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  1. As I previously said Any team that has speed that can get to the outside will give NJ fits. That's why the conditions of the field really hurt Winamac and that's why North Judson didn't want to play Winamac at Logansport on Saturday. Game would have been much much different.
  2. My son wrestles and I don't follow basketball too much so nope.
  3. Didn't luers have six starters out against Eastside + their QB went out early?
  4. I haven't seen Carroll live since the summer but I think the Jays should be able to throttle the Cougars. Winamac, Culver and South Central would have won sectional 42. I wasn't too impressed with Carroll over the summer. Winamac threw on them and ran on them at will. LaVille could do it but I really don't think they'll get it done. Andrean is my pick to win 2A now without Luers. They've got a legitimate chance to go back to back (winning 2a this year and either 1A or 2A next season).
  5. And you said "If Judson beats LaVille and Pioneer they'll be the heavy heavy favorites." They only beat LaVille and they weren't the heavy favorites. Its utterly disrespectful to not even consider winamac the favorites going in. They were the defending champions, returned virtually their whole team and last years Judson team would have smoked this years Judson team. The elements and Winamac's offense never giving themselves a chance doomed them. But as a 98 alum from Winamac and being a lurker on this website for years. Its not out of the norm for winamac to be disrespected on here even when they are a quality, quality team.
  6. Yes. .I remember one year Hagerstown was predicted to win a game by 3 TDs. They lost by 4-6 TDs.
  7. Sagarin is decent for football. Spot on usually by end of season for basketball.
  8. Film sometimes doesn't do teams justice. Tri Central in 2013 looked slower than a turtle but once the game started it was pretty clear they weren't. Ive seen NJ live and other than Allen they don't have blow away speed but Owen and Quintin Frasure along w Aldric Harper are very very good linebackers. Allen is very hard to bring down in the backfield or tackle in general, the winamac kids had success getting to him but they weren't able to corral him a few times in the backfield. Whoever plays them can't arm tackle him and they have to wrap him up and hope help comes. If it's 1 on 1. He's gonna run you over majority of the time.
  9. I said my last words on the subject then some CMA guy hopped in. I am entitled to respond and then the Spanky troll hopped on.
  10. Winamac didn't leave the sprinklers on all week. They had been shut off for three weeks. If you are so confident on turf, then why did you guys say no to Winamac asking to play Saturday at Logansport?
  11. Winamac was up 4 touchdowns against Caston at half. They were up 21-0 against Culver at half and if memory serves me right scored on their opening drive in 2nd half to go up 28-0. Triton had 1 first down in the whole entire game and had 13 yards of offense. 7 of it came after a winamac fumble in the first Q to lead to their only TD. Those games were never in doubt. Knox, Pioneer and Manchester gave Winamac a good battles which they needed and Winamac had 1 day to prepare for Manchester. West Central first match up was bad. The 2nd they were up 42-0 at half and WC scored two TDs on the JV team and Winamac's jv scored the lone 6. You know John Hendryx. He doesn't run the score up on anyone...had he felt that way. The scores would have been more lopsided then they were but that's just not in his nature. He rarely ran the score up at Knox too. He always subbed guys in or split carries with guys. Winamac did try a couple "power run plays" but it rarely worked. That's like trying to ask a team that throws it 3 or 4 times to throw it 10 times in a game. Its just not gonna work. Winamac didn't have a "power running back"..so its gonna be tough for a team to run power running plays with no power running backs. Yes, Judson did play in the same weather but Cheyenne Allen is a power running back and Judson is a power running offense. The mud and rain played into the style they wanted to play. It slowed winamac down completely and it hamstrung what they could do offensively. Winamac will have some good teams coming up so I don't understand the first/second grade comment. The Sophomores and Freshman classes have some quality skilled kids with 2 decent lineman per grade. My sons grade (8th grade) and my nephews class (7th grade) have a few kids that can play. The 6th and 5th grade kids are pretty solid and the six grades 3 best players haven't even played yet. Winamac will be competitive and will churn out winning seasons as long as John Hendryx is there.
  12. Don't get me wrong. The jays out played Winamac by a bunch. It wasn't like they were drilling Winamac players and they were fumbling. Atleast two of the fumbles the ball slipped out of the kids hands as he was coming down due to the slickness. The ball just happened to fall where other Jays were. NJ fumbled four times and were able to jump on it. The ball bounced their way that night. The one pick Harper had was a great read by Alderic ..had he not made it, Brandt would have taken it to the house ..there wasn't a single Jay around him besides Harper.
  13. Lol...really? Winamac would have won sectionals 42 running away. It wouldn't have been close. Winamac beat Culver relatively easy after a two week lay off and I've seen Carroll play online and saw them over the summer when they scrimmaged Winamac. Winamac scored at will on them. So yes..the Winamac/Judson game was the sectional championship and regional championship game. you act like that game wasn't even close. NJ scored on a BS TD at the end, 3 of their 6 total TDs came on 4th down. Two were 4th and long. It was literally a one score game at half time and was a two score game for over 70 percent of the game. the field conditions helped NJ. It slowed Winamac down quite a bit and played right into NJ's wheel house. They are a power running team and in the mud that works. When you are a getting to the edge, relying on pulling and your speed..you are gonna struggle in the mud.
  14. They are and that's huge for those kids. I can remember when Pioneer used to bad at everything. My son, nephew and their friends were floored. All they know is Pioneer dominating at football, girls volleyball and softball every single year. i pictured a scene from rocky 4 last night when I heard the score early on (had to change the wordage) They are hurt! See they aren't a machine! They are human! good for LaVille. That gives them a big, big confidence booster for next season ..just hope not too much.
  15. I think AC's speed will be the difference. If they play in a monsoon. I'll take NJ.
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