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  1. Im glad he didnt stay. Rensselaer would be hands down the favorite in our bball sectional this year!! Him and Fleming? WHOA!!!
  2. Eric Nowlin and Dann Ellenwood New Prairie 2020. Haaa i kid.
  3. You call those guys mean but you are wanting schools to cancel cuz their teams suck. Basically you are saying they suck. Elkhart Memorial And Hammond schools would have had teams had their schools not closed. Thats not contraction you bafoon.
  4. Sounds a lot like my mom Went through so many tests and thought it was this or that. Thoughts are with Coach Buzea. He and My mom will be kicking cancers butt!
  5. As do I. Coach Barr was behind the 8 ball from the start. Our last 3 senior classes won 0 games in 8th grade and a total of 3. Always small #s too. So many parents were mad a certain coach wasn't even seriously considered. So that coach and another got a petition going the day after he was hired to get him fired. Those said coach's told kids to quit and some parents held their kids out. This year they had 7 kids miss a combined 36 1/2 games. Our defense really improved through out the year. Our OL suffered some major losses due to injury. They took 2/3 steps in the right direction. The 2018 even though they won 5 games, felt like an 0-10 season. They bring back a lot of junior to be and senior to be players. They'll more than likely have their 5th DC in the last 5 years. I love Winamac to death but id have a very hard time ever wanting to be a HC here with how Johnson and now Barr are ran out.
  6. Craig Barr resigns after 3 seasons. Itll be their 5th coach in Its history.
  7. We all know T.I. is king of the south.
  8. Honestly. Wc should just be playing a JV season instead.
  9. Thank you. Shes had 1 treatment already. (Got diagnosed on 9th of december). Affects hit her Wednesday and Tuesday of this week. Im 32, only child and already lost my dad 18 years ago... Not married and 0 kids. And i am for sure, im a big soft teddy bear but ive found strength i never knew i had because of her. She is 1 of my two best friends, 1 of 2 of my heroes and 1 of my two role models (other 1 of all three being my dad!) Thank you and sorry for your loss gip..
  10. Thank you Christmas sucked, Spent it in hospital with my mother as she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Shes been home since 27th. Hard to see her weak but its treatable and shes willing to fight. Thank gosh. Hope all is well.
  11. I know it wasn't. Haha. I just thought id ask someone who is in the know there cuz i was told there wasn't 😅 merry Christmas to you too.
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