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  1. I think Mishawaka has played like Jekell and Hyde. At times this year, they run their offense to perfection...at other times, they play sloppy. If Mishawaka controls the clock, scores early and plays turnover free football (this being the biggest factor) I see them competing with anyone in 5A...and will take them to win this week in a low scoring game. I say low scoring as I feel when running their offense the way they would like...there may not be a whole of possessions in this game. Mishawaka by 10. I am also taking Northridge to beat New Prairie. New Prairie is a running team and Northridge has shown they can stop that. Im not sure New Prairie has the passing attack to keep up with them. Judging from the game last week against NorthWood, I would say Northridge is playing really balanced football and their defense shut down NorthWoods passing attack. Replying to PantherPride, my thoughts on NorthWood and a concern ive seen for awhile now...NorthWood seems to offensivly plan their teams around indviduals rather than the team. They typically have a couple of really good players and everything they do is planned around them. This year, it was throw the ball up for the receivers (Tuggle / Payne) and hope for the best. Before it was give the ball to Bronson Yoder and hope for the best. I think they need to develop their offensive line and running backs to become multi dementional...they have the talent there...they just dont use it. I think next year will be a repeat of this year (hopfully excluding any external issues) as they have a lot of talent returning.
  2. In 98: Class 2A - Jimtown Class 3A - NorthWood Class 4A - Concord Class 5A - Penn That was a great year for the area...i dont recall if there were any local 1A schools at that time. Sadley...Jimtown was the only team to win it that year.
  3. And then there were 5. From last week, there wernt too many suprises with the scores. I thought the Warsaw / Elkhart game was going to be the best, and I would say i was correct. I forsaw Northridge beating Logansport as they played a much harder schedule in my opinion. I thought NorthWood filled in their holes and did a good job. Thoughts for the upcoming week: Warsaw V. Carroll: I think Carroll will be a bit much for Warsaw. With that said, if it does rain on Friday (im not sure the forcast in Ft. Wayne) I may rethink that as Warsaw is built for weather. Warsaw impressed me against a good Elkhart team. I havent seen Carroll nor have never seen them play so i dont really have any insight into their program other than their scores and what is said on this site. I will take Carroll by 14 Mishawaka V. Concord: A rematch of a good game earlier this year in which Mishawaka came out on top. Beating someone twice is difficult. As with the above game, Mishawaka would love some rain. I see this being another close game. Mishawaka by 10 Northridge V. NorthWood: Another rematch from earlier in the year. I dont think either team will be suprised by what is seen on Friday. Alot of people think that NorthWood will struggle fom here on out...i tend to disagree. They showed they were still have a high powered offense and a pretty good defense. I think this game will be a repeat of earlier this year. NorthWood at home by 31
  4. While not getting in to the situation, I can say it appears their were 7 all together. Im not going to say positions, as its not my place to put that out there. I can say that in my opinion, the team will be ok. There will be some players that will have to go both ways. I think the coaches will put people where they need to be to patch up the holes. I still believe, even with some people out, NorthWood will still win the North in 4A. Will the games be closer than they would have been...probably...but I also think those players will be eligable by semi state. On a side note...I saw the interview with Bart Curtis on WHME...is Warsaw also facing some issues and if so, will that effect their game with Elkhart? I see the two schools as even in my opinion and should be a good game.
  5. While I and the entire community are aware of the situation (welcome to small town living)...Its not my place to speak on it and out of respect to the families and community...I will refrain from doing so.
  6. Week 2 of the playoffs for the remaining NLC teams. Wawasee and Plymouth are out as was expected. There are some good match ups this week: Elkhart V. Warsaw: This could be a great game, I know the expectations were high for both teams and both teams have looked really good at times this year...and on the other side, there has been some head scratching at other times. I thought Elkhart was going to contend in the beggining of the year, however, after last week at New Prairie, I now think differently. Elkhart did not do a good job of stopping NP's run game so I will take Warasaw at home in this game. Warsaw by 10 Concord V. Goshen: Not a whole lot to say here as it will be a repeat of their meeting earlier this week. Concord by 21 Adams V. Mishawaka: A very lopsided game, Mishawaka will win big. Mishawaka by 35 Logansport V. Northridge: Knowing the type of offense Logansport runs, I give Northridge the edge in this game. If they can play like they did against Mishawaka, it will be an easy win. I dont know alot about Logansport, other than they run a similar offense to Mishawaka and Warsaw. In looking at their schedule, other than the two games they lost...it isnt that great. Ill give the edge to the home team in this game. Northridge by 14 NorthWood V. St. Joe: Will all things said that I will keep quite about, I still think NorthWood wins this game easily. St. Joe who is typically a playoff rival with NW in the past, just isnt having a great year. I will take NW by 28. *Side Note* At the Washington / NorthWood game last week, I was really saddend to see the lack of support for the Washington team. Is this normal for the South Bend schools? I think I counted 56 people in their stands (stands designed to hold thousands)...including 4 officers eating popcorn. I feel for the kids whom dont get alot of support and was really excited to see their enthusiasm when they scored. Its sad to see senior last game end with a score like that.
