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  1. I am pulling for the future PAC team in this one. I think a sectional title could help make the Tigers better team in the future.
  2. I would think that with all the post season success of the Raiders that they would be used to playing in adverse conditions. 🤷‍♂️
  3. 7 teams ranked in the top 10 were in these two sectionals.
  4. Lets face it, there were a lot of should of, could of, would of's in that game. On both sides. HH earned their victory. On a side note to Southridge. If you are ahead by a score and have to punt the ball late in the game, Punt it out of bounds...lol
  5. Congratulations to HH! It was a great game and great atmosphere. It's a shame that either team had to lose. I wish HH and SR the best of luck the rest of the way.
  6. LOL.. Just giving you a hard time since you wanted invited to any banter. Enjoy that newborn.
  7. I am sure that the Southridge players and coaches appreciate all your support. Enjoy your living room.
  8. Was that Patriot 74 actually saying something positive about GS during game week? He must be getting soft. 🤣
  9. From where I am standing you guys are at the top of this scuffle holding a big bulls eye. 😀
  10. Let's get this straight once and for all. brat·wurst /ˈbrätˌwərst/ Learn to pronounce noun a type of fine German pork sausage that is typically fried or grilled. There is no such thing as a chicken brat!!!!!
  11. @RoadRunner The banter back and forth has been fun. It has been a slow year for that. 😁 But in all honesty, it's pretty awesome having 3 teams out of the PAC ranked in the top 10. Good luck going forward. We are both going to need it vs HH.
  12. I would sure hope that one of the biggest schools in 2A would have some success in that class. It would be pretty embarrassing if you didn't. Kind of like how embarrassing it would be if you don't win the PAC small school title ever year.
  13. How many times has Southridge beat GS since Buening has been your coach? That would be 0! What is the total score from those games? That would be GS 268 to SR 115! Enjoy all your small school titles.
  14. Winless? They have never lost a game.
  15. This will be the first time this year for Bosse to play on real grass. Could that effect their speed?
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