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  1. One from NE Indiana that does really nice job and deserves to be mentioned. Mike Mosser from Adams Central always has good teams and AC probably would have at least one more state title if Pioneer hadn't been so dominant.
  2. I'm pretty biased, but the aforementioned Railroaders of Garrett is pretty killer. Not only is it a cool mascot, but it has ties to the railroad roots of the town of Garrett.
  3. In the Big school division, we have about 60 kids out at Garrett. I won't do any predictions, but I think Angola is the team to beat until proven otherwise. They haven't lost a regular season game in 2 years. WN will have the best team they've had in several years and should be very tough. Both Angola and WN have a D1 talent, which is pretty cool for our conference. The small school division, in my opinion is going to be all Busco. They are going to have some really good athletes that are going to be tough to stop.
  4. I really think it depends on where you are personnel wise. If you have a young QB or young skill group, it can be huge as a stepping stone between practicing and 11 v 11. However, as a football fundamentalist, I don't care for it much. Coaches run things in 7 on 7 they will never run in the season in terms of formations, concepts and coverages. That drives me crazy and I don't find value in that.
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