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  1. Brebeuf is a Catholic school, but it is not a "parochial" school. It is a Jesuit-affiliated school run by a private board of directors.
  2. How do you pronounce "meme"?
  3. The news report says the complaint alleges that the employee supplied condoms for the trysts with her daughter, so the "get knocked up to get money" angle seems less likely, assuming the condoms allegation is true. I will acknowledge upfront that I'm an ND fanboy, but the whole story sounds very odd to me. The statement re the plaintiff having been receiving counseling from a counselor who wanted to put the plaintiff "on medication" may explain a lot. Maybe all this happened as described, but these types of grand conspiracy stories are also the sort of thing you will hear from people suffering from paranoia-related mental illness. It will be interesting to see where this goes.
  4. Mishawaka at Cathedral

    For the Mishawaka fans (of legal drinking age) making the trip down for the game: the Flat 12 Brewery is just a couple blocks away from Tech H.S., and I'd highly recommend a pre-game stop off at their tasting room for a pint or two of the Pogue's Run Porter.
  5. I have zero idea of what the comparison might show, but I would be very interested in seeing some similar statistical comparison for full and partial academic scholarships (recognizing that the football players are a subset of the group being analyzed). I wonder, for those parents whose ultimate goal is money to pay for a college education for their kid, how many would be better off spending money on SAT prep classes or music lessons and band camp, as opposed to off-season football stuff.
  6. Dear ND, take some knees, punt.

    They are working overtime at the blame factory because there is just so much of it needed to pass around for this loss. Give up 43 points to Northwestern?!
  7. It's Monon Bell Week

    Oh no, the Lew is closed? Please tell me the Silver Dollar is still there....
  8. How do we fix IPS?

    This is a good point, although in some respects it may simply push the problem to the county suburban schools, if the gentrification/renovation of inner city neighborhoods ends up displacing the lower income families from these inner city areas, instead of creating economically integrated, diverse communities. As someone who's lived in a downtown neighborhood for a little over two years now, I've yet to see many middle class families with school age children moving into downtown areas. It still seems like the vast majority of the people moving into the revitalizing downtown neighborhoods are young singles, young couples (gay and straight) without kids, and older, empty-nesters. The few families that I know who have kids tend to send them to private schools, for reasons that are unrelated to the status of IPS, i.e., they'd be sending their kids to those private schools even if they lived in some suburb that had a highly rated public school system.
  9. Goodell's ideas

    A ground-the-ball requirement would eliminate a decent percentage of TD plays under current rules, e.g., the "barely got two feet in" passing TDs at the sideline or endline, in which neither the receiver's body nor the ball ever touches the ground in the end zone. I'm not sure people would want to trade that class of exciting scoring plays for more challenging PAT kicks.
  10. "Offensive" Team names, a la Washington

    Yeah, I agree that the owner fanned the flames. A "we are looking at the issue carefully" statement would've been the better way to go, even if the truth is that he is not currently contemplating changing the name. I also agree with your second, point, but let's not also act naïve about the thing, either. I agree that someone reading Huckleberry Finn who wants all the n-words removed because the use of that word by the author is "racists" and offensive is a clueless person -- context obviously means something. But context cuts both ways: if some white guy driving his car pass a group of black people on the street yells the n-word at them out his window, nobody would say that the white guy should get the benefit of the doubt and that the onus is on the black guys to "prove" that he had an intent to offend when he used the word. As has been mentioned several times on here, this situation is not cut-and-dry, because "Redskins" is not considered offensive by some Native-Americans, but it is by some others, and in light of the term's differing origins, neither group is objectively unreasonable in either considering it offensive or not offensive. That is why this is not just a "some people being PC" issue, as many make it out to be. But it also is why it is probably a matter that really ought to be addressed between the team owner and those Native-Americans groups who are offended by the term.
  11. "Offensive" Team names, a la Washington

    1. Are you offending these people by calling them that? That's the whole point isn't it? The "krauts" get to decide if its offensive for you to call them that, not you. And if they tell you that it is, then you'd be sort of a dikc to keep doing it, regardless of who you are married to, don't ya think? 2. I didn't see a question. But relevant to my point, you used the term because you meant to be offensive, right? So are you saying that the Washington football team has some good cause or justification for offending Native-Americans (assuming they are offended) that's comparable to your situation?
  12. "Offensive" Team names, a la Washington

    As an Irish-American, my reaction to my cousin calling me a "mick", and my reaction to some stranger doing it, would likely be very different, and justifiably. Is it okay for white people to use the N-word to refer to a black person because some black people do it?
  13. "Offensive" Team names, a la Washington

    It is weird to me why some people who are not in the group that the nickname refers to, like Bob Costas or (I assume) most the folks on this board, think that it matters that they think the term either is offensive or is not offensive. What matters is what most Native-Americans think: do they find the term "Redskins" derogatory and offensive? If so, then it would seem logical to change the team's nickname, unless someone is a jerk who enjoys offending people. It is completely irrelevant whether non-Native-Americans think that Native-Americans should or shouldn't be offended by the term "Redskins". Non-Italians don't get to decide if the term "dago" is offensive to Italians, and non-Irish don't get to decide if the term "mick" is offensive to the Irish. If most Native-Americans consider the nickname offensive, then get rid of it, regardless of whether some white guy doesn't think it should be taken as offensive by them; likewise, if most Native-Americans don't have a problem with the nickname, then keep it, regardless of whether some other white guy thinks they ought to be offended by it. That's why the "Yankees" and "Fighting Irish" nicknames haven't been a problem -- most the people who live in the Northeast are not offended if someone calls them a Yankee, and most Irish-Americans don't find the term "Fighting Irish" derogatory. But if that changed for some reason -- and as we all know, people's views on things like this do sometimes change -- then it would be appropriate for both teams to change their nicknames. It seems pretty simple to me.
  14. Wally in Disguise

  15. Comparison