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  1. CG had all those guys last year as well. Two pretty evenly matched teams last year and I bet Cathedral returns more starters. I’m obviously biased, but I think Cathedral has the best defense in the state front to back. Obviously CG’s front 4 speaks for itself, but pretty sure CG is pretty inexperienced at LB and loses some key pieces in the secondary. October 15th should be a battle.
  2. I have no clue what other P/P feeder programs look like and frankly don't care. From the poster above it sounds like a lot of the Evansville kids play in the same youth leagues as the public school kids.
  3. So why do the rest of the state P/P's get lumped in with regards to an automatic one class bump?
  4. The CYO advantage stems from the depth that is produced at the feeder level. In other words, a 3A school like Chatard is drawing from 7-8 small catholic grade schools on the northside of Indianapolis who all have their own football teams comprised of 15-20 players who all get to play compared to a 3A public who may only be drawing from 1 large junior high school, in some cases two. So in most years Chatard is bringing in 3-4 QB's who have all started from 3rd grade on, 5-6 RB's, a ton of OL/DL, and so on. It not only provides depth once they get to the 9th grade but also competition that always rises to the top. If a school like Frankfort is just learning how to put on pads and standing in a huddle in the 9th grade that is a Frankfort problem, not a Chatard problem.
  5. Also, 5A isn't pretty spread out throughout Indy Metro, just more feeble conjecture on DT's part. Cathedral is currently a sectional with both Terre Haute Schools nearly 100 miles away. Only way Roncalli and Cathedral wouldn't be in the same sectional is if Cathedral somehow went North although Dwenger being an auto bump would almost assuredly prevent that from happening.
  6. 7A babyyyyy!!! Really looking forward to the Class 84A one off state champion game between Cathedral and Roncalli in 2043.
  7. Lol. If Cathedral and Roncalli are in the same tournament you can rest be assured they are in the same sectional and playing each other in the first round. Tale as old as time. Geographically, there isn't a school closer to Cathedral than Roncalli at the 5A level.
  8. Roncalli and Cathedral would be in the same 5A sectional and thus highly unlikely they would simultaneously be playing in 6A.
  9. Does an automatic one class bump really solve things? The SF has essentially been an automatic one class bump for many privates since it's inception and when you cut off the head of one snake the next one arises. Does anyone not think Roncalli and Dwenger are the odds on favorite to win 5A most years with Cathedral going to 6A? Chatard to win 4A with Dwenger and Roncalli in 5A? And so on and so on?
  10. I’d concede that argument if Westfield had Cathedral’s offensive line and defense but that isn’t the case. QB play is really the only one question mark coming into the season, and while starting a sophomore QB doesn’t seem ideal, O’Neil isn’t like most sophomore QB’s. Already holds FBS offers and played varsity last year. Oh quick O’Neil settles down will probably dictate the winning margin, but I don’t see Westfield stopping Cathedral more times than they score on Cathedral. If there was ever a time to break in a sophomore QB, it’s with Cathedral’s offensive line and defense behind him.
  11. Right. And I'd like to think Cathedral got better last year as the season progressed. Unless the the soph QB is just extremely overwhelmed (he played a fair amount last year) I don't see Westfield keep it close. Irish D is just too good.
  12. Cathedral is better this year than they were last year and beat Westfield by 5 TD's. And it wasn't that close either
  13. Believe O'Neil saw a couple series in this game last year as a freshman. McCahill was out a series with some cramps and O'Neil played the last few series in a blowout win. I think Westfield is going to struggle scoring. Going to have to force a ton of turnovers and limit big plays to keep this one close. I have the Irish 38-10.
  14. Put Carmel South permanently and the problem is solved Name the school of 1800 that plays the school of 5000 (Carmel)?
  15. Put Souhthport, CN, and LC in a sectional w Cathedral and/or Roncalli. Tell me how it gets more interesting? Chesterton w Valpo? I’m waiting.
  16. Does 5A need changed? I thought we already changed 5A with the implementation of a 6th class. No? And to be fair it doesn't sound like you're trying to change 5A, it sounds like you want to change the fortunes of a handful of schools. Big difference.
  17. I don't care about Columbus North or Merrillville one way or the other. But moving either of those schools out of 6A does nothing to change the dynamics of 6A.
  18. Is 6A any less boring if the 8 smallest enrollment teams are moved to 5A?
  19. It's exactly what it is. Just come out and say you want Carmel, Center Grove, Ben Davis, and Warren in their own 4 team division. Don't dance around it and dress it up as a mega-enrollment issue. Half the mega-enrollment schools, when it comes to football at least, aren't worth a salt.
  20. You keep citing a scenario that doesn't come into play? Of the 8 the smallest schools in 6A, how many of them consistently have their seasons ended by schools with double their enrollment? Only on rare instances is that the case because the 8 smallest schools in 6A aren't good enough to advance out of their sectional against teams with like-size enrollments to begin with. When it comes to a team like Columbus North or Warsaw, it's irrelevant that they play in a tournament with Carmel or Ben Davis because Columbus North can't beat CG or Franklin Central and Warsaw can't beat Carroll or Homestead in their respective sectionals. If Columbus North or Warsaw were routinely making it to SS and losing to schools with twice their enrollment then you'd might have a leg to stand on. But there's absolutely no earthly rhyme or reason why a school like Columbus North or Warsaw should be moved down a class because they can't beat times that have similar enrollments to them.
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