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  1. Who is left to get turf in the East? Is it just Western and Cass now? Congrats on the new field at Tipton.
  2. Yes, but I am not lumping all parents into this. I believe that HB 1134 was authored when a group called Mothers for Liberty went to their reps when they were not being heard by school boards. That's is what I am wondering about if the pressure from parent organizations not getting anywhere with schools, or even the IHSAA are leading to this. I teach government so for me I am neither for or against this it is a wonderful teaching opportunity to show how the process works. So me asking about outside groups is not a bash on parents I am curious if there is a named organization reached out to lawmakers.
  3. It really makes no sense for the GA to be involved in this right now. I believe that the bylaws placed in by the IHSAA are adequate. Between this and HB 1134 the GA has really been in the spotlight recently and how much of this legislation is from outside groups going over the schools because they are not getting what they want? This is a legitimate question because I know that HB 1134 was due to an outside group so maybe this bill is much the same thing.
  4. What is the name of the Bill? I want to read this thing. I teach Government so this as well as HB 1134 could be good classroom. In terms of the actual topic at hand I will withhold comment until I actually read the bill and cross reference with the by law the IHSAA has put into place.
  5. No Love for the Hoosier East? It's really hard to go against LCC and West Side though both have been top tier programs for a very long time.
  6. That does make more sense. Plus that brings Eastbrook back to the MIC. That would round out for a pretty good conference if teams like Cass and NW can get back to being competitive.
  7. I know that Tipton was never in the MIC, but I was saying is use the Hoosier East as the new establishing members. Sheridan and Frankfort could be better then Taylor is and what Eastern used to be. Just ideas, if you could restart the Mid-Indiana who would you add in the the Hoosier East?
  8. The entire east of the Hoosier Conference and reestablish the old Mid Indiana Conference with Cass, Heights, Northwestern, Western, Tipton, and then maybe a Frankfort and Sheridan to the mix. That would still give for two good quality non conference games like Western Kokomo. While keeping some of the old rivalries from that area. Wont ever happen but I do miss the old MIC.
  9. Good Point! I concede the argument. I tend to forget how much basketball is loved there (no sarcasm).
  10. This is so weird because hasn't Mac a few NFL players come out of that school correct? I don't recall many NBA players. Yes they are usually more successful in basketball but I wouldn't call them a "basketball" school.
  11. You hate to see things like this. It overshadows the great work that the players and teams put into this season. Too much recently on the GID we see things like this or coaches that abuse authority. These things are difficult to stomach at times hopefully we can move forward and not spread hate on this and not put down an entire program on the actions of one person.
  12. 2 Point Games Northwestern @ Hamilton Heights Tipton @ Cass Twin Lakes @ Rensselaer West Lafayette @ Lafayette Central Catholic Western @ Benton Central Clinton Central @ Frontier 4 Point Games Lafayette Jeff @ Harrison Bloomington North @ Bloomington South
  13. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing histories of High School teams. When they started coaches they have had. Notable alumni. I know this would make for a much larger book, but I think that if teams have played football in the state they should have at least a brief history of them given.
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