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  1. Center Grove Sports Network should have the live broadcast. Ted Kitchell and Kevin Conrad do a great job every week. CG is blessed to have them.
  2. I think Coach Simmons has been doing a great job this year. Back to Lafayette Jeff though, I would love to see a Jeff vs Carmel/Snider showdown to see who goes to Lucas Oil. Would be a hell of a game
  3. You seem pretty sensitive considering you're continuing to interact with the guy on everything he posts. The amount of real estate he must own in your head is unreal
  4. You implied people who go to MIC Football games don't have a life. Thats a pretty harsh comment on a high school football forum
  5. Morgan Newton, Brandon Peters, and Gunner Kiel are 3 of the best qb's I ever saw play against CG. Overall though, I would have to go with Jaylon Smith or George Karlaftis. They were just studs every play
  6. Did his injury end up being more severe than thought? Seemed like everyone thought it was more week to week.
  7. Im just curious if Carson Steele is going to play this year
  8. Are they running wing t with him? Haven't gotten a chance to check them out this year.
  9. Didn't realize that Southport and GS were playing. That'll be a pretty interesting matchup
  10. Hell of a game. I don't know if I would say they should have won, but I still get nervous anytime I go back and watch that game.
  11. Interesting move. We will be happy to have him at CG!
  12. Congrats to Nathaniel, but wasn't the rumor that Sampson switched to IU so that he could play with his brother? Thought it was interesting to see him go out to the west coast.
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