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  1. Just do like I did... Move over to Network Solutions. They're cheaper, more reliable and they practically invented the "interwebs". 🙂
  2. You gave a fairly decent explanation sir. Spot on!
  3. Illinois has postponed their fall sports until the Spring Season of 2021.
  4. I bought a Fox40 and used it in a couple of scrimmages. Some of my fellow officials have said that it seems quieter than a traditional F40. Others say it's the same. I personally find it difficult from a mechanics standpoint. After using a mouth whistle for nearly 30 years, trying to use the electronic signal creates a quandry of what to do with your hands for penalties, signals, etc. For the record - I personally had similar issues with hand whistles. It is probably just a matter of drilling and practicing with it, but right now, I will be using a mouth whistle for my upcoming scri
  5. Was that a serious question? This is a teaching and learning experience. Isn't this what scholastic activities is all about? What better time than now to teach young and aspiring leaders how to handle these sorts of situations?
  6. ...and keep in mind that the NCAA uses 8 on-field officials for the FBS division games. That's why they feel the ball can get set faster.
  7. If the game is close towards the end, I would think Andrean has an advantage in their kicking game. That kid is a bonafide kicker. Watched him warm-up from the 40 yard line. He also put all but 2 ckickoffs out of the back of the EZ. He is accurate as much as he's strong. If he's healthy, he's going to be a threat.
  8. I have made a mental note. I know a particular team that probably might be interested in strong AND accurate kickers. (LOL)
  9. I stood in the endzone under the posts while he warmed up... FROM THE 30! The young man was booting 40 yard field goals and not breaking a sweat. I haven't seen a HS kicker like this young man since Nick Setta (former Golden Domer). He made the kickoffs easy. Just waved my arm over my head on all but one!
  10. Indeed - he had some epic battles with "JoeFalcon" who purposely baited him for pure sport.
  11. If this doesn't get ya pumped up and craving to be an official, I don't know what would. Makes me miss my days as a "U"! It shows what great passion umpires have for the game - doesn't it?
  12. Those are all great points and the services you mention can be economical (in case anyone wants to bring up costs). I too work in technology. I have 8 people working for me spread acroos the country from Chicago to the Northeast and in the Southeast. We have project meetings EVERY WEEK. In our regular daily jobs, we must be attentive or the work won't get done. By the same token we can't fly everyone to a central meeting point every week either. The tech is there. We can show powerpoints, have face-to-face meetings and even spend more time in meetings because the commute time is virtual
  13. Generally speaking, any games that are played on Saturday afternoon in Illinois are because their fields are not equipped with lights. At least that's the case in NE Illinois. In my sons' entire careers, I had only attended (and officiated) varisty games on Friday nights. The only times they played Saturday afternoons were because those fields had no lights
  14. You can go on MyIHSAA.net. The Mercy Rule was posted there under the Resources tab. It was posted on July 29, 2019 Rules and Procedures 1. Beginning with the second half of any high school football game, when the point differential between teams is at or reaches 35 points, the game clock shall convert to a running clock. A running clock is defined as a clock that does not stop during play with the exception of timeouts, scores and/or injuries. 2. Once the running clock is implemented, the clock may not revert back to standard timing protocols regardless of the
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