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  1. 2 Point Games Northwestern @ Hamilton Heights Tipton @ Cass Twin Lakes @ Rensselaer West Lafayette @ Lafayette Central Catholic Western @ Benton Central Clinton Central @ Frontier 4 Point Games Lafayette Jeff @ Harrison Bloomington North @ Bloomington South
  2. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing histories of High School teams. When they started coaches they have had. Notable alumni. I know this would make for a much larger book, but I think that if teams have played football in the state they should have at least a brief history of them given.
  3. So I know I am getting older and don't see as well but for the North was there really only 1 Lewellen that made the team?
  4. I get those as well but the number of kids has dropped drastically and from talking with teachers in the building it's the kids bringing it into the buildings. I teach at Kokomo and for a school our size we haven't had near the issues with it.
  5. Nope, Nope, Nope. I am so glad that we played this year. If they didn't want to deal with issues like this then they should have taken the chance and allowed their student athletes to play.
  6. That is super cool history. I love stories like this.
  7. No, I don't believe that they would, but I just pose the question. What, other than pride stops this from happening?
  8. Does this run the risk of high schools "Tanking" to drop a class to have more success? I didn't see that on this thread in any other post, unless I missed it. Also how does the IHSAA combat "Tanking"?
  9. Lot's of spread teams West Lafayette is always solid and there is a lot of ebb and flow in both divisions. This is a terrible cliff notes of the HC, but I feel like this could sum it up accurately.
  10. I was on staff at Kokomo two seasons ago and the week we played Plymouth was during the Blueberry Festival. That is not fun for parking, or trying to navigate a team to the field when they are loading up those trollys.
  11. Thank you for fixing my grammar. I will try harder to not make those mistakes. No I am not equating the two and this is where the thread gets shut down because now this is going to turn into me comparing someone being transgender to an illness now I am intolerant.
  12. First off if by "Patriots" you mean protecting Title IX and women's sports... So be it. Also your second statement about a child or grandchild being transgender comes off like your wishing cancer on someone.
  13. Understandable, but at the same time this topic is still relevant to all high school sports because going forward what happens with this could impact all of sports. Including football.
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