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  1. Irishman

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    I agree; especially the way the defense has looked the last couple weeks. he is a difference maker on that defense.
  2. Irishman

    Nick Bosa Bails on Ohio State

    What OSU makes in profits FAR outweighs any financial loss the program incurs. It does suck to see moves like this being made; but I also completely understand.
  3. Irishman

    2018 Fighting Irish

    Yep....Book struggled to find his hot reads from the different blitzes. Protection was setup for quick throws, and he held on too long. Hopefully he learns from this one and gets better.
  4. Irishman

    2018 Fighting Irish

    And once again, the pieces are falling into place for them. Georgia gets hammered at LSU. West Virginia loses as well.
  5. Irishman

    2018 Fighting Irish

    Great to see the Irish hang on for the win. I have no clue why they play the week of midterms. That should be their off week. How many times have they lost a title or a shot at a title losing the game the week of midterms. Boston College comes to mind immediately. And with the strength of schedule decline this season, they really cannot afford a game like this.
  6. Irishman

    2018 Hoosiers

    The difference early is the Iowa offensive line. Stanley has been solid, and is so tough to bring down. Nice to see the adjustments made by IU in the 2nd quarter, but really got hosed on their last drive; first on the catch beyond the line to gain, and then on the 4th down play, the back out of the backfield being held, and the interference on the pass play. The USC on Allen was a pathetic call as well. I did not question it at first, but then saw the replay and did not see anything that would have warranted a flag. All that said, IU is in this game, afternlooking like they were going to be routed in the first quarter, and I hope they can come back in this one. Could not have had a worse start to the 2nd half, including the kickoff to start it.
  7. Answer the question.....How does your post promote the game of the programs mentioned?
  8. Someone explain how this topic fits under the concept of "promoting the game"? While these teams may be 0-9, it does not mean they are not working hard every practice, putting the time in like many other teams across the State. Just because they are not as talented, or are struggling does not mean they are not worth supporting. Imagine being a parent; my guess is they along with many other loyal alums, will continue to support the programs. Every program in this State has seen a point where they have struggled, or lacked the talent to be competitive for a season or two; maybe even longer. That still does not give one open license to tear the programs down in a topic here.
  9. Irishman

    2018 Hoosiers

    Add to it that IU was without their top two receivers as well.
  10. Irishman

    2018 Hoosiers

    I am hopeful these come to fruition DT. There is one concern I won't state publicly though. Feel free to DM me though about it. In the back of my mind, I wonder how much of what Brian Bowen Sr. describes in his testimony about money for his son to play has been going on in football as well??? It might explain why there is such a gap between the consistently competitive and those that struggle.
  11. Irishman

    Brian Bowen Jr.

    This has had little to no attention it seems. Brian Bowen Sr. testifying to the amounts of money that were being offered to him for his son to play there. His testimony included not just colleges, but shoe dealers, and high schools, including LaLumiere in Indiana. In my mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and more than likely affects more than just basketball. If you keep this page open, several videos that connect to the story will run, including one with Rick Pitino. The video that plays after this talks about what I have long said. The NBA needs to develop a minor league system similar to baseball. And the guy in this video discusses how the NBA sees an opportunity. Far too long, the NBA has allowed the college game to be used for that purpose, and it has taken away from the game. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/24895503/brian-bowen-sr-accuses-colleges-offering-cash-improper-benefits-son-attend
  12. Irishman

    2018 Hoosiers

    Same old story though, good for 3 quarters. Most of the damage though was self inflicted.
  13. Irishman

    2018 Fighting Irish

    And down goes LSU.
  14. Irishman

    2018 Hoosiers

    Very impressed with the effort through 3 quarters of this game. Had they played this well last week, they would have beaten MSU.
  15. Irishman

    2018 Fighting Irish

    From what I have seen of Ohio State, I am not so sure of that. That said, just as in previous years, it seems to be breaking the Irish way....Oklahoma with a YYYYUUUUGGGE loss against Texas.