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  1. During their HS career, a student is allowed to obtain 8 PE credits. 2 of those are taken up by the required PE classes (mostly for freshman). Once they run out of credits, they can still take the course, however it is no longer for a grade.
  2. For a lot of mid-size or small schools in NE Indiana, the strength coach is a PE teacher in the building. At Garrett, it is not just football. All teams follow the same S and C program year-round. Ideally, the kids train during the school day through a class we offer. If they do not have that class, it is their in season coach's responsibility to have them training in the weight room at least two days a week. They coordinate that all through the S and C coach. If they do not have the class and they are not in season, there are training groups after school. Our S and C class is open t
  3. I think there is something to be said about having back-to-back classes also. I have seen many examples of a group that had good middle school successes, but the group ahead of behind them did not do well, resulting in average teams. IMO, at smaller schools, you need at least two solid classes in a row to fill all the spots with players in order to really achieve highly by the time those kids are juniors or seniors. Occasionally, there will be classes that have all the pieces themselves, which are really special groups. Rare, but special.
  4. 1 Point Games Tipton Twin Lakes 2 Point Game Delphi Lafayette Jeff Cass Rensselaer Logansport Eastbrook Western 3 Point Games West Central Covington South Central
  5. My alma mater...Very cool set up. Always a high intensity, packed house that was always so much fun to play in front of. This place made me and so many others understand the importance of football.
  6. Amen - Our locker room is separate from the school and is named after him. He is THE MAN. We deal with Coach Thomas' trickery yearly as they are a conference foe. His teams always execute well. I know I have said in my headset before, "How did they have the time to practice that to make it look that easy. I'll do some digging on the entrance, I think we have a video or two Hudl of it over the years. Here is a picture!
  7. I'm obviously biassed, but I have coached several places and our set up is pretty cool. Our pregame pyrotechnics, loud music and overall aesthetics are pretty cool. However, they really play second fiddle to our setting right in the middle of town. When we enter the field we walk down the street that a lot of our kids grew up playing on. It is something that our kids really look forward to and it gives me goosebumps every. single. time.
  8. At Garrett we use our inter-squad scrimmage at the end of the first week of August that most have as a way to raise non-perishable items for a food pantry in town. Instead of people paying to get in, the cost of admission is some sort of non-perishable good. Our seniors then deliver them to the food pantry and help out with any sort of reorganization they need. It is generally a huge success. We also help out with several other service projects that pop up here and there (landscaping, clean-up, etc.)
  9. Clayton was the runner-up again this year. For him, it isn't what he wanted, but it is an incredible feat. He will continue his wrestling career at West Point while also serving our country, another amazing accomplishment for a young adult.
  10. Garrett's Clayton Fielden at 170 will be competing. He was the state runner up last year at that weight. He is a 3-year starter and 2-time all conference player for us on the football field. An incredible kid, from an incredible family. One of the toughest kids I've ever coached.
  11. No - Prairie Heights' coaching staff has done a great job providing the program with stability, a rise in numbers, and steady improvement. @BLKnights7 they've been 5-5 a couple times in the last 15 or so years. In parts of the 70's and 80's they were very good. They will continue to improve, in my opinion.
  12. Garrett will be replacing Prairie Heights with New Haven week one starting next season.
  13. One from NE Indiana that does really nice job and deserves to be mentioned. Mike Mosser from Adams Central always has good teams and AC probably would have at least one more state title if Pioneer hadn't been so dominant.
  14. I'm pretty biased, but the aforementioned Railroaders of Garrett is pretty killer. Not only is it a cool mascot, but it has ties to the railroad roots of the town of Garrett.
  15. In the Big school division, we have about 60 kids out at Garrett. I won't do any predictions, but I think Angola is the team to beat until proven otherwise. They haven't lost a regular season game in 2 years. WN will have the best team they've had in several years and should be very tough. Both Angola and WN have a D1 talent, which is pretty cool for our conference. The small school division, in my opinion is going to be all Busco. They are going to have some really good athletes that are going to be tough to stop.
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