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  1. I'm saying year in and year out, is their an underlying factor for letting your starting QB compete for a starting defensive position or is it just the HC's preference? At what point is the risk not worth the reward?
  2. Trying to get an objective response at what point based on enrollment, skill level, etc... your HC allows your QB to play defense?
  3. Enough about Boonville. What about MTV, Wash, and Princeton. Anybody heard anything? We are all in the same boat.
  4. Sorry, forgot to quote you on my last post.
  5. Scheduling games is harder than a person would think. Boonville screwed up years ago scheduling 3 conference games to start the season. They've been asking the rest of Big8 to restructure the schedule. None of us wanted to budge.
  6. FJ Reitz also does an amazing job with the magical 4A number for enrollment. 🤔
  7. Some schools (from the former Big8) must just suck at recruiting.
  8. Just looking at the numbers, Booneville could absorb Tecumseh HS, borrow 200 students from Castle and may still be smaller than Reitz. 😂😂
  9. Just a thought, 12 schools with 2 divisions of 6 would have allowed 4 opportunities to maintain rivalries and/or reach outside the SIAC for opponents.
  10. I guess they could play each other twice and have 3 non-conference games.
  11. When Jasper was courting potential suiters to join the SIAC with, I'm curious why GS didn't jump at the chance. Assumed that would have been the golden goose.
  12. Great question for the smallest PAC schools.
  13. AD''s making big time decisions for the long term success for each schools student/athletes across all sports is not an easy one. Snake oil type salesmen looking to make a splash may or may not be the best solution. The ultimate goal is to create the best atmosphere to generate student engagement in spirit and participation. Good luck to all.
  14. If a 1A or 2A player wins next year they can always add managers, trainers, Cheer Coach and Cheerleaders to potential voters. And don't forget about adding parents, siblings (half or step), and possibly grandparents (must be alive to qualify). 🤔😂
  15. 2017 this was a "legal" 2 pt attempt formation at the "Snake Pit" for the home team. 😂 Also comes with 17 penalties on the visiting team. 😂
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