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  1. Well said... Does anyone else read through this topic and feel like we are honoring someone who has just passed away? Lol It is really awesome to see confirmation into what Cass alumni already know to be true.
  2. I don't think words can do justice what it mean't to play for him. I know personally I owe an awful lot to him. I read in today's Kokomo Tribune that from 2003 to 2008 his record was 67-10 during that time and I truly believe that you can credit a lot of that to him being a "player coach" so of our teams then were not the most athletic , or biggest teams but we would run through a brick wall for Coach Mannering. I wish he would have gotten his title that he deserves. I will always be proud to be a King and that stems from the pride he took in Lewis Cass. I hope retirement from the game treats him well.
  3. You are correct sir on all levels of this statement. He was able to fill a massive void left by the departure of Mannering and he had success. Hopefully the next coach can keep the Cass tradition alive and well.
  4. Didn't Columbine do something similar to that as well?
  5. From what I saw on the ihsaa website they don't seem to be in a super big hurry to fill the position. Posting is until February from what I saw.
  6. By MJ you don't mean Johnson who is at Logan do you?
  7. I am sure there more out there that are "Cass Guys"
  8. I think any smaller job opening would be good for a first time HC, but this one may not just because of the history behind the program and expectations that may come with the job.
  9. Think what you will. I am not jealous of Mr. Painter nor anyone mentioned on this list. I will not apologize about not being a fan of his.
  10. So you are saying that I can't be a fan of a player? I am not knocking his ability to play I just wasn't a fan of his stemming back to Purdue.
  11. I don't see this job being opened for long. Jimtown is one of those historic programs that I am sure coaches are chomping at the bit to get that job.
  12. To be fair do we not understand a joke. Wasn't trying to push any buttons with this. Yes he did play more seasons than I did... but so did my brother and I hear people talk negative of him as well.
  13. Awesome thank you for this. I never said he wasn't deserving of the honor, and this proves it. You don't see a lot of 2A QB's putting up numbers like this.
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