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  1. Seems that's a negative ghost rider https://www.jconline.com/story/sports/2017/06/09/arizona-quarterback-commits-purdue/383015001/
  2. Since Northwood became a high school in 1969. It actually has more conference titles then Plymouth. (14 to 13)
  3. If you were legitimately serious in all this. You could simply dm coach durham and ask him what the numbers are like at the high school and middle school. Numbers are down all over the place. Hell Pioneer the last two seasons didn't have enough for 2 middle school teams. (This and last)
  4. I believe Caston could probably beat Tri County and South Newton if the old MWC was in tact.
  5. Im curious to see how SA would match up with NV. I don't think anyone beats them in the North. It'll be either SA vs IL or SA vs NV.
  6. Yeah. It could have been 20-20 going into the 4th. Warriors gotta learn to convert red zone chances into touchdowns.
  7. I was also really impressed with that freshman lineman and #87 Fischer.
  8. Congrats to LaVille. Doyle, Dill, Watts and Pope are tough. Czarnecki is a stud kicker. Down 13-0 at half and 20-6 after 3. Warriors just ran out of gas and LaVille pulled away and won 35-6
  9. Coach OOOOOOOOOOOO One of the best DC's this area has ever had. I met him a couple times. Nice guy, learned a lot. Wish I could have got in a car with he and pappa Jack Hendryx from Winamac...and drove around...both knew their D. Is his son still coaching at New Prairie with Radtke?
  10. Yes. Good basketball player from what i hear too. Is he related to Shawn Allen? Graduated around 05? No lol. Maybe Gary Cox type good teams. ..which were really good. ..but not really ever Russ Radtke level. Those Radtke Era teams were freaks. Kirk Manns, David Haugh, Joe Griffo and Tom Zimmerman to name a few. Im shocked they don't have a statue of Radtke in the stadium while holding a 'bone
  11. The talent level at North Judson in the 7th through 9th classes I hear are pretty good...conference winning good. Hell have two years or so so ball but when these sophomores are seniors theyll be tough.
  12. When he was hired. It was a 4-3 vote and one of his nos got voted out...last I knew that guy that replaced him is a Craig Barr supporter...that leaves it at 5-2 so unless 2 others flip. He's good. If they lose out hes a goner i imagine. I think if they go 4-5 to 6-3 which is possible and do well in sectionals which is possible. They'll keep him.
  13. Thats awesome. Its sad to see how fragile the white male psyche is.. Esp in the Republican party. They wanna blame women, minorities, poor people and democrat males. They refuse to acknowledge the real problem. They don't wanna see success of minorities and women.
  14. Eh, thats debatable. Theres lots of people that want to see them fail. That's fine, i like it that way. 2012 through 2014 for the program was special and but all those people wanting them to fail made it a bit sweeter. Well get back to that. Well be decent next year and 2021 should be fun... I hope Barr is giving time cuz the influx of talent from the 4th through 7th graders football, basketball and baseball wise are making people hopeful.
  15. North Judson. They lost 99.9 percent of their offense and defense from last year. Their offensive line is big but inexperienced. Their QB is hard nosed, a junior and is a coaches son. Their fullback and rb are seniors. They are smaller and inexperienced on the offensive side but are decent. Their TE and WR are green but seniors. Knox Knox is big. They returned most of their talent from last year. Cade Short, Martin Napierkowski and Payton Baugh get most of the carries. All three are factors in the receiving game but their main guy is Kole McIntire. Zac Rose is their QB. Geller and Lovins are two of their guys on D. I could see this game being close but I could see Knox winning big though. This rivalry is one of the best in the state.
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