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  1. Yes, I did graduate in 82. Can't say that I knew Bill Baker... sorry.
  2. Maddix Bogunia is definitely a stud, and Malcolm Anderson is a really strong RB.
  3. I agree - I wouldn't either. As Lysander says, Marian lost quite a bit to graduation - especially on the defensive side. The Knights return a lot of talent at the skill positions on O, but will have a very green group on the other side of the ball.
  4. Congrats Chatard 45-0. Knights hung for a quarter but it was obvious they didn't have the horses to hang with the Trojans. Good luck next week.
  5. Yes, Channel 46 will be carrying this game. Agreed - they do a very good job of calling a game!
  6. Marian has had a great season, only losing to Mishawaka in a tight game. Having said that, our starting RB went out in the second quarter of the Sectional Championship game against Jimtown, and in the third quarter of that game our starting QB went out. Neither played last week, and our offense is definitely challenged without them. I am not hearing optimism about them being back for Friday. At full strength it would have been a huge challenge for the Knights to hang with Chatard. Without the starting QB or RB....
  7. Really looking forward to the Marian - Mishawaka matchup. The Knights have struggled to stop the Cavemen offense for years. The Marian defense this year has great stats, but they really haven't faced a good offense yet. It will be a very tough test that will tell us a lot about how good the Knights can be come postseason.
  8. And he was pretty close on the Marian - CMA score as well!!
  9. I am surprised by so many predictions of an easy Marian victory. This matchup is never an easy one, and looking at CMA's schedule, I don't think this will be much different. Surprised by the fact that they had difficulty with Memorial, but other than that, they have played good teams to close games. Only lost to Brebeuf by a touchdown, and Hobart and Harrison are good teams. The Knights did not play well against Jimtown, at least on the offensive side of the ball, and that was still a one score game with a couple minutes to go. Other than that, Marian hasn't been tested - I look for a very good game Friday at Otolski Field.
  10. Thunder and lightning and rain in ..NCI too. Mishawaka - EC postponed to tomorrow. Hoping Bremen @ Marian still goes tonight!
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