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  1. Lot's of spread teams West Lafayette is always solid and there is a lot of ebb and flow in both divisions. This is a terrible cliff notes of the HC, but I feel like this could sum it up accurately.
  2. I was on staff at Kokomo two seasons ago and the week we played Plymouth was during the Blueberry Festival. That is not fun for parking, or trying to navigate a team to the field when they are loading up those trollys.
  3. Thank you for fixing my grammar. I will try harder to not make those mistakes. No I am not equating the two and this is where the thread gets shut down because now this is going to turn into me comparing someone being transgender to an illness now I am intolerant.
  4. First off if by "Patriots" you mean protecting Title IX and women's sports... So be it. Also your second statement about a child or grandchild being transgender comes off like your wishing cancer on someone.
  5. Understandable, but at the same time this topic is still relevant to all high school sports because going forward what happens with this could impact all of sports. Including football.
  6. So the only reason we should talk about this is if Indiana beings to offer High School Women's football. That is the only way this can be relevant?
  7. You said it better then I could. But I agree with this and I spoke with my wife at length about this at lunch she coaches girls basketball and she thinks that what you said is probably the best way to approach this, its not perfect but it is a start.
  8. So in other words we this topic needs to be locked and ended... Got It.
  9. How would you handle the transgender issue in sports? If my answer is not pertinent to the argument please let me know what is the correct way to speak on this topic.
  10. I feel like Men's volleyball should be offered, and then add another women's sport (Field Hockey or Women's Lacrosse)
  11. We are missing the point of this argument again. This is not about God right now it is about if it is fair for Transgender athletes and if this is detrimental to women's sports. If you want to argument the more and biblical aspect then take that to OOB but come on this is crazy that we can't keep this on topic.
  12. Key word is Backlash, in the 1970's there could be backlash. As we see today if my comments were to be screenshot and posted on social media out of context I could very well lose my job for being transphobic, or at the very least I would be "Cancelled" and for what? Being an advocate for women's sports? That's why I said it is a slippery slope. I would love some data on this, but from the eye test it feels as if some women's sports are still male dominated (coaches and officials) the transgender argument makes some in those sports question the point of girls even playing anymore. I say this ha
  13. This question still show the inequality in sports. Take the question that you just asked and make it any girls sports. You will get an astounding 100% NO and with merit because how would this be fair to young women athletes? To answer your question the PC answer is yes they can all play no matter their gender, but if that is the case what is stopping our teenage boys from playing girls sports without being transgender?
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