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  1. That is false. I wouldn't give Dave a nickel out of my pocket... The guy screams about being patriotic but won't give a military discount... Diesels is good (on the square in Danville), Franks Place (Italian) is good, LaRanchera (right by High School) is good, Mayberry also.... Also a pizza place right by Dairy Queen (used to be Pizza Paradise and it recently changed it's name).
  2. Congrats to Scecina... Webo couldnt get a stop when they needed it. The kickoff return to start the 2nd half was a back breaker.
  3. Changed mind

    I hope you are right....
  4. "Big" HS football players....

    LOL.... Fair enough!
  5. 2A Regionals. North And South.

    Very good break down... Coach Pelley is only in his 5th year at Webo and 5th year as a head coach...18 years ago he was still playing at Hanover. LOL
  6. "Big" HS football players....

    Can you move west and bring him to Webo? LOL
  7. From what I heard, I don't believe he is playing Friday....
  8. Who cares about Tipton's Coaches from last week's game? Who cares about the pizza place in Tipton? Who Cares about Webo's coaches during last week's game? Tipton's QB is solid... Webo came back to win... It's over... Let's move on... As far as Scecina.... I would be absolutely shocked if Webo gets blown out... Yes, Scecina has played some solid competition and beat everyone except a ranked 5A school. They are quick... Their QB can sling it around a bit. I am hoping for a great game... It will be a great atmosphere that's for sure...
  9. Gotcha... I got mine off MaxPreps... I believe IHSAAtv.org is streaming it.. .
  10. Sagamore Conference 2017

    That wasn't a shot at anyone or any coaches... But we have all witnessed it in some form or fashion... Mark Haste left TW to go to a large school in Indy... I think he lasted a few years and is no longer coaching ... I am sure Coach Pelley has had other offers/interests and if he hasn't maybe they come this year... and maybe he ends up taking one of those larger jobs at some point.... But I think a lot of those guys really look at the situation rather than just the bigger school/opportunity/pay check...
  11. Sagamore Conference 2017

    KC is a Danville Grad.... Will he get offers/interests? Probably. But he has it pretty good at Danville right now. And though the $ might be better at a bigger school, the grass isn't always greener....
  12. Not sure Webo Shut him down... And he threw for 160, ran for 104... Not over 300 yards but I get what you are saying...
  13. Indiana Crossroads Conference Regional Championship Rd

    Webo Lutheran
  14. Neither team can afford turnovers and short fields... Danville's D is pretty good... Can Danville give Hiland time to find Burton/Stevens/Luken and Company? Can Danville Run the ball when they need to? Chatard is Chatard... Though they throw the ball more this year than in years past... Can Plant and Knotts get to Nondorf? Is the Chatard pass rusher hurt or will he play Friday night (name escapes me)?
  15. I hope it's a good game... I don't think you will hear anyone from Webo say that Scecina will not be a tough game... they have played a pretty stout schedule only losing to Roncalli. Webo lost to a 5A, 4A, and a 3A school... They had opportunities to win those games and didn't.... They did come back and beat Tipton on the road. The stands will be packed in Dover on Friday night on the home side... The fence will be lined, and Webo will strap on the helmets and try to beat a really good football team Friday night... That much is all I know...