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  1. Allen has had issues keeping guys on staff. They've lost DeBoer, Womack, Hart and McCullough. What really killed 2021 season was all the damn injuries. 2022 was imo even worse (not injury wise, overall) It should be McCulley now. He's just as good of athlete as Williams and neither one can really throw so why not.
  2. Nope. I bet U W goes to big 12. They'll be fine there.
  3. Purdue will be seeing it soon too. USC and UCLA coming into the West. Nebraska hiring Rhule and Wisconsin hiring Fickell. It's gonna be rough times for both programs soon. Yes. I hope that Cult University hires Tom Allen away.
  4. How could they have gone 2-16 since that claim? IU won 6 big 10 games in 2020.
  5. IU keeping Allen over DeBoer was a massive mistake. Losing Womack too killed.
  6. I think rural public schools can be at an disadvantage compared to other public schools. Take schools like Lewis Cass, LaVille, heck even Triton. Cass is between Logansport and Kokomo. LaVille probably could get some Glenn kids, SB kids and maybe some Plymouth. Triton I believe probably could peel off some Warsaw, Plymouth and Northwood. Not saying those kids do, just using them as examples.
  7. Really happy for Carroll Fort Wayne. Esp Aiden Hunley. His grandpa Tim got close to state couple times as did his Uncle Tyler and Parker. Great to see.
  8. They did. I think Adams Central's speed is something you don't see very often around here. Both 2021 and 2022 Adams Central were lightning quick. The only teams I see from the area that'd beat those 2 AC teams would probably be 2015,2017, 2018 and 2020 Pioneer teams and those teams just had insane speed.
  9. Pioneer was in the HNAC in 2016 and 2018 when they throttled you guys.
  10. I think AC's speed is too much once again. Allen's a damn good ball player. I also think with how NJ struggles to throw, once they get down couple scores it's hard to get back in it.
  11. What's funny? It should be a hard fought and exciting game, when both teams are good it's EASY to see either team winning. I don't know why it's that difficult for you to understand. This has nothing to do with covering the bases.
  12. Huge difference between your 2014 bombers vs the 2020 Jays. You guys could be that cocky or arrogant because nobody was gonna match your teams speed. That Judson team was just simply over confident. They didn't take Winamac serious enough and it back fired.
  13. I think if the field was pretty muddy and it was raining hard. That might slow AC down enough for NJ. North Judson doesn't believe field conditions hurt any teams chances.
  14. One game at a time? They were preparing for LCC during sectionals in 2020. Stop. I'll say AC 28 Judson 13. It would not shock me if Judson somehow won the game though.
  15. I think that game had more to do with ACS team speed.
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