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Notre Dame vs. Navy


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20 hours ago, Footballking16 said:

He’s a big upgrade from last year.

My biggest takeaway from that game is just how far Navy has fallen these last few seasons. Navy used to be a team you didn’t want to play and prepare for as a P5 opponent. 

to your point, things have fallen for Navy the last three seasons.  2019, they were 11-2.  2020-22, they won 11 total games.  

Coach Freemen did indicate it was easier to prepare for Navy's offensive attack first game of the year vs in the middle of the season.  Definitely had more time to prepare.

Having an excellent QB doesn't hurt either......

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4 minutes ago, BTF said:

Maybe the reason Notre Dame jumped Penn State, USC, and Clemson in the ESPN Power Rankings?

You lost me at ESPN (a site already claiming Jim Harbaugh would be a good candidate for the Browns before the first official week of either levels official season)...

No, seriously though.  I watched Hartman shred Navy and then watched USC struggle with SJSU (and Williams' body language absolutely sucked by the way) hours later...

The Irish are better than the Trojans in my mind.

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