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  1. IHSAA Job posting board has a spot for AD positions. Not sure how often schools post on there though.
  2. Not sure if this is the correct forum to post it on, but I thought it was interesting to see Coach Wright step down at IMG. Wonder if a return to Indiana is in his plans? https://www.heraldtribune.com/sports/20191211/football-img-academy-looking-for-coach-and-director-of-football-operations
  3. I have great respect for DC, but was hoping CG would go out of state the next few years for week 2. This will be an interesting matchup though.
  4. Its a joke. I know it may be hard to understand that I am not that upset about losing since I am just a supporter. Feel sorry for the kids but they have a bright future ahead.
  5. Carmel and CG did not fill up Lucas Oil Stadium. You would expect the 2 largest schools in the tournament to fill the entire stadium. Is it time for these schools to make a jump the the HCC?
  6. I would say there were more CG fans at BD in 2016 too. Game was delayed for rain and it was freezing cold
  7. Center Grove joining the HCC would have no impact on Ben Davis' attendance at Semi State.
  8. Same contenders will still likely be the final 4. No matter what, the top teams are going to be the top teams.
  9. Center Grove Sports Network should have the live broadcast. Ted Kitchell and Kevin Conrad do a great job every week. CG is blessed to have them.
  10. I think Coach Simmons has been doing a great job this year. Back to Lafayette Jeff though, I would love to see a Jeff vs Carmel/Snider showdown to see who goes to Lucas Oil. Would be a hell of a game
  11. You seem pretty sensitive considering you're continuing to interact with the guy on everything he posts. The amount of real estate he must own in your head is unreal
  12. You implied people who go to MIC Football games don't have a life. Thats a pretty harsh comment on a high school football forum
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