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  1. As a proud Hobart grad who has sat through 8 of their state championship games, and attended this past game. Any school would be glad to be playing in the state championship game. Hobart has had a very strong class just come through, and based on what I have seen from the coaching staff they have done an excellent job of incorporating underclassmen with this group. The culture that Coach Osika has built is solid, the school and community support has always been there. The future does look bright.
  2. As usual tommy putting out mis-information. CP also graduates their best defensive player.
  3. Staxawax: As far as the 1975 State Championship between Valpo and Carmel, I attended the game. Not sure that the weather neutralized Mark Herrmann as much as the the Single Wing offense by Tom Stokes controlled the clock.
  4. Would not expect anything less from you. Thanks for all you do for high school football.
  5. Gentlemen It is also a possibility that something could be going on where the coach is caring for an elderly parent. I do not know, but I do respect their privacy.
  6. I think this is a situation that if Bremen Football wanted us to know we would know or more importantly it is none of our business.
  7. Valpo???? Not sure Valparaiso University offers Athletic Scholarships (academic and need based yes) Congrats Gentleman Valparaiso High does offer Athletic Scholarship
  8. Heard they were meeting to change rule # 22.7 in volleyball rule book dealing with the width of net.
  9. Quick Question What would be your plan with spring sports if you moved football to the spring?? Spring sports have already missed a full season.
  10. dt Please share with us which AD's have taken note and acted appropriately on your thoughts.
  11. The Silent Majority is still silent, but Mr. Ellenwood they will speak up this week. Please share with us what Michael has to say
  12. The AD at Merrillville seems to have done a wonderful job over the Years. Highly Respected Great job Janis
  13. Coach Nowlin it is such a pleasure having you on the Boards bringing your knowledge. Thanks for all you do for Indiana high school foootball
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