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  1. Joe Tippmann went to Dwenger if that’s who you are referring to.
  2. I’ll admit I was wrong about Charlie’s stats being bloated then as long as the New Pal fans admit they were wrong about Cathedral “clearly” being far superior than Valpo was.
  3. I digress. I am just aware of the teams in the conference that new pal has played.. Thanks for correcting me. Spegal deserves all of the accolades he is receiving. Valpo stopped him for the most part. Spegal on that run in the second half changed the trajectory of the game and that is what New Pal needed. 99.9 of the running backs couldn’t have made that run. Congrats New Pal! Great players make great plays in big situations, that is what Charlie did.
  4. Lol I noticed the shrugging on every play as well. I mean it’s obvious his speed is why he isn’t getting more offers. He literally has everything else. I think his stats are a little bloated playing in New pals conference. Teams do play in worse conferences than new pal though. No matter what he does in college he is without a doubt one of the best high school running backs in Indiana history. Once again congrats Spegal and New Pal. 5a was loaded this year towards top and they come out on top of everyone.
  5. You were right earlier. This game did prove Dwenger definitely has one of the best D’s in the state along with Valpo New Pal Carmel and some others.
  6. I just think a lot of people were unfamiliar with Valpo. I knew from watching them play Dwenger they would give New Pal a game. They’re too talented, huge, and physical on D to get blown out by anybody in Indiana. I still believe if those teams played 10 times Valpo would win half. They don’t though. Credit to New Pal for blowing open the 3rd quarter and making the necessary plays to win the game.
  7. I actually wondered about that as well. It looked like the Dwenger players thought it should’ve been moved.
  8. Let’s not forget the Valpo punter. Good lord he pinned Dwenger inside the 4 yard line 3 different times.
  9. You see the best teams in the world do things like this though. I would chalk it up to 2 teams not wanting to go home a week early. Everyone has their opinions though. No qualms with the officiating.
  10. I think New Pal wins the game next week. I think the true best teams in the state are New Pal and Carmel right now. I don’t agree with cathedral being clearly better or even better in general than Valpo though.
  11. It seems you are the one offended if anyone picks a team to be within 55 points of New Pal. They are good yes, I think them and Carmel are the 2 best teams in the state.
  12. You might be right. I suppose we will see but it wouldn’t shock me if Valpo won the game.
  13. Dwenger jumps offsides game over. Good season saints, congrats Valpo you have a very good, big, and physical team.
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