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  1. This goes back to about 1974 but a couple of buddies of mine went over winter break to visit a college friend who lived just off Indianapolis Blvd in Hammond. On New Years day we went and had a pick-up game with some of the locals on Whiting's field. It was like playing on concrete. Great time but about the coldest I have ever been.
  2. What is the LaSalle building being used for now?
  3. Looks like the Mercy Rule does not apply in a state championship game.
  4. Just make a rule that any school whose enrollments is over 5,000 students is not eligible for team titles. (Carmel's enrollment is 5,413)
  5. Not sure why but I never can access the NWI Times website. From what I read elsewhere, Clark and Gavit will become middle schools. They are already building a new Hammond High adjacent to the current building. Clark students will move to the new Hammond High and Gavit students will be split between Hammond High and Morton. The goal is for each high schools to have about 1,800 students so 5A for football and 4A for basketball.
  6. Google maps show that it is 5.9 miles from Westfield High School to the Carmel stadium but only 5.5 miles from the Carmel stadium to WHS. For some reason when going south from WHS it shows the suggested route crossing US 31 at 181st street then to Wheeler Road then coming back to 31 via 32 but the northbound route is more direct. The roundabout at 136th Street and Keystone has two stoplights but I think they operate only during morning and afternoon peak times. One stop light is for northbound Keystone in the morning and the other for eastbound 136th Street in the afternoon I wouldn't swear to it though, I never go near there at those times.
  7. Franklin 42 Seymour 0 Final Half time score was 35-0 so presumably running clock for the entire second half.
  8. Martinsville was a charter member of the South Central Conference which formed in 1936. They withdrew in 1938 and were readmitted in 1941 (per the 1966 edition of the South Central Conference handbook). I don't think the Arties joined the Mid-State Conference until the mid-2000s. Greenwood, Mooresville and Plainfield are the only founding members of the Mid-State who have been in the conference since the beginning and never left.
  9. Franklin 28 Plainfield 11 Final Grizzly Cubs are now 6-1. Great turn-around from last few seasons!
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