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  1. You’re right. Last year is last year and they did allow North Side WR’s to get open early. Homesteads WR’s will not drop those balls. However, that was only the first and maybe second drive of the game. After the first quarter they didn’t allow that to happen again. I haven’t seen the DB’s challenged enough this year to say whether they are good or not good. Hopefully the coaching staff has this corrected, guess we will see on Friday.
  2. North Side 14 Wayne 13 Carroll 40 Northrop 13 Snider 56 South Side 0 Dwenger 24 Homestead 17 Concordia 28 Luers 14
  3. Yeah I suppose they did lose about half their starting D. However, on offense they lost like two starting lineman and a running back that played half the time so I don’t see where you’re coming from with that one. Yes, they lost Joe tippmann who went to Wisconsin that obviously hurts. Any team in the state would take losing to starters on offense though. Agree with you though about seeing how they do on Friday.
  4. Watched some the Elder Cathedral game on a stream. Cathedral looked very good and probably should’ve won the game. Looking at Chatard’s scores they look like the real deal as well. Gonna go with cathedral 21-14 though
  5. Why do you think they will? Homestead didn’t pick BD apart last year and BD only lost a couple people on D. It’s all about getting pressure on Luke Goode, Homesteads QB, something which Dwenger did a great job of last time around.
  6. Yeah, what a game this is going to be. Neither of these teams have shown any weaknesses so far this season. It’s also hard to gauge who is better than the other because neither have played any great teams. There is a top 4 this year in the SAC (Snider, Dwenger, Homestead, Carroll) and then there is everybody else. BD and homestead have played neither of these teams yet. I’ll pick Dwenger for two reasons. (1) I am biased. (2) Dwenger beat homestead 23-10 last year, granted Homestead was up 10-6 going into the 4th. I just don’t see how BD can lose this game since they won that game and lost hardly any players from last year. Dwenger 24-17 over Homestead
  7. Carroll 34 North Side 17 Dwenger 41 South Side 0 Homestead 35 Luers 14 Snider 51 Concordia 20 Wayne 25 Northrop 7
  8. Snider 45-14 Homestead 42-13 Bishop Dwenger 42-6 Northrop 26-7 Wayne 21-20
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