  7. That is a big concern for me...however we do have a good running back who has had good games (Warsaw game stands out). The running game just hasn't been a priority as they have 4-5 receivers that are really good. I would say high schools don't typically have more than 1 or 2 dbs that are all that good. (I think it's the hardest position in the game). Time will tell and I'm hoping the Northern Indiana weather will be a non factor. Judging by your handle your a New Prairie fan...with that team they would love some weather!
  8. I think New Prairie will win sectional 17 and lose to NorthWood in the regionals. Also, I think Leo will win sectional 19. I feel as if the beginning of the season, they had a learning curve and adjusted well. They now have played and know what to expect out of CC and I think will beat them the 2nd time around. Other than those two changes, i agree for the most part. I know a lot of people (aka everyone) are saying that if NorthWood makes it, they don't stand much of a chance against either New Pal or Roncalli. I'm not too convinced any team would roll over them. As long as they can stay healthy, I feel they can keep up with any team in 4A, especially offensively. Being a passing team...in a controlled environment, they are dangerous. I would expect it to be a good game. And as a NorthWood supporter...selfishly, I would like them to play Roncalli...as they have quite the history with them in Indianapolis.
  9. While I would really like to see the players from Plymouth come out on top and I think Plymouth is moving in the right direction (I give it about 2 years before they are competative in the NLC)....I really think St. Joe has played a much tougher schedule. Them playing the likes of Mishawaka, Penn, Elkhart and New Prairie gives them the edge in my opinion.
  10. I guess Im taking Mishawaka to Semi State....as long as they do not fall behind early, they will be hard to beat. Judging from their game against NorthWood, any team they play has to make each offensive series count as you dont get many of them.
  11. I was with you on your predictions at the begining of the year (other than Goshen). I thought the championship was going to be a toss up between Mishawaka and Warsaw. As a NorthWood follower, I am suprised by the fact we won the NLC outright. I really thought Mishawaka and Warsaw's running game was going to be the downfall of NorthWood. I was incorrect, and actually their defense has been stellar this year. I had them finishing around 3rd. I do however this that is how it will be next year as NorthWood is losing alot of talent this year. Here are my thoughts on the NLC post season: Wawasee: Will lose Friday Plymouth: Will Lose Friday Northridge: Will lose Friday NorthWood will win that sectional Concord will win next week...meaning Goshen will lose Mishawaka will win that entire sectional Warsaw: I think its coin toss with Elkhart, however, I think that is as far as they go. I see NorthWood making it to state this year and I will reserve my thoughts who they will play until later in the post season. (unpopular opinion...Roncalli is beatable) I think Mishawaka will give Merriville a game in regionals, however, I think they will fall to the pirates.
  12. While not really an argument; In smaller communities such as Elkhart County, the regular season does mean a few things. Most kids in our area, are friends with kids from other schools. They get to know each other as do the families at football, wrestling and other sports. Not many teams are going to "make noise" throughout the playoffs in football; however, they will wear that conference patch on their jacket with pride. They will rib their buddies for the following year about beating their team. I would argue, to a lot of kids, the conference championship is more important than winning a sectional championship. I could care less about seeding of the playoffs; however, I am for letting the kids who will never play another down of football (other than some beer leagues as adults) play an extra game. As a fan...it shouldn't really matter...its about the kids.
  13. Reading this thread, it is of my opinion, people whom are opposed to the all in format are those individuals whom want to watch "good" football games and be entertained. I think if there could be a poll sent to every kid playing football...those kids playing for not so "good" teams would vote for the all in format. On the other side, I think those kids playing for "good" teams, would vote against the all in format. For the most part, most kids playing football know they are never going to make it far into the postseason and just love playing football. The all in format allows for those kids whom will never put pads on again after high school to play another game. They dont care if everyone thinks and knows they are going to lose...they just like playing the game. Why would kids play for teams that dont win a single game one year, stay on the team for the next year...because they love playing football. In my opinion, those individual whom are against half of the teams in the State not being eligable for post season...are kinda of just being selfish. Football is an awsome sport to play...not just watch. Let the kids play...the best teams will work themselves out in sectionals...if the 1 / 2 teams play first...who cares...if they truely are the best, they would have to play one another eventually anyway. Just my two cents.
