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  1. Martinsville was a charter member of the South Central Conference which formed in 1936. They withdrew in 1938 and were readmitted in 1941 (per the 1966 edition of the South Central Conference handbook). I don't think the Arties joined the Mid-State Conference until the mid-2000s. Greenwood, Mooresville and Plainfield are the only founding members of the Mid-State who have been in the conference since the beginning and never left.
  2. Franklin 28 Plainfield 11 Final Grizzly Cubs are now 6-1. Great turn-around from last few seasons!
  3. I seem to recall from way back when, that at the time Lawrence schools split, there was an attempt made by the powers that be (not sure if it was the school board or who) to offer combined sports teams for the district rather than having each school have its own teams. Not sure how serious this proposal was but in any case it was shot down by the IHSAA.
  4. Here is something I haven't seen in recent years. Center Grove junior Connor Fruits who played running back for the Trojans as recently as last week (running for 95 yards and scoring a touchdown against Ben Davis) transferred mid-week to Indian Creek and played for the Braves this week, running for 135 yards against Triton Central. I suppose Center Grove approved Mr. Fruits' transfer or else he wouldn't have been able to play this week, or this year for that matter, but didn't know that mid-season transfers were allowed. Does anyone with connections to either school know any details on this? Of course, Roman Purcell (also mentioned in the portion of the article that I copied) also transferred from Warren Central just before the season started so Indian Creek is doing quite well in attracting MIC transfers. (Sorry for the bolding but can't seem to un-bold it) Entire article here: http://www.dailyjournal.net/2019/09/21/indian_creek_football_outslugs_triton_central/
  5. Franklin 62 Martinsville 39 Final Grizzly Cubs are 5-0 and have already equaled the total number of victories for the four previous seasons.
  6. Not really a Danville vs Mooresville altercation then.
  7. Carmel 23 Noblesville 0 Half time Adam Vinatieri's son A.J. is the kicker for the Greyhounds.
  8. This is cheating because it is actually a private club who members are all CHS students but the Carmel ice hockey team is known as the Icehounds.
  9. One of my favorites from years gone by: Horace Mann Horsemen
  10. Indianapolis Manual has an opening that week.
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