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    Per his Twitter account. Congrats to KJ and the Tipton Fans.
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    I would be willing to pay $20 a year mandatory to have this place to share and argue... But I'd hope that most of us would be donating at least that amount each year to help offset the costs that will only continue to rise year by year... I know TA's vision, and that there is loyalty to that idea... and it is cool that it's free and open to anyone to post at any time... even if that creates some drama sometimes.... but we all like a little drama! I just hope that anyone who can...makes the donations every year that easily clear the costs so we can keep this going on and on... seems like some years it's 4th and 2 in terms of donations... we need to keep the chains moving!!
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    Really curious word choice here. I'm not sure what description you are trying to apply to Carmel, but "vulgar" doesn't make much sense in this context. Maybe I'm missing something.
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    My main question is, if the GID is converted to a paysite, will the $20 be simply for posters or for everyone? I'm not an administrator, but I've gathered over my years on this site that a large amount of this site's traffic comes from "guests" or non members, AKA players coaches, fans, parents etc who are checking out what the chatter is. I'm not against charging a "poster" fee in principal. I believe though that the website will be low on content. If the website turns into pay only to view and post, the GID will fold and/or slip into irrevelency within a year. Remember that TA didn't do this for profit. He wanted to share his love of football with everyone. If we make this website "for profit" it will become an abomination of the creator's original vision.
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    Vouchers and Charter Schools have shown to be failures. Both financially and educationally. Perhaps that's why he has changed his stance.
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    Given the preponderance of ads now on the site, they just might be. 😀
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    They are not a progressive, forward thinking group by nature. And that's OK. They feel compelled to honor TAs legacy, and I applaud their efforts. I believe we should evolve with the times, and as a hard core capitalist, I will always err on the side of profit. But that's just me. 😀
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    I haven't seen them, but I don't really care if someone has posted more than me or not. Please explain why you think this is relevant. Again, I haven't seen that many. Must have been prior to 2010. No way to prove or disprove at this point. They must have been educated in government schools. A true IT professional educated in private schools should have been in charge of archiving. Know any?
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    So happy for KJ. Great player and even better young man.
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    QB. My guess is if it doesn’t work out he could potentially switch. I have no doubt he would be a good college LB or Safety as well.
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    Tipton’s KJ Roudebush committed to UIndy tonight. Excited to see him at the next level. I know he won’t get outworked! Great player and even better young man.
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    This is interesting to see. I always assumed Mishawaka would simply slide into Elkhart Memorial's spot in the NLC schedule (out of conference games week 1 and week 6). If they are going to be playing East Noble in week 2, I wonder if that means the Concord vs. Jimtown game will also be moving to week 2 and Mishawaka and Concord will play week 6.
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    That Michigan City vs: Warsaw game in week 2 will be a great one to see!
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