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  1. The real questions is did coach Woods take a bow to the student section after this game. Wait he probably walked over to the student section running his hand through his hair to only blow out the smoke on his 6 shooter fingure. When your the head coach and you do things like this people dont forget and they let their friends know. HH took care of business tonight Danville had no answer to the HH QB. Welll no one has had an answer for him all seaon. I am sure Chatard might have a chance to do so next Firday. The look at me Coach Woods might not have much to show off after this game. HH is the one taking bow tonight. Way to represent southern Indiana HH. Congrats!!!!
  2. This scenario happens every year in Indiana. Good teams get put out early in the tournament and bad teams with a better draw advance further. At the end of November the great teams are always your state champions no matter if they had a hard first or second round opponent. Yes it sucks that good teams meet in the second round but that is just a fact of life with Indiana High School football. Great season by the Titian once again and they have nothing to be ashamed of. Next week should be another great game in sectional 32. I can’t wait.
  3. Sure.... The good thing about this is we will see how this shakes out in a few hours. Still going 42 - 7 Boonville.
  4. Not really giving me anything about MV there. I mean everyone expect the HH defense to be very good this year. NorthKnox94 going with the Warriors. They beat Eastern Green (1A) and Tecumseh (1A) by a combined 109 to 0. This will be a little bit of a change in competetion for them. I dont see them coming close in this one. Phillips and Mockobee are going to be by far the best athletes on the field in this game. Also did the county rivalry have anthing to do with you pick MV over Vincennes. Haha
  5. Yeah it seems as if Vincennes is struggling to find some offense this year. Their Defense looked really good against Boose in the game I was at week one. How did MV look against HH?
  6. What makes you think this Vincennes game and Mt. Vernon game will be so close. I have seen Vincennes in their first game but I haven't seen Mt. Vernon. Is MV any better than they were last year? Traditionally VIncennes takes care for MV pretty good. So from your prediction I feel that this MV team must be better than they have been in previous years. Coach Brunson is a good coach and I am sure he will get them going in the right direction. I just don't see it happening right now.
  7. North 41 - 7 Reitz 20 - 7 Memorial 28 - 24 Castle 42 - 6
  8. I'm going to go with: North Daviess 35 - 21 over Washington at home. This is just a shot in the dark. Vincennes 48 - 7 over Mt. Vernon .... I think Vincennes will final puts some offense together this week. Booville over North Knox 42 - 7 North Knox with a late score to avoid the shout out. Mount Carmel over Princeton 30 - 14. In the hardest game to pick this week in the Big 8 this week I'm going to take the Jasper wildcats 24 - 22 in a cloes one. I could also see HH winning this by 3 scores.
  9. I think they are still playing Mt. Carmel. This was posted on the Mt. Carmel football twitter page, so I would assume they are playing each other week 8 this year.
  10. Sure, Dave. From everything, I head Gibson was only going to join the SIAC if there were four teams joining not two. Easy on the back pats Dave. They would have left their PAC brothers if Boonville would have decided to join no questions asked. But obviously, Boonville would much rather play in a conference of smaller school that will kick their a##. Dave, you have been around long enough to know that they would have cared less if they left teams hanging and joined the SIAC. GS was going to do what was in their best interest and could care less about how that effected anyone else (or left anyone hanging as you said ). They just didn't want to be the 2nd school they were all in on being the 3rd or 4th school. The article makes it seem like they were all in on joining the SIAC so why did they not apply ( 19 to 0 vote by the coaches )? If you are the AD and all your coaches vote this way you should be fired if you don't follow what ALL your coaches want. They didn't want to "arm wrestle Vincennes" I call BS on that. If they wanted in they would have applied and the SIAC would have taken them over Vincennes. They would have taken them purely off of them being closer in distance. They always only wanted to apply as the 3rd or the 4th school to join. But I'm sure the GS fans will let me know how this will be great for them. They gain several bad 3A teams to their schedule and will still average winning every conference game by 40 with Boonville on the schedule. (I give Boonville no chance based off what their Coach and AD said in the last Courier Article) Which really prepares you for the tournament, good thing Memorial isn't in their sectional for now. But they have Southport on the schedule and will be able to schedule... no good local team from southern Indiana because they are all in the SIAC now. Good luck on finding a quality opponent for your two open weeks (this is assuming Southridge wants to play a cross over game with them). But I am sure every team in Indiana would love to have GS on their schedule just ask their GID GS fans right !!!
  11. What a message sent out from the Boonville AD and football coach in this article. “We almost got beat by a bottom-tier team in the SIAC in Bosse, who was very good but plays a tough schedule,” said Davis, referring to his school’s 42-35 win in which it once trailed by 21. “We had the best year we’ve had in 15-20 years, and then to think we would’ve been competing against that every year? From a participation standpoint, we would’ve lost a lot of kids going to the SIAC knowing we weren’t going to have an opportunity to fight for a conference title. That’s bad for our school and our community. “We were never comfortable with it." - Boonville AD Kevin Davis .... but am sure Coach Ward was the main decision maker. What a message to send out to your school and community. We know we can't compete with 4 of the 7 teams in our sectional (plus we just beat Jasper for the first time since 2004 this year.... how could you ever do any better than that!!!!). We just want to play for regular season conference titles with teams that are all small than us. That's something for the players and parents of Boonville to get excited about. Why even play in the section just forfeit the games and play only the regular season games. That's something to get behind go Boonville!!!!!
  12. GS already plays Princeton so they are really only adding Washington, Mt. Vernon, and Boonville. So that is potentially a lot to gain???? I don't see any of those games helping them get ready for the postseason. Sure they are better than TC, FP, and PC but not by much.
  13. I hear the PAC is going to Add Boonville, Mt. Vernon, Princeton, and Washington. This would make the conference at 12 teams in football. Not sure how they are going to work this out. I would assume a big and small division with two cross-over games. Also not sure if this is an all-sports deal. ( I would assume it is now all sports) Not really sure what the better teams in the PAC gain out of this. Also, I don't see what Boonville gains by being the only 4A team in the conference full of 3A and 2A teams. I don't see this helping them prepare for sectional 24.
  14. It looks like this might actually go. If the SIAC will only entertain the idea of adding two teams and not one. Which is what I have heard. So, if Jasper was looking into possibly joining they would need someone to join them. I don't see them being able to get one. That would mean that Jaspers best choice (in my opinion) would be to join the others and make the merger happen.
  15. I was told the Jasper, Boonville, and Vincennes are all together on making the football conference happen with the PAC. I haven't heard anything about them talking to the SIAC at all. I think Tango laid out the reasons why the SIAC would really have no reason or interest to add Vincennes and Jasper. Adding them just doesn't make sense to the SIAC. I did hear that Tecumseh is acting like they don't want to be in the PAC small school division. Without them, this would make the division 7 and 7 without them. Still, a lot of details to work out. It will be interesting to what schools they propose to be in the Big school division. Does Mt. Vernon go to the Big division or does HH. Both schools enrollments are very close. Most people would think HH would want to move to the Big division. I have heard mixed options on this.
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