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  1. If a 1A or 2A player wins next year they can always add managers, trainers, Cheer Coach and Cheerleaders to potential voters. And don't forget about adding parents, siblings (half or step), and possibly grandparents (must be alive to qualify). 🤔😂
  2. 2017 this was a "legal" 2 pt attempt formation at the "Snake Pit" for the home team. 😂 Also comes with 17 penalties on the visiting team. 😂
  3. Was highly impressed with Lapels Alexander. Duel threat, good size and strength, very competitive. Good football player.
  4. Above my pay grade to answer in depth. I do have a few insights though. All Big 8 members are aware that the thought of scheduling 4 non-conference games for football could be a logistical nightmare. I believe the Big8 would rather try and rectify the situation as a group rather than try to go it alone and disband. The initiative was brought to the table in a way to show benefits to all involved. Tecumseh I feel is the one being drug along with the least to gain. They being the smallest by 25% or so of the next smallest school. They have found a workable schedule that's best for their 1A program. Not sure why they would want to change.
  5. Just my 2 cents, if or when a Big8/PAC merger happens. These teams would be foolish not to open up weeks 1&2 for non-conference games. Top to bottom the SIAC offers potential opponents that offer either great traditions or dynamic team speed. Just show up at the Evansville track sectional if you need confirmation. Playing Bosse the last few years in the sectional, it has taken us a half of football to adjust. Just can't simulate that in practice. Working together we can strive to elevate Southwestern Indiana football as a whole, or continue to let smaller programs continue to get beat down and eventually fold programs because of low participation numbers. Let's be open to the fact, when all schools have some type of level of success, it's good for everyone. No one wants to be the 0-10 or 1-9 team. Let's open the doors for those looking for winnable games and those looking to test their limits.
  6. Is a dropkick Kickoff allowed in Indiana HS football? If yes, can it be fair caught considering it has already touched the ground?
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