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  1. Alabama is stacked at running back. I don't see him getting much playing time there.
  2. I would of thought that the Catholic job that he left for South Spencer would have been better than the Apollo job.
  3. Why would a backup quarterback from Central make Heritage Hills the front runner?
  4. I do agree with that but I am a big advocate of a 32 team tournament. Actually I would love to see two 32 team tournaments. 1 for the top 32 and another one for 32-64. I think that would do a few different things for college football. First it would take away the argument that "my team was better but they didn't get a shot." Second it would even out recruiting. they way it is now the best high school players want to go play at the schools that have a shot at the national championship. And the last thing it would allow for better games throughout the year. You could lose three or four games and still make the tourney. They way it is now if you lose 2 games you are out so you get to watch 70-3 blowouts and argue that your teams win was more convincing than your teams.
  5. Then why should the top 4 matter? Do you honestly believe that was the 4 best teams in 2019?
  6. I disagree. Post season rankings matter from recruiting to the pre-season pecking order. That ranking is how you finished the season. What position that you was that year. Would it be better if there was an actual tournament like basketball has to decide that? Absolutely! But as long as you only have a 4 team playoff, the ranking are all you have.
  7. Yeah, that made me despise LSU that much more.
  8. I don't think they should add them yet. I don't see any advantage to having them in the conference. Mt. Carmel football is not what it used to be.
  9. Just curious. What do you think that these schools do that other are not willing to do?
  10. I am not sure I would go that far. They still got steam rolled by Michigan. 🤣
  11. Not sure where you are getting your rankings but the final CFP poll has USC- #22 Navy- #23 UVA- #24 That is three top 25 wins.
  12. As it has been said on this forum for years, the only rankings that matter are the ones at the end of the year. The CFP rankings are done. Spots 5-25 will not change.
  13. I am in no way a Notre Dame fan but come on. They played 5 top 25 teams and beat three of them. Far from an average team. Just not the dominate force they once was.
  14. What proof are you basing this off of?
  15. It depends on what kind of scholarship they were offered. A lot of scholarships are a one year deal but more and more are getting a 4 year deal. If they get a 4 year deal and get cut by the team then they could stay at that college and finish their degree. If they transfer then they give up that money.
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