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  1. Culver and NJ were the two that asked MWC to join. Other schools said no in that conference Caston, Winamac, Pioneer along with NJ and Culver started the talks. Knox decided to come along. The HNAC invited West Central, North White,Triton and LaVille...latter two said yes. North White dragged its feet. West Central asked and got approved. Nw then tried and got told no.
  2. I could HNAC getting absorbed by TRC Division 1 Manchester, Rochester, Winamac, Culver, Caston, Triton, North Miami Division 2 Wabash, Southwood, Northfield, Lewis Cass, Pioneer, Peru, and Maconaquah The two outliers. North Judson and Whitko probably would have to find new homes.
  3. That's what will probably be happening for awhile. I don't think Winamac will settle in 2a or 1a for long periods in football. Basketball and baseball they'll always be 2a. Yes. Those 6 are locked in and from what it seems the other remaining HNAC schools are locked in as well.
  4. Westview too. Westview has had atleast 1 Yoder on their bball squad since 1981-1982 lol.
  5. It didn't shock me about Triton. I was sorta shocked about LaVille. Mike was surprising since he's got a boy coming up.
  6. Mike Zehner resigned and it was approved Monday night at the board meeting. Coach Zehner is gonna stay as AD. Mike is a super duper guy and worked tirelessly to help his alma mater as Coach and will continue to do so as AD.
  7. Him and Bowen were both worthy of being the first small school Mr footballs. Still kinda goofy Nick Zachary didn't get it or Danny/Jackson Anthrop.
  8. Yes! Spegal could play at a bunch of FCS schools or mid majors.
  9. That was foresee able. He'll be at ND.
  10. Allen has had issues keeping guys on staff. They've lost DeBoer, Womack, Hart and McCullough. What really killed 2021 season was all the damn injuries. 2022 was imo even worse (not injury wise, overall) It should be McCulley now. He's just as good of athlete as Williams and neither one can really throw so why not.
  11. Nope. I bet U W goes to big 12. They'll be fine there.
  12. Purdue will be seeing it soon too. USC and UCLA coming into the West. Nebraska hiring Rhule and Wisconsin hiring Fickell. It's gonna be rough times for both programs soon. Yes. I hope that Cult University hires Tom Allen away.
  13. How could they have gone 2-16 since that claim? IU won 6 big 10 games in 2020.
  14. IU keeping Allen over DeBoer was a massive mistake. Losing Womack too killed.
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