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  1. While we do some team community service projects, similar to the ones listed above, one of my favorite things we do is require a certain number of community service hours before the season starts. Over the summer, the boys are expected to find their own ways to help their community and attain the hours on a sign-off sheet. Opportunities can be as simple as volunteering at our own youth/middle school camp or as in depth as volunteering their time at an assisted living facility or homeless shelter. The results have been great and our kids love doing it! I highly recommend it to any team.
  2. There will be a CRAZY amount of conference shuffling and schedule changes if there is a qualification system/seeding. Not sure how much this plays a role in the process.
  3. Correct, it simply seemed as though they received an extra down due to the box mishap.
  4. Can a QB scramble, pass the LOS, come back behind the LOS, then throw a forward pass?
  5. Did this have to do with when it seemed Cathedral had an extra play on a series at the end of the third going into the 4th? If so, I remember it as well because after the play you discussed, the box showed 2nd down on the next play. Then 3rd on the next play. Then the quarter ended and they played "another" 3rd down. (this is all according to the box).
  6. I agree that they should be played the same as all the other games. Are we on a pathway to teams being able to challenge a call based on their film and using Hudl Sideline on an iPad to show the refs? Is this fair to teams that don't have/can't afford Hudl Sideline? There is a lot more than just these points to be discussed. Could have a HUGE impact on the game if it happens.
  7. I'll brag on my boss and good friend for a moment. 35 year old Jeff Smock at Lebanon has done a lot in his 3 years at the helm at Lebanon. Records don't show just how much he has accomplished in grooming these boys into good young men. Sure we had 6 losses this year, but 5 of those were to eventual sectional champs. The other to a very tough Tri-West team (Who has a great young coach that just took over of their own -- Ward). Smock has beaten Zionsville, which is an incredible feat here at Lebanon, and this year took our Tigers to a sectional championship appearance which hasn't happened in 22 years with a good win over Western. He sits now at 17-14 at Lebanon playing against some tough competition, especially in non-conference play with Zville and Mooresville. He led a team to play against Roncalli while playing just 2 Seniors! The game was somewhat closer than the 34-14 final score showed, but he never stopped coaching and encouraging his young team. Lastly and most importantly. He has brought the football collective GPA up to an astonishing 3.1. I won't mention where it was before, but we'll just say this was a HUGE LEAP of improvement, and it's a direct reflection of his leadership he brings to the team and his awesome character building. Hat's off to ya Smock. Keep Grinding!
  8. Mooresville is loaded on the line on both sides of the ball. A few really good athletes just happen to be sprinkled in as well making them one heck of a team. They are going to be tough to beat, but from what I hear about Memorial, this could be a GREAT GAME! Good luck to both squads and stay healthy!
  9. I'm sure there will be fans of all sorts there. This is the biggest matchup since Sylvester/Dolph
  10. Drake's Fried sushi rolls... yum😎
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