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  1. Whiting we have it. We love it. Our Pop Warner loves it. Our fans love it. Visiting teams love it. Our maintenance dept. loves it. Our admin loves it. Our community loves it. Cons: everyone wants to use it. We had a semi-pro team play a few times on it last year who left the surrounding area around the stadium a disaster. That is all.
  2. Yes it is. Our entire district basically takes place on one square city block: elementary, middle and HS. The administration building has that green roof to the bottom of the football field and it houses preschool as well as the higher ups.
  3. Being the head coach, I was given last hour prep this year. Other than that, I teach a full load and split time between middle school and high school. In the middle school I teach business and computer science (6-8 grades). In the high school I teach AP Computer Science, PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture, and PLTW Digital Electronics. It's a full day. I'd give my right arm for a lighter load, just for the sake of less classes to prep for. I've been asking for years but we're a small district and they cannot afford it.
  4. Whiting has been attending this event since the beginning and it's extremely well-ran and organized. Our guys and coaches have a blast and we've made some friendships along the way. Highly recommend it.
  5. Whiting has Mishawaka Marian Week 2 next year. Then starting in 2021 we will have Highland Week 2.
  6. BG is physical and have three athletes in the backfield you need to stop. Everyone knows about Vann but #3 QB Mayersky is a tremendous runner, quick and elusive and adds an element to their offense that's difficult to stop. Then there is the mountain of a man, FB #41 Eriks. He is physical, blocks well, and runs the ball pretty well on a counter. I don't think people is giving BG enough credit but clearly I'm biased. I kinda wish I was heading to this game since no one is streaming it online but it is what it is. BG has improved in Coach K's three years there, he's done a great job. Hope the place is packed tonight.
  7. The ball leaves the blocking zone so fast I don't ever see how the block can be legal. The ball is in the holders hands by the time the block occurs making it illegal by your definition. I didn't think it was legal regardless but I learned something. Thank you.
  8. Can an offensive lineman block below the waist on a PAT? When I asked about it I was told it was a scrimmage play and that it is legal. Is this correct? Anyone?
  9. Met Coach Goebel this year on our excursion down to EMD, class act. In fact, we still email each other every now and then.
  10. Whiting HS and Clark HS are bitter rivals are play in a game called the Battle of 119th St, the street the two schools sit on literally a half mile apart. The rivalry entered its 86th year this year making it the second longest continuous rivalry in the state. Whiting has won the last 8 games and lead the all time series by a couple of games. Below is a picture of the trophy a student at Whiting created. The boundary for the two schools go north and south between our two communities and every year we have a BBQ a couple of days before the game. Pretty neat affair. Another trophy game I'm starting is between Whiting and Hanover Central. This summer we had a kid who needed a 2X helmet but we ran out so I borrowed one from HC whose head coach is a friend of mine. I told him I'm not giving back his helmet unless he beats us. 😆
  11. I appreciate that. While the overall reason we played the game because we literally couldn't find anyone else in four states that was a good fit to play a game with besides EMD, there were obviously other factors we considered. in spite the thrashing we took, the kids loved the experience including the traveling. I'd consider something like this every other year or so. Next year we have a one year contract with Mishawaka Marian Week 2 at our place. It's official but we haven't put it out there... until now!
  12. We're lucky to have him here in Indiana. The IHSAA should contract out to him and throw him some money for his work. Either way what a tremendous resource for coaches, players, fans and the media.
  13. Our fans enjoy beverages... I will relay the info! Thank you.
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