  14. One more week left in the regular season...this upcoming week is kind of being overshadowed by playoff talk. Here are my observations from last weeks games and this weeks predictions: Mishawaka / Concord: Im not sure if Concord is on the upswing or Mishawaka is on the downswing. Its good for Concord going into the playoffs...may be concerning for Mishawaka going into the playoffs. Concord showed up to play! This was a good defensive game...that will be replayed here in a couple of weeks. In all the other games, there were no suprises...all the teams preformed as everyone thought they would. This weeks predictions: Concord V. Plymouth: Concord is playing at a higher level than they did in the begining of the year. Plymouth is playing the exact same. I dont see Plymouth being very competative in this game. Concord by 28 Goshen V. NorthWood: This may be the most lopsided NLC game of the year. Goshen is really struggling with the injury bug and NorthWood is well...being NorthWood. I forsee alot of younger guys getting alot of playing time and a running clock starting as soon as possible. NorthWood by 60ish? Mishawaka V. Wawasee: This will be a good game for Mishawaka to rest some of their players for the playoffs. When NorthWood played them, their running back (#14 i believe) was fantastic...however...everytime he got the ball...his shoulder injury would act up. I noticed Wawasee was using their back up QB...im not sure if their normal QB was injured or if something else was going on. Either way I see Mishawaka winning big. Mishawaka by 42 Warsaw V. Northridge: This will be the best game to finish up NLC play. You never know what Northridge team is going to show up each week. Their defense is excellent one week...then the next...suspect. Warsaw will run their offense, and it comes down to how Northridge handles it. Im going to take Northridge at home. Northridge by 7.
  15. Observations from last Friday and this Fridays' predictions: The Concord / Northridge game turned into a good one! I feel for the Soph. quarterback from Concord spiking it on 4th. Chaulk that up to a learning experiance as up to the point, he did well for his 1st start on varsity. Kuddos to Northridge to come back and win that game. Warsaw / Wawasee: No suprises with that game. Goshen / Plymouth: Man, Goshen cant catch a break this year. They won with who they had left on the roster...im optimistic for the upcoming years for Goshen. Plymouth...its been a ruff year (s)...but on a plus side, they did win a Freshman game...so possibly will be a bit more competative in the upcoming years. NorthWood / Mishawaka: Great game this past Friday. NorthWoods defense stepped up and won this game for them. Mishawaka did a great job of shutting their passing game down (other than the 1st series). In my opinion, Mishawaka overall preformed better than NorthWood (i know the score says different). Fun fact, the young man who scored both TD's for NorthWood (receiving and special teams) was a transfer from Mishawaka to NorthWood last year. At the completion of the game, he went last in the line and about 97 percent of Mishawaka players gave him a hug (they must have been sad to see him go). Mishawaka's drives were taking upwords of 8 to 9 minutes...NorthWood's defense bent but did not break and capitalized on a couple of Mishawaka's untimely mistakes. I would assume that NorthWood's potent offense would have began producing...if they were ever on the field. I am a strong believer that both teams will represent the North in both 4A and 5A come November. This weeks games: I dont think there will be any suprises...or close games...this week in the NLC. For the teams that have a chance to win some post season games, this week will be a nice week to rest some banged up starters. Goshen V. Warsaw: I dont see Goshen being very competative in this game with all of their injuries. Warsaw will have its way with the Red Hawks. Warsaw by 40 Mishawaka V. Concord: Will probably be the best game of the week. I didnt watch the Northridge / Mishawaka game, however, they were able to keep up with Mishawaka and take them into 2 ots. If Concord can figure out that formula...they may make it competative. I dont see that happening. Mishawaka by 27 Northridge V. Plymouth: Northridge should win this easily. Plymouth just isnt there this year and depending what team shows up for Northridge, this could be very one sided. Ill take Northridge by 21 Wawasee V. NorthWood: I dont see Wawasee being that much of a threat to NorthWood. I feel like NorthWood's starters may play a quarter maybe two before a running clock starts. A lot of younger guys will see the field this week. NorthWood by 45.
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