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3 minutes ago, HHPatriots said:



Really?  Is anyone in Washington asking this question?  

I am happy for them, I prefer grass, but as granddad said, "every hog to their own slop."  This is an overdue upgrade.

There is always one bozo who will show up at the board meeting and ask that question....then they will oppose a zero percent or a couple dollar increase to their property taxes then ask why we don't pay the teachers more with that money.....if only it worked that way.

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19 hours ago, Titan32 said:


If i remember correctly GS returns a lot of experience, this should be a great early test. GS is doing a great job at finding games to challenge them.

It would be interesting to hear what everyone (PAC teams) have coming back. I know NP and I believe SR have most of their core players back. Believe HH has a good nucleus coming back as well.

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On 2/3/2023 at 1:06 PM, tango said:

What happened with the game vs. Hopkinsville?

(This might not be all of the correct detail...but this is the gist of it) Hopkinsville is merging with Christian County.  For a non-related reason the Christian County coach was let go.  This left the Hopkinsville folks in charge of the scheduling for both schools.  Hopkinsville decided they liked Christian County's week 1 game better than playing us, so they told us we would be playing Christian County instead.  Christian County is not good, certainly better than no game at all, but not good.

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I asked the question on Bluegrasspreps.com, what are these "bowl games" in KY about during weeks 1 and 2.  This is the answer I received:


Generally bowl games are in Week 1 or Week 2...that isn't any requirement of the KHSAA as far as I know of, but traditionally some of the long-standing bowls like the Montgomery County Recreation Bowl were at the beginning of the season to kind of "start the season off with a bang."

Most of the bowl games are just played at a regular high school field. The Rafferty's Bowl played at WKU and the Forcht Bank Bowl which is usually played Campbellsville University are the only two that pop to my mind as played on a college field. The Skyline Chili Crosstown Showdown was created to be played exclusively at UC's Nippert Stadium, but that's turned into a kinda obnoxious season-long series of games.

Sponsorship is generally the biggest part of the equation. That's how teams encourage out-of-town programs to travel for games - by having sponsorships so they can offer stipends to participating teams. And the unique/out of the ordinary match-ups are intended to increase spectator attendance for the games, which they generally charge a few bucks more to get into. No idea how the gate is split among the teams, but I'd assume that's a different scenario for each of the different bowls.

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Oops..I put this in the old thread:


Assistant Coach Justin Fischer takes over at Mt Vernon (Posey) as the Wildcats look up at an imposing PAC Big School Division that includes Gibson Southern, Heritage Hills and Boonville.  Fischer likes his returning talent and is spending the offseason building depth to better challenge the conference leaders .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

(ADMIN edit) removed pasted content at the request of the author and provide link to original.

https://www.facebook.com/profile/100087640115509/search/?q=justin fischer



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1 hour ago, Cappy said:

Was at least one or two Howald's on the team last year as well if I remember correctly. 

Yes. His twin younger brothers. 

I think he was probably the best candidate two years ago when Brashear was hired, but I could see why administrators might have nixed the older brother head coach dynamic. 

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12 hours ago, oldtimeqb said:

Interesting turn of events 

We are glad to have him, this is an excellent pick up for us.

Actual release to the QB club:


It’s time to add some Red, White & Blue to this suit!
Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Luke Messmer as our new Strength & Conditioning Coach and Assistant Football Coach at Heritage Hills High School!
Coach Messmer is a former Southridge Raider student-athlete who has spent time teaching and coaching at Heritage Hills, Wood Memorial, and Mount Vernon.
His experience and proven success is going to be a great addition to our program. 
We look forward to kicking off the summer workouts right with Coach Messmer leading the way!
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