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Michigan vs. Wisconsin


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15 hours ago, temptation said:

Had me until the last line.

You don’t involve some thing that ofyou don’t abolish some thing that has been going on for decades due to an isolated incident like this one.

if you’re not man enough to get through the post game handshake line without incident, perhaps you’re in the wrong profession.

Needs context.  He called a TO to get his subs in.  Not nearly the same thing.

Also want it known that despite being a Michigan fan, I completely acknowledge Howard was in the wrong on this and as a leader of young men has to do better.

vs Gard calling a timeout to get his subs organized and not have a turnover? That seems pretty close to the same thing (teaching / experience for kids who don't get to play much) . 

Dakich made a rare good point yesterday and that's coach your team the way you want to coach them. This season in HS football we were playing a team on their senior night they were up early in the 4th 31-0 , in the redzone they threw a TD pass to a senior WR so he could get a TD pass. they win 37-0 . I initially thought this was a classless move but at the end of the day their coach wanted that for that player .


Would I have made that decision if I were a HC ? Probably not but then again I'm not the HC of that team in that situation. Maybe I might have the opportunity to give it back one day ? At the end of the day If you don't like getting your A** beat don't get your A** beat . 

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Interesting story.......this has come up a lot in recent conversations about the UWM program in recent years. This kid seems to be another version of Grayson Allen. I am sure there are things multiple players do; even Xavier Johnson had a nut grab on Liddell, but this guy seems to make that area a regular target; and it seems player safety is not a concern of his. 


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Tom Izzo weighs in on the "let's get rid of the post-game handshake line" controversy:  https://deadspin.com/tom-izzo-needs-a-stiff-handshake-and-an-even-stiffer-dr-1848581534


Perhaps Tom Izzo was testing the mettle of his players Tuesday when he called getting rid of the postgame handshake line “the biggest farce… of anything I’ve ever heard of” right before getting drubbed by Iowa. If the sound of his voice doesn’t give away his gruff stance, anyone who’s followed college basketball during his tenure could’ve guessed his stance.

It’s a solid take even if it is coming from Michigan’s in-state rival. If you didn’t know, Juwan Howard smacked an opposing assistant coach after a heated exchange with Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard in the handshake line

Getting rid of the postgame tradition would be akin to doing away with “please” and “thank yous.” It’s good manners, and humility is never a bad thing.

I would stop short of this line though.

“Not shaking hands, that’s typical of our country right now,” Izzo said. “Instead of solving the problem, let’s make an excuse and let’s see if we can just, instead of confronting and demanding that it changes, let’s eliminate it so that we don’t have those problems. Let’s try to do that.”

What the fuck does anything have to do with Vietnam, Walter? I agree that looking an opponent in the eye and saying “good game” after they kicked your ass builds character. He’s also spot on when he says moments like those are when “you learn the most about people.” But to use it as a meta commentary on an entire generation is a little bit of a stretch.

How many “heat of the moment” cliches and idioms do I need to recite to explain why people would leap to the conclusion that it might be better to avoid highly emotional teams interacting with one another following the final buzzer. Remember LeGarette Blount knocking out a Boise State lineman right after Oregon was upset in their opening game of 2009? Or how about the infamous scuffle-inducing exchange between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz during the aftermath of a 49ers-Lions game?

It’s not illogical to suggest eliminating situations such as these after incidents like the Howard-Gard dust up. Izzo himself said watching the melee evoked memories of the Malice at the Palace.

Regardless, “canceling” sportsmanship would be dumb as shit — especially when the Michigan State head man had to, as he so forcibly said, “man up” later in the evening and congratulate the Hawkeyes for bludgeoning his team 86-60.

I tried to find footage of the Michigan State-Iowa postage pleasantries (for irony and for Wolverine’s fans sake), but since they went off without a fracas, you’ll have to trust that Sparty did as their coach said they would do and put ’er there. 

Sorry for the foul language in this opinion piece, a lot of the Deadspin child bloggers thinks it makes them "edgy" or something.


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Win with class.  Lose with class.

Coach Izzo is exactly correct,



Not shaking hands, that’s typical of our country right now,” Izzo said. “Instead of solving the problem, let’s make an excuse and let’s see if we can just, instead of confronting and demanding that it changes, let’s eliminate it so that we don’t have those problems. Let’s try to do that.”

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