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  1. Nope lol. Found the picture on a different site.
  2. Maybe the student body doesn't understand the hallowed ground that is before them
  3. If by hurt you mean not winning a state championship, then sure you can say being in 2A hurt LCC. But they were in the Hoosier conference where the competition was just as tough as playing anyone in the 2A tourney. One thing to note which I said before, was that those 2 years in 2A was when LCC was at it's youngest and most vulnerable. Then the next 2 years when they moved back down to 1A they were older and had played tough competition throughout both regualr and postseason. I don't think being in 2A will have any impact on this current squad since only the current seniors were on those teams, as freshmen. LCC has relatively much lower numbers than the O'Shea era, 40 vs 60. They have had 3 coaches in 3 years, so the players will be need to learn how to become a better cohesive unit and adapt to the new system. Like foxbat said, at this low of levels it's tough to maintain a steady insurgence of good players. O'Shea did a great job of working with what he had, but it wasn't just the Anthrops. Those teams were pretty stacked on both sides of the ball at all positions. It was a great amount of talent that few 1A schools have seen and that LCC probably doesn't have right now. Jimmy's and Joe's beats X's and O's and right now I don't know if LCC has much of the former. Hopefully they can turn after grinding out the Hoosier. Playing tough competition can't hurt.
  4. catholicfootball

    Jack Kiser Commits to Notre Dame

    For size comparisons Jaylon Smith was listed on rivals at 6'3 212. Kiset has a whole preseason, season, winter/spring, and another off season before his first game at ND. Plenty of time to add weight, unless he wrestles then that could be an issue. But I was never a wrestler, so I don't know. Plus they probably don't expect him to be a main contributor day one. Plenty of guys come in and have to start adding weight.
  5. catholicfootball

    Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    And humble to boot.
  6. catholicfootball

    Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Way to find a way to complain on a dominating win. Keep striking that iron.
  7. catholicfootball

    Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    You can tell it's been a long time since takkle4 has felt confident with Pioneer going against an LCC team. Keep striking while the iron is hot.
  8. catholicfootball

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Man that sounds hard to watch. What does Tipton have coming back. They sounded like they had a mean offensive team.
  9. catholicfootball

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Big pick up for Purdue!
  10. catholicfootball

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    Documentary Now! is on Netflix where Bill Hader andFred Armisen do parodies of documentaries. Some based off of real ones. Pretty funny a lot of variation.
  11. catholicfootball

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    LCC has had plenty of lopsided games in the past (96-0 never forget lol). I still feel like it's LCC's job to stop them, not WL problem. LCC was down 35-0 as the half. 2 second half TDs is not overkill in my opinion. I will say that is still a late time to call for a bomb, though.
  12. catholicfootball

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    JC is reporting that LCC put up 38 on WL. And by 38 I mean yards. So I'm not sure I would call this a big one...
  13. catholicfootball

    1A Week 6 Look- In!

    Hard to run faster than 4.6 when you are dragging defenses for 40 yards. That kid should enter in the tractor pull.
  14. catholicfootball

    1A Week 6 Look- In!

    Mine probably would have went: 1. 2009 - Cal Preps has 2015 winning 35-28 2. 2015 3. 2011- Cal Preps has 2011 winning 28-27 4. 2010 - Cal Preps has 2015 winning 35-24 5. 2012 - Cal Preps has 2015 winning 28-21 The only 2 struggles for 2015 LCC that season was WL who they beat by 18 and Pioneer by 17. Both of those teams probably would beat 2012 Sheridan who only lost by 14. The 2012 team had 1 loss, plus 8 wins where they won by only 15 points for less. I'm not sure how one puts a team with 8 wins determined by 2 scores or less ahead of another that didn't have any.
  15. catholicfootball

    1A Week 6 Look- In!

    Ugh... don't wan't to make this an "LCC Pat on the back" thread but is the reason you kept the LCC 2015 squad off the list because you didn't watch the state game that year? If that's the case then why is Churubusco and Pioneer 2009 on the list? Neither of those teams made it to the finals? Tourney wins: Pioneer 31-14 Linton 34-7 Non Tourney Wins: WL (3A Runner-Up) 38-20 Guerin (beat 3A champ in reg season) 34-0