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  1. yup: lots of coaches who had success at College and NFL levels as well
  2. very good thread on how BB destroyed McVay full article on his website : sharpfootballanaylsis.com
  3. I am sure when they do, school will make an announcement, and local media will run with it. Until then....................
  4. I literally had 10 people reach out to me asking why their log ins do not work anymore in the last 2 weeks, they will get around to signing back in. Will it ever be the same as it once was during the heyday of the Holy Wars of GID, I would say probably not, why, as I have stated, the digital world we live in has transformed message boards from the go to place to the if I want to go to place. The go to places are for information 1st has been Facebook, Twitter. Me personally speaking see ZERO issues. So lets say the forum stays at 500 members come August, then our community is 500 members, still will cost you $0.00 whether there was 500 members or 5000 members. FYI: I am a twitter fella: Have access to GID twitter account: https://twitter.com/?logout=1549488372455 8000 followers : Hmmmmmmmmm
  5. CBS affiliates have broadcasting rights to AAF league https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/aaf-2019-viewers-guide-schedule-coaches-players-things-to-know-for-new-pro-football-alliance/
  6. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/02/05/how-indianas-top-rated-football-recruits-past-15-years-fared/591053002/ 4. Dustin Sherer, Hamilton Heights; Wisconsin. Sherer led Hamilton Heights to a 33-7 record and threw for 6,371 yards and 61 touchdowns during his Huskies career. "There were always going to be people out there who say that because Dustin came from a small school he can't be that good," Heights coach Steve Stirn said. "I always said, 'Come see him play.' " He was Wisconsin's starting quarterback in 2008, completing 54.5 percent of his passes with six touchdowns and five interceptions in the Badgers run-heavy offense. His senior year, Scott Tolzien took over as Wisconsin's starter. In 2016, he joined the Tipton coaching staff as an assistant. I thought that was illegal down yonder, HH kid on Tipton's staff 😎
  7. Kicks off this weekend: Indiana Kids I saw on rosters: Reese Horn Chase Dutra Nick Temple Andrew McDonald Gelen Robinson
  8. Mr. Haas was my Student teacher my JR year at Rensselaer, believe he played football at SJC, then was football coach at Benton Central before moving up the ranks into Superintendent roles at both Benton Central and North Newton. 🙏
  9. I paid 99 cents for 6 months of Journal Courier online Twitter is free Facebook is free Snapchat is free Instagram is free This is a form of Social Media, which is also free We are similar to a SB Nation site, BR site. Aggregation of information to discuss.
  10. Haarms at the 4 sparking a huge run when Boilers were dead to rights. That was nice move by Coach Painter
  11. Actually, Voting By Laws that have been established by the "brain trust" are so well hidden that I am not sure I can resurrect them, they are THAT privileged
  12. https://gridirondigest.net/staff/ Easily accessible on top of the page under "STAFF"
  13. just so everyone is clear 1) Not looking into this in any capacity 2) We are not sending out distress calls on the financial end of the site This is just 1 member high horse he continues to ride, when we let him ride in our community
  14. Considering he will be a national recruit, I would say those school you listed are not focused on QBs who just finished their freshman year. Michigan can wait. So can OSU and Wisconsin.
  15. NO And considering that truly only 2 people votes actually matter in this made up vision....... I would say it is pointless to think otherwise.
  16. I know its a big 10 road game, but calling it an IU MUST WIN vs Rutgers just shows you how the last few weeks has been unkind to IU
  17. NCAA has allowed a 10th paid coach, I am sure that is included in the figure: Other support staff potential but not limited to: Recruiting Department, Social Media department, (those amazing graphics they push out to recruits cost the price of someone doing it) Eron Hodges salary Just a guess
  18. left for dead at 6-5 after crossroads loss to ND, Painter gets the attention of his team through his post game comments, since then, young guys have accepted their role, coaches have shuffled the deck and fine tuned how they are attacking and their All American has started to trust the process more with guys around him. Now 14-6 and one of the hottest teams in America, all starts with defensive effort provided by former walk on now SR Captain Grady Eifert Been fun to watch and loved going back telling all my Purdue chicken littles now after the fact they should of listened to me when I said trust in Painter and COACHING.
  19. dangers of the 1 and done culture: Painter hit it on the head in post game presser after IU game Why should some of the mid tier guys bust hump when they roll out red carpet for Romeo and knowing he is gone in 2 months, is he worth fighting for? That culture worth fighting for? I say yes, but their play says otherwise as it just seems when adversity has set in, the fight as flown away.
  20. Rensselaer as well. Sign all the paperwork, random, I believe Middle thru High School. Nicotine and Alcohol as well
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