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  1. One of the best guys I know. He absolutely deserves this job. It's very hard to think of Lewis Cass Football without the name Mannering attached to it.
  2. Words can not describe how angry this makes me as a teacher and a coach. I know that in our court system you are innocent until proven guilty, but man this looks really bad to try and wipe your phone completely. On top of that I can't believe the school board would still allow a relative of his to vote for his termination. Just reading all the stories about this makes me want to take a shower.
  3. The more I read the more this makes me sick. I can not stress this enough school is suppose to be a safe place for students. Also I feel as if the accused was given the benefit of the doubt because he used to be their star quarterback. I hope they throw the book at him if these allegations are true.
  4. One of the Key reasons that I love this game so much. It is so on topic for the game itself, but they are life lessons as well. Sure you don't see as much group discipline in the real world (unless its in a Team aspect like the military) but the lessons are there and if you can get them to buy in with that Team over Me mentality it will go a very long way in the future.
  5. I know that I am not the only one in here that has spent time in the Armed Forces, but I can tell you that they have some interesting ways of getting something out of nothing with team and individual discipline. I for one think that team discipline is huge for sports like football, because it teaches players that they need to rely on the 10 other players on the field, or even those who are giving the first team looks in practice on Wednesday. In the military we stressed that no matter what job you have you are essential to the overall mission. In football no matter what role you have on the team you are essential to team success.
  6. Well said... Does anyone else read through this topic and feel like we are honoring someone who has just passed away? Lol It is really awesome to see confirmation into what Cass alumni already know to be true.
  7. I don't think words can do justice what it mean't to play for him. I know personally I owe an awful lot to him. I read in today's Kokomo Tribune that from 2003 to 2008 his record was 67-10 during that time and I truly believe that you can credit a lot of that to him being a "player coach" so of our teams then were not the most athletic , or biggest teams but we would run through a brick wall for Coach Mannering. I wish he would have gotten his title that he deserves. I will always be proud to be a King and that stems from the pride he took in Lewis Cass. I hope retirement from the game treats him well.
  8. You are correct sir on all levels of this statement. He was able to fill a massive void left by the departure of Mannering and he had success. Hopefully the next coach can keep the Cass tradition alive and well.
  9. Didn't Columbine do something similar to that as well?
  10. From what I saw on the ihsaa website they don't seem to be in a super big hurry to fill the position. Posting is until February from what I saw.
  11. By MJ you don't mean Johnson who is at Logan do you?
  12. I am sure there more out there that are "Cass Guys"
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