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  1. Ill take Andrean by...3 tds. Ill say this tho. Eastbrook has had a great 4 year run and has big game exp.
  2. I can agree to that. I saw them play 3 times, didn't notice anything too bad.
  3. North Judson has a solid coach in Brett Lambert. Cheyanne Allen is one of their man backs, hes a freshman and is a solid player. They figured out one of the blount twins is a pretty good ball carrier the last two games. Hampton is their QB. Hes more of a runner and isn't the best thrower in the world but hes a coaches son so hes smart and plays within himself. Manny Barnes is another nice offensive weapon. Their OL i believe is two seniors, two juniors and a sophomore. Hampton running a sneak behind their mountain of a sophomore is successful. They run behind Shidler a lot too #72. They've been outgained in 7 of their 11 games this year and have tendency to then the ball over (26 times). They play with a lot of heart and passion. I think theyve had some luck go their way (stayed healthy for most part) and have been playing their best ball as of late. Nj's major weakness is not being a great throwing team and their corners are 5'7 at max along with turnover issue. Compton came close to connecting on 3 deep balls that certainly would have went for tds. So Barrett might have a great game if he can hit his WR'S deep.
  4. He reminds me a lot of zach markley. (Our kicker in 2013). Czarnecki will be better since hes done it all 4 years. I know he's a good bball player but he could def kick somewhere in college.
  5. Cass just has speed, speed and more speed. I think LaVille could have played their A+++ game and still wouldn't have won. LaVille bumped up when it was their best chance to go on a big run.. Id have no doubts theyd be making a trip to semi state had they not seen an enrollment uptick and remained 1a.. Even if they beat Pioneer in sectional next year they'd have to deal with Andrean and LaVille won't beat them.
  6. With that Boot Czarnecki has? That's an automatic 1 or closest thing to it.
  7. Believe they did it for 2 years in a row. 17 and 18.
  8. In both games combined yes. 385-442 yards..i was a little off on yards 22 to 25 first downs 8 turnovers to 5 1 safety 17 penalties for 154 yards First game scored 20 points in final 3 mins 45 seconds... 2nd game Scored safety towards end of 2nd Q. Scored a garbage time TD with 3 or left. This is a hill i'm willing to die on. I do believe it was really one team shooting its self in the foot and beating themselves rather then 1 team completely out playing the other. This match up will be pretty solid the next two years. Jays don't lose too much on O but will lose quite a few dudes on D. They'll have some nice younger kids replace them, might not be as good as the kids they replace next year but in future they will be. Winamac on the other hand returns 15 players (individual kids) with starting exp on offense and defense plus their kicker...should get some help from 2 kids that didn't go out for the team this year and 2 incoming freshman... Should be a solid 2 year run coming up.
  9. Haha that's your story and your sticking to it. You realize im close friends with Judson folk right and I know some of the players through those people? Heres a nice pic for you and coach Murray. Im done today before i get myself in trouble.
  10. Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha Go back a few posts, i clearly stated that when Winamac lost to Knox, Pioneer and LaVille i didn't feel that Winamac shot themselves in the foot. Those teams were clearly better. Winamac could have played an a++ game and wouldn't have beat any of those. Winamac played worse offensively friday night then They did against Pioneer in 2018 and our offense gave up 36 points!
  11. This is a hill im willing to die on. Ill say this. Besides a 4 minute melt down game 1. They played good enough to win. Game 2. The defense played great. They gave offense every opportunity to get back into game but were marred by turnovers and penalties on offense and special teams...too many times we shot our selves in the foot. Bad field positioning and penalties put Judson in good field positioning all night and put their defense in favorable situations. Judson played good but should have beat us by 40 with all the problems Winamac had but with how evenly they were matched. It was much tougher. Hint why I feel they beat themselves. Stick to LCC DB.
  12. Most of that stuff happens as i said above with a younger team. Next season hopefully expierence and having depth again will be game changers.. Having 8 guys coming into their 3rd year of varsity and 6 guys coming into their 2nd year of varsity will be huge. Going into sectional i was optimistic but shooting yourselfs in the foot and missing a G/DE like Kyle Olds is gonna hurt. That's the big reason the run game struggled. Olds is a good lead blocker...with his absence they had to move Podell to that position who is ok at pulling but not the level of olds and the guy that filled in his old spot was a sophomore who isn't really varsity ready yet but gained great exp by playing there last 4 weeks.
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