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  1. 1 Point Game West Lafayette Western Tipton 2 Point Games Hamilton Heights Rensselaer 3 Point Games Richmond North Central Park Heritage Lowell Riverton Parke Frontier
  2. 1 Point Games Northwestern Twin Lakes West Lafayette Western 3 Point Games Tipton Muncie Central Frontier Delphi Attica South Vermillion Lake Station
  3. 1 Point Games Benton Central @ Western Hamilton Heights @ Northwestern Cass @ Tipton 2 Point Games Central Catholic @ West Lafayette Munster @ Rensselaer Sheridan @ Delphi West Central @ Culver LaVille @ Winamac 3 Point Games Knox @ North Judson Harrison @ Lafayette Jeff Tech @ Logansport McCutcheon @ Kokomo
  4. 1 Point Games Twin Lakes Northwestern South Adams Tipton 2 Point Games Hamilton Heights Rensselaer Riverton Parke West Lafayette Western South Newton Marian Chesterton Lafayette Jeff 3 Point Game for Bacon Delphi
  5. so you think it's going to be much lower scoring then last year?
  6. 1 Point Games Tipton Northwestern 2 Point Game Delphi Lafayette Jeff Pioneer Rensselaer Peru Eastbrook Western 3 Point Games West Central South Vermillion South Central
  7. At this point if teams can get 5 games in I will so excited about that. I think we are at a place where they want to play, but it will be schools choices more so than the Ihsaa at this point.
  8. As a Social Studies Teacher, Coach and a Vet I say if student athletes want to kneel they have the right. If the current issues in this country lead athletes to kneel then kneel it is their right, but in all honesty I agree with Coach Nowlin we should get back to the fun of this forum and talk football.
  9. This is a step in the right direction, I believe. These kids need this and these Seniors need it. We are on the right path here and as long as we can follow mandates given by the IHSAA all Fall Sports should happen.
  10. Do you let the boys play both sports? and if you do how do you monitor practices with most baseball taking place during key days of game planning practice for football?
  11. As long as we take proper precautions. I am not going to say things are awful... or overblown for that matter but it still feels like we are not being given all the facts about what's going on with Covid.
  12. Sorry I can't help myself at this... So woke culture worked twice in Russia. Once to tear down a monarchy and then again to tear down communism?
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