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  1. I saw this question pop up on Twitter so it may help you out with your boredom RegionalFBFan. If Joe Exotic was the head ball coach of a high school program, what kind of defensive & offensive scheme would he run? For those of you who haven't watched Tiger King yet I agree with DE you need to watch it, and here's a couple pics of who you're dealing with . . .
  2. The Whitewater Career Center, located directly next to Connersville High School, has an opening for a Criminal Justice Teacher. Connersville is looking for both high school and middle school assistant coaches at any positions. If interested please contact Justin Jackson at jacksonj1990@outlook.com.
  3. It was Batesville. Coach Heppner used to run the Wing T / Single Wing. They would shift pre snap from one to the other. We called it the James Brown Turn Around when we played against it. Absolute nightmare to play & coach against.
  4. Always thought the same. Even though the number disparities would be larger for the higher classes they would still have an easier time at finding those 11-22 guys than the little schools would.
  5. Always know it's playoff time when STC is catching the rest of the state up on EIAC nicknames.
  6. And cue DT bringing up contraction in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .
  7. So then a Field Goal that goes out of bounds at anywhere outside of the End Zone would be the spot where the opposing offense takes over?
  8. Yeah but will this movement create a different 64 teams for 3A, 2A, and 1A, and will that force a situation where all the sectionals will be redone?
  9. Let me ask the dumb question. Is the IHSAA only doing realignments for the 4A through 6A sectionals or every class?
  10. Didn't I read a while back you were "retiring" from the GID? We'll have to change your name from DT to Brett Favre.
  11. Ok so I'm trying to think to myself why would the state require this of teachers? I guess to get more involved in the community, maybe? My question is if the state want to require PGP points come from specific areas of concentration then how come the state does not provide any PGP points for coaching? Or why wouldn't the state require teachers gain X amount of PGP points from coaching a sport, sponsoring a club, or doing x, y, z for students? I've heard multiple head coaches say the issue is schools are hiring teachers who show up at 8 AM and leave at 3 PM. I know a lot of this comes down to years of experience issues talked about above but it would be a way to get teachers who are already in the building involved in something.
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