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  1. No matter what level of football a player competes at, you play to win the game. But most importantly you prepare and practice to be a winner. For most kids football is a very small window of their lives. The impact it can have on the ability to endure and overcome obstacles is immense. I enjoy other sports, but I will never be convinced there is a better sport than football to encompass all things that life can throw at you. #GoWolfpack
  2. Atomic Balm oohh the pranks we used to play with that stuff. Great memories!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  3. Jasper will dominate upfront on both sides of the ball. Game over. Jasper by 3 score's or more.
  4. Just having some fun. If the Linton Miners aren't at least a 3 score favorite I'd be surprised. Boonville can't be the same team they were last year, no wonder they didn't want to join the SIAC or PAC for that matter. Adding HH, GS and potentially SR won't be any easier.
  5. Just FYI... only one E in Boonville Just like Linten-Stockten πŸ˜‚
  6. HH wins the takeaway battle and the game. MC wins with discipline and execution Boonville got beat physically, have they rebounded mentally. Boonville wins, but closer game than should be. Vincennes has to be able to run the ball to win?? I say they will. Washington needs everybody to play, if they are still beat up, then ND.
  7. I guess what I'm more inclined to want to know, is can a defensive player continue to be disruptive to a receivers route as long as ball is NOT in the air, he is NOT holding, arm baring, pushing from behind, kind of stuff. But playing what I prefer to think of as basketball type defense with a little more physicality.
  8. I am needing clarification on when, how, or where impeding a receiver can be called? I had a very good conversation with an official from a very solid crew. But was still left unsure in how to teach defenders how to avoid this. Keep in mind this was not a penalty called during a game. It was a discussion that evolved from pass interference discussion.
  9. The kid I saw playing QB the last half of Jaspers season last year, I thought looked to be more of a passer not a runner. But I didn't see that much of him.
  10. Grapevine says Jasper is running a wingT? Is that something the new HC has a history of? Or trying to copy HH and Southridge?
  11. Boonville vs Vincennes pick 'em Boonville returns more firepower but at Vincennes is always a unique officiating experience. Big plays decide this one. MTV vs NP = 2 very innovative offensive coaches, defense will decide this game. Nod to NP Princeton still a mess =THN Southridge tried and true vs a who are we Jasper = Southridge Washington just not enough dudes = Bosse
  12. I'm saying year in and year out, is their an underlying factor for letting your starting QB compete for a starting defensive position or is it just the HC's preference? At what point is the risk not worth the reward?
  13. Trying to get an objective response at what point based on enrollment, skill level, etc... your HC allows your QB to play defense?
  14. Enough about Boonville. What about MTV, Wash, and Princeton. Anybody heard anything? We are all in the same boat.
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