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  1. Now I remember what I miss from the 1A threads. How we could always have pages and pages of discussions based on different years, games, and players who have long since moved on. Always managing somehow to make it relevant to a game about to be played this year. 🙂 2A threads are so much more boring I tell ya.
  2. I believe this is the first year of the two year cycle. So this is a fresh cycle on the point system. If I'm not mistaken.
  3. Can anyone provide a video or audio link for this game if there is one?
  4. That's odd. PH had not one, but two chances to beat NV yet they lost both times. The only loss NV has on their season is Linton. Offense, defense, special teams.....they all play their part. That's why it's called a Team win. Lutheran is a tough opponent, but it looks like their defense tends to give up some points. And NV is not the team they want to do that with. I'll take NV in this game. Think it will be a close game but not nearly as close as NV vs PH.
  5. Good teams deal with it. Great teams improvise, adapt, and overcome.
  6. Ruh roh.... I'm not sure much of anything got slowed down or stopped in this game. Seems like it was a heckuva game to watch! Ps. wolves
  7. I had some issues finding the live link. It's still on the game. Try this one http://streaming401ic.network1sports.com/wuzr
  8. I think NK size will be helpful on defense against runs between the tackles from MD, but I can't help wonder if that same size will hurt them too much overall against the speed of MD on getting to the outside, the short quick passes and screens.
  9. I was only trying to throw a little Momma jest in there somewhere. 🙂 Dang it....I've been wanting to try those Duluth boxers out. Nothing holding me back now! lol
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