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Caden Curry Black Stripe Alert


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For those that don’t know of this already, Ohio State freshman and any new transfer all wear a black stripe on their helmets and can only get the stripe removed by showing out.  



I’m a week late to sharing this but early April is a good sign. Losing it this early means that he has quickly impressed the coaches in practices.  

It’s not an exact science but it’s kind of a cheat to know who is and who isn’t see early playing time.  One example would be Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Julian Fleming from a few years back. Both were 5 ️ WRs.  Fleming was #1 in the country and JSN was #5.  JSN shed his black stripe early and Fleming did not…Fleming was actually one of the last to do so and it was into late September before he finally lost it.    Now a few years later JSN is likely a 1st round pick in 2023 and Fleming probably won’t even declare for the draft. 

idk thought it was worth sharing.  Curry trending to seeing time as a freshman though 

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