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  1. That was Triton. I am one of the coaches and my brother and I who both played under Coach Younis built it during the spring. It's not as nice as some of the manufactured ones, but it gets the job done while doing stuff on a budget.
  2. Good luck to everyone tomorrow in your respected scrimmages. Hope everyone can stay healthy and injury free heading into next week. Let's have another great season in the HNAC!
  3. Just need some clarification. A horse collar tackle will be called if the tackler has the front or backside of the jersey above the numbers. Correct? Does this include tackles where the tackler grabs onto the shoulders and pulls the runner down?
  4. I got there late, but it was overall a very good game. Kiser just had surgery not too long ago on his shoulder. Pretty sure that would have not been idealistic and he was an early enrollee at ND as well. They want him healthy because they have plans for him. It was a healthy crowd to say the least with both sides having a great turn out from all over the state.
  5. I actually built one this past spring. I have total about $600. Much if the stuff I had donated such as the steel because I already had most of the steel and some of the miscellaneous stuff such as lawn mower tires. But if you have kids that have experience welding on your team, may be an option to cut the costs if you're looking for a cost effective way to do it. Here is a picture of what I did.
  6. Nothing is really changing at all with the coaching staff. We are bringing in Zach Whittaker from Jimtown and he will take over as the Defensive Coordinator. We also brought in a Triton alum in Kyle Bell to work with the receivers and DBs. Other than that we are looking forward to seeing what we will have going into August. We maybe young this year, but we will have a bunch of potential to continue building on the success we have had.
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