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  1. Get outta here with that noise. When Forrest is in the game clearly they're gonna run outside. As a DC, I love when teams use personnel that way - gives the play away before it even starts. He runs in a 90 degree angles like Tecmo Super Bowl.
  2. Finally a topic I can get behind. Forrest would absolutely get demolished by Bobby. Forrest was a straight ahead runner who ran straight up. Bobby would break him in half. Never underestimate someone who is playing with pure rage.
  3. There was some discussion on the GID about that game before. I'd love to play Linton again for a rematch.... say Week 15 or so? lol
  4. Not a whole lot of people know about that matchup yet including people in Whiting. I'm excited... it will be a lot of fun.
  5. I am in the process of firing up a Whiting Football website. I use Wix and it makes a beautiful site. Check it out. www.whitingfootball.com
  6. When I was in HS, both Whiting (my school) and Hobart were one of the few teams left from the Region in the playoffs. Hobart invited some of the Whiting players out to their pep rally at the Brickie Bowl. We got to listen to Coach Howell speak in the locker room, they announced us in the Bowl, it was pretty special. They also gave us a Hobart t-shirt. Loving Hobart, I wore that t-shirt under my pads from that year on in HS and 4 years in college. I am not superstitious but the shirt clearly meant something to me and I went out of my way to make sure I packed the shirt before every game. I recently grabbed a couple of storage bins from my parents house of crap my mom saved of me growing up. I opened up the first bin and right on top is that Hobart t-shirt. I told my wife the story behind it and she was disgusted that I wore the same shirt for 6 years. I tried to put it on... not happening.
  7. I'm a big fan of the 40 second play clock. Glad the IHSAA helped lead the way when it came to this.
  8. Whiting has a week 2 opening for 2019 and 2020. Anyone interested should reach out to myself or to our principal (and acting AD) jfregien@ns.whiting.k12.in.us Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. At Whiting we have random drug-testing for any student involved in extracurriculars (band, drama, sports, etc), as well as for any teacher, coach, sponsor that drives a vehicle. We've done it the past 6-7 years maybe.
  10. Whiting has been to this the past two years and it's an excellent event. Very-well run, organized, and a ton of fun. Our kids look forward to it and we will be there this upcoming summer. Our S&C guy, Coach Davenport, does an excellent job of getting our kids ready for this. Last year we brought some large humans and finished second. Hoping for another good showing this year.
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