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  1. Too lazy to go back through all the posts and look but can somebody tell me if this game will be streamed anywhere?
  2. I’ve heard a lot of people say that could be the best team in Fort Wayne history. Certainly could make the case for Snider in 92 when they beat Ben Davis in 5a and some other years as well for Snider.
  3. https://www.ihsaatv.org/watch/harrison-vs-westfield Here is their first game of the year vs. Westfield. They run some option it looks like but a ton more passing than Mishawaka.
  4. He got hurt in the second half against North Side. You’re right Pesa did play really well and had that pick six. That’s good to hear about Finley! I will try to find something on them. I’m pretty sure they run the option like Mishawaka did last year. Could be completely wrong though. There is a Harrison poster on here.
  5. Yeah it’s still there. Laycoffs is a Dwenger bar I often go to before games with great food. Nothing like Club Soda though but just depends what you’re in the mood for
  6. Pretty even game I’m thinking. John Harrell has Dwenger by 4. Might help Harrison that they are at home and BD goes on a long bus ride for the first time all year. I really have no idea what to expect besides the fact I think it will be close. Patrick Finley didn’t play last week against Northrop. They are already without their best defensive player for the year, I don’t know if they can win without their best offensive and defensive players in the lineup. Will be close either way imo but Finley might give them that extra spark that they need to win if he plays.
  7. I can’t see Concordia even rally hanging around with Chatard. Concordia would’ve pummeled them in 2016 when they won state in 3a like 56-14 but this isn’t 2016 unfortunately. I’m thinking like a 45-14 Chatard win.
  8. That team choked a couple times deep in the playoffs sure but they had plenty of D1 talent and could’ve played with any team in the state those years for sure.
  9. Also on top of what I said, I want a serious answer. Are these the two best teams in the state regardless of class?. Let’s hear the opinions. In my opinion I really think they are. Obviously, being in Fort Wayne, I really haven’t seen either of them play but I do think these are the top two teams in the state. I’d like to think Dwenger could play with them if they make it down there but even being biased, I don’t think they can. The 2007-2010 Dwenger teams could have I think but not this one.
  10. Does New Palestine have the longest win streak in the state at 26? Some other great 5a matchups Valpo-Mishawaka and Dwenger-Harrison but this is the game of the year. Can you even say there’s a favorite in this game? If Vegas had a line I literally think it would be even. I’ll go with cathedral just because of the schedule they have played, and particularly St Xavier/Elder I think will prepare them well for this. 28-24 Cathedral
  11. Do you know if anyone will be out for the game? Obviously Ellinger out for the year but I saw Finley and maybe a few others were banged up last week.
  12. You’re right, I think they’re top 22 can play with anybody in the state. They scrimmaged Hamilton Southeastern in the summer and I was told it was pretty even by people on both sides. However, the drop off after their top 22 is big this year and 6a team would exploit that I believe. Hopefully they prove me wrong.
  13. Problem is that Dwenger lost their best defensive player for the season and the true leader of that D. It hasn’t hurt them yet. North Side had a kick return and a 15 yard TD drive so the 22 they gave up is a little deceiving. However, losing Hayden Ellinger is going to hurt them big time after the sectional championship when they play a team like Harrison and Valpo if they make it that far. When they had Ellinger yes I believe they had arguably one of the best D’s in the state regardless of class. They might’ve just lost one of their other best players for the season. They’re losing players at the wrong time.
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