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  1. I don't look at it as coming to the aid of another conference, I look at it as making better football. Do you really enjoy going to games that you win by 50+ points? In my opinion it will make the teams from southern Indiana better prepared for the tournament, plus it could also grow the smaller schools team size when kids realize they have a shot at competing in games.
  2. I wish they would invest some money and upgrade those ugly uniforms and helmets.
  3. I totally understand the driving for you Dave. I was just joking with you. There isn't a bigger youth sports fan around than you are. I will disagree with you on the improved schedule tough. I am sure that you guys can schedule SR for one of your non conference games.
  4. And here I thought the only people that complained about driving too far were the Evansville folks.
  5. If they are going to change it up I hope they agree to have non conference games the first two weeks.