oldest football schools in the state but it is really apples to oranges. The only way to truly measure the winningest teams in Indiana is by W/L percentage just because of how long schools have been playing. Just for the record, Memorial has a better W/L percentage out of them and GS.